Sean Strickland GOES AFTER Joe Rogan! Pereira makes SHOCKING REVELATION about his ex-girlfriend!

MMA news today:

MICHAEL BISPING gives his prediction for Sean Strickland vs. Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297

CONOR MCGREGOR signs business deal with BKFC

DANA WHITE responds to rumors of UFC Saudi Arabia delay caused by weak card lineup

SEAN STRICKLAND goes after Joe Rogan

ARIEL HELWANI reveals why Sean Strickland doesn’t go on his show

ALEX PEREIRA reveals why he broke up with his girlfriend

00:00 Bisping’s prediction for Strickland vs. Du Plessis
01:33 Conor McGregor’s company signs deal w/ BKFC
02:55 Dana White shuts down UFC Saudi Arabia rumors
04:18 Ariel Helwani reveals why Strickland doesn’t go on his show
05:56 Sean Strickland goes after Joe Rogan
06:59 Alex Pereira reveals why he broke up w/ his ex-girlfriend
08:00 TOP 3 memes



All right let's get this show started in Today's news Michael Bisping has shared His prediction for the Strickland versus Dupi fight span's bym podcast bising Made a short breakdown of the upcoming Title fight between Strickland and dupi And explained why he's got dupi beating Strickland at UFC 297 me and Anthony Were talking about it on Monday I think You know what I mean when you have a More conservative approach you don't get As tired well drick is is red lining He's sprinting he's got the pedal to the Metal constantly that's why he gets Tired but he does have the to push Through it I was also saying on this Video it's like a lot of the time Getting tired it's a mental block it's It's choosing to give up it's choosing To say I'm done choosing to say that's It I I don't have the mental toughness Or fortitude to push through to that Next level because you can always dig That little bit deeper we all want to Stop we all want to curl up in a ball we All want to say whoa whoa whoa time out I'm tired you know but you off more Often than not if you really want if you Really put push through it you can find That next gear uh and driis has done That every time but he has got tired you Can't deny that you know what I'm saying So I do give Strickland uh an advantage In cardio but I'll come out and say I

Think my prediction for that fight I've Got driers I mean I I think dricus gets The stoppage I think if there's going to Be a decision Shan Strickland wins by a Decision I can't see him stopping drias You never know it could hurt him and Then finish him with a sub but I don't Really see that happening Kor mcre has Signed a business deal with one of the UFC's rival combat promotions in a press Release that went out this afternoon the Bkfc announced a partnership with Conor McGregor although it won't be with the Purpose of fighting McGregor's forged Iris Stout will be the official Stout Partner of the bkfc McGregor's company Confirmed the news on social media Writing it's official forged Irish Stout The world's creamiest Stout is the Official partner of be knuckle FC for 2024 the fastest growing creamiest Stout In the world teams up with the the Fastest growing combat sport on the Planet the forged Army is growing Incredible setup here incredible Matchmaking incredible storytelling oh You had to come Here Dana White responds to rumors of UFC Saudi Arabia being delayed because of a Weak card lineup the UFC was expected to Host its first event in Saudi Arabia on March 2nd 2024 however on Monday it was Reported by Ariel hanani that the event

Was going to be postponed because the Lineup wasn't good enough after Helwani's report UFC CEO Dana White Spoke to sports n Saron bonstead and Shut down claims stating that the Promotion never even told Saudi Arabia About any fights that may happen on the Card uh Saudi Arabia there was a card Scheduled um I believe it was in in March has that been moved yes we moved The card and and I know there's been a Lot of talk about that uh the the the The card wasn't good enough we never Even proposed the card to him we we Didn't tell Saudi Arabia about one fight So that's all you know you say [ __ ] Up here or go Ahead [ __ ] uh we never even proposed A card to them what we wanted to do is You know every time the UFC puts on an Event we want to blow the doors off the Place we want you know people to be Excited so it was our first fight ever In Saudi Arabia and a couple of fights That we wanted to line up they weren't Ready to go so we we pushed the card Back because we're going to deliver but Never once was one fight proposed to Saudi Arabia and they were like yeah no This isn't good enough Ariel helwani Reveals why Shan Strickland doesn't go On his show the last time Strickland Made an appearance on the MMA hour he Started off by dissing hawani presenting

His opinion that the MMA reporter should Have never covered the sport of MMA he Also stated that helani probably wasn't A fan of MMA and even called him a beta Male since then Strickland hasn't Appeared on the show and many fans have Been wondering why speaking on the most Recent episode of the MMA hour helani Said that Strickland is not banned from The show and that he has asked him Multiple times to come back but he's Never received an answer the last time Was fun when you saying that I'm not the Guy who goes to the bar with the boys to Watch fighting and I thought that I kind Of put him in his place there and it was All well and good and you have to Understand like that's just Shawn and I Think he wants that type of interaction And it takes a little bit away from Him he likes to be on the front foot so That he doesn't have to be on the backf Foot to ask or answer certain things um And that's that's his way of of Controlling the pace so to speak just Like a fight uh but I've asked through His people for him to come on since the Izzy fight since even before the Izzy Fight but I don't get much of a response Back sha loves to talk about other People when he knows nothing about other People um and and he loves to to kind of Compare himself and what he's been Through to explain why he is different

Or better than other people he knows Nothing about me clearly I guess sea Doesn't like me for whatever reason I Guess he doesn't think I'm hard I guess He doesn't think I'm tough I guess he Doesn't think I like to you know shoot Guns and talk about stuff like that I Would say that he needs to uh you know He needs to assume a little less he's Right about the guns thing he's right About that I I don't you know I don't go Out and shoot guns Shan Strickland goes After Joe Rogan during a recent Interview with Daniel Cormier Strickland Reacted for the first time to Joe Rogan's comments that he made during an Altercation between him and D plusi at UFC 296 the UFC commentator said that Shawn's Behavior was ridiculous and the UFC champ is out of his mind wow oh my Goodness oh wow out of nowhere that's That's kind of crazy it's just so Ridiculous that the middleweight Champion of the world would do that yeah He's out of his mind he really is nuts And look he's getting off on it he Enjoys it you know don't do that check Out how Strickland reacted to these Comments who did that like David said I'm an idiot for putting them so close To well he put He put the kids he put The kids in behind us you told the kid To move yeah yeah he was good he was Good and then you had Joe Rogan Joe

Rogan talking it Joe Rogan what yeah Joe Rogan talking on it like come on Joe Rogan calm down dude and saying it I Somebody sent me the clip and it was Like Joe Rogan what a psychopath like How is that unreasonable a man's behind Behind you telling you toing fight Alex Pera has revealed why he broke up with His girlfriend Pera recently opened up About his previous relationship with Merl Christine and made some surprising Revelations about why they broke up in An interview with full send MMA the Reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Disclosed that they separated after he Found out she was a married woman if you Would like to I want to give you the Opportunity to speak about Merl your Ex His ex responded in the comments writing Lol hurtman inventing whatever laughing Emotes how can I be married and moving To the states LOL Time for today's top memes third place Was found over on Instagram and was Posted by as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by a user named TJ H93 and the top picked meme was also Found over on Instagram and was posted By Beaver Smash TV thank you guys for watching if you Like the video please leave a like And Subscribe to our Channel to keep up with

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