Sean Strickland CONFRONTS a potential ROBBER + Footage! Ian’s Wife FIRES BACK at Strickland! Conor

MMA news today:

TONY FERGUSON DUI charged dismissed

JOAQUIN BUCKLEY offers to step in for Wonderboy vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov

ILIA TOPURIA drops fan with body shot

CONOR MCGREGOR investigated by Irish Guarda for ‘hate speech’

SEAN STRICKLAND stops potential car-jacker

IAN GARRY & HIS WIFE fire back at Sean Strickland

00:00 Tony Ferguson DUI charged dismissed
00:54 Conor McGregor investigated by Irish Guarda for ‘hate speech’
02:50 Ilia Topuria drops fan with vicicous body shot
03:50 Sean Strickland stops potential car-jacker
05:39 Ian Garry & his wife fire back at Sean Strickland
09:06 Joaquin Buckley offers to step in for Wonderboy vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov
10:02 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started first up on today's news agenda Tony Ferguson DUI charge dismissed after Ple deal with Prosecutors Ferguson has settled a court Case stemming from a May arrest on DUI Charges after reaching a plea deal with Prosecutors according to online court Records the DUI charge was dismissed With Ferguson pleading noo contendre to A lesser charge of wet reckless driving Upon A Highway as a condition of his Plea deal Ferguson will serve one year Of prob No low contendre means a defendant in a Criminal case accepts a conviction but Does not admit guilt back in May Ferguson was taken into custody after he Allegedly crashed into two cars parked Outside a nightclub in Hollywood he Allegedly flipped his truck during the Accident and was arrested after refusing A field sobriety test he was released on Bail and later pled not guilty to the Charges Irish Garda is reportedly Investigating Conor McGregor for hate Speech Conor McGregor is is reportedly Under investigation by the Irish police For quote unquote hate speech after he Criticized the Irish government for Failing their people the inquiry is Being led by assistant Garda Commissioner Justin Kelly the Investigation was launched after

McGregor blasted the Irish government For the loose border policy after a Migrant stabbed multiple people McGregor Has made it clear that he does not seek Violence and his problem is with Irish Leadership several of the tweets suggest That Ireland is at War Conor also called For people to not let any Irish property Be took over unannounced evaporate said Property it's a war this comes as McGregor is currently preparing for his Long anticipated UFC return according to The UFC president Dana White McGregor Will return somewhere in the summer of 2024 to fight against Michael Chandler Here's fresh footage of the Mac Prepping 10 Seconds 10 30 Seconds 10 Seconds ilot torya drops another fan With a vicious body shot in a video Posted social media the UFC Featherweight Contender met with his Supporters during an event in Spain Most people simply wanted an autograph Or a selfie but one man had a special Request as he wanted to take a body shot From the unbeaten UFC fighter known for His highlight real Knockouts here's the Clip The Georgian fighter currently boast a

14-0 record which includes wins over Bryce Mitchell Josh EMT and Ryan Hall He's booked to face Alex vinoski for the Featherweight title at UFC 298 on February 17th 2024 Shan Strickland has stopped a Potential carjacker last night the UFC Middleweight champ leapt into action After his ring cam appeared to catch an Individual lurking around his truck Believing the man in question was Looking to steal his ride Strickland Left his home on a mission here's what Happened he captioned the clip saying Checked my ring last night and thought He would steal my car trying to break in What would you have done I need full Coverage on my truck LOL also really Nice guy later Shawn offered some Additional insight into the situation so He was being chased by security the Story was that he hit his sister took Off shredded his tire and his vehicle Got disabled and went on foot he said None of that happened laughing my ass Off security waited for the cops for 2 Hours then let him go I want to post the Rest but I want to blur his face LOL Strickland's post elicited a hilarious Reactions from fans this is the only Time sea used jiujitsu got the white tea And blue jeans on every day like a Cartoon character imagine wandering into A random prison driveway and the UFC

Champ walks up on you laughing my ass Off no way you just walked out with your Bare hands Shawn madman Shawn was so Excited to kill someone turned out it Was the inary escaping his wife bro Chose the worst house to pick on the Block Ian Gary sent his goons Ian Gary Was trying to establish a direct line of Community ation with the champ given the Fact that all his social media and Communication is being monitored by the Succubus running directly into Shawn's Driveway was the only viable Solution on the topic of Gary and Shan Ian Gary and his wife respond to Strickland's claims after coming under Fire online Ian Gary's wife leel Anna Lee has reacted to criticism of her past Including writing a book about how to be A wag it comes after Shan Strickland Posted a video on social media Expressing his concern about her motives In the relationship ship now in a video Posted to his Instagram story Gary and His wife fired back at critics and Shared their side of the story you can Watch the full video on the ins in Stories what do you guys make of this Entire Situation good morning right there's Been a lot of [ __ ] being said online About me my family my personal life all Of it nuts so my wife decided to clap Back a little bit give some truth to the

Story and yeah so look my wife is the Most intelligent person I've ever met That's why I married her that's why I Fell in love with her she's awesome now If you think you're not going to if you Think you're going to talk about me or My kids or my team or my family and me And her not clap back then you're nut Listen to what she has to say looking at The hate the majority of the clips and The con the comments that I'm getting Without a doubt the biggest thing that I've done wrong is age I've I've I've Gotten older I've had a birthday every Year and that's Disgusting coming from a woman Especially um getting older is not Acceptable so I'm little bit I [ __ ] up There I [ __ ] up there I'm 40 and to People who haven't met me and have sat At home that's really disturbing to them Um they're really very upset about it And spending a great deal of time Telling me um telling me how horrendous It is that I'm 40 another thing that I Did is that I dated someone someone Almost 14 years younger than me and Didn't just dat him married him Ian um And that has really deeply shocked some People it's shocked them so much that It's definitely not laced with sexism It's affected their thoughts on everyone In the industry including males who are Dating females of the exact same age Gap

They've definitely been offended by that As well on to truth number two and this One's the big reveal I wrote a book Called How To Be A wag Now that Statement itself is a little bit of a Stretch I can hardly call myself an Author of an 11 page audible only satire Story that was written in 2010 now 2010 That context is key because that was During the FIFA World Cup where I was Working at Okay magazine working with Various different gossip mags and we Were creating this hilarious satire look At wives and girlfriend in football That's what WX stands for wise and golf It's got nothing to do with age and I Wasn't even then I wasn't 40 then was I So come on a little bit of ass um if you Want to call me an author for that sweet I think it was more of a light-hearted Podcast but I was well ahead of my time Um that satirical look is if you listen To it really silly and anyone who takes It as fact has completely missed the Mark lo and behold I'll hold my hands up Sarcasm isn't well taken especially with American audiences British humor and British sarcasm is often Lost hen Buckley offers to step in for Stephen Thompson against shavkat rockov Buckley apparently believes that Steven Thompson is going to bail on the fight With shavkat ranov and when he does he Will be ready to step in and fill the

Void in an interview with middle easy Buckley said for December 16th I could Definitely do that easy work we looking At Shava and Wonderboy fight I'm mean no Disrespect to Wonderboy he's always been A tough guy and always willing to take a Fight but for some reason it's telling Me he ain't going to show up to that Something tells me that Wonderboy ain't Going to show up to that one so let's Get ready Fighters no Fighters man to be Honest with you wonder boy for the Longest time didn't want to fight shovot And I'm guessing the UFC gave him a good Little bag in order to get up in there Regardless this sport is all mental so For some reason I'm throwing up a little Lob I don't think Wonderboy is going to Be able to make it into that cage for Whatever odd reason so let's get Ready here's today's top three memes Third place was found over Reddit and Was posted by a username O MMA simp place meme was found over Reddit and was posted by a usern named Raw Power and the top picked meme was posted By a usern named zebra I thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk