Sean O’Malley takes shot at Gervonta Davis after coach suggests he’d ‘whoop his ass’


Sean O’Malley wants to eventually share the boxing ring with Gervonta Davis, and while Davis’ coach feels as if O’Malley would be easy work, it didn’t stop the UFC bantamweight champion from firing a quick and simple rebuttal.

“Lolz [dude’s] 5’2,” O’Malley said on Twitter.

The reaction stemmed from an interview with ES News done by Davis’ coach Kenny Ellis, who says that if a hypothetical fight between Davis and O’Malley were to ever happen, it wouldn’t last very long.

“Tank would whoop his ass, first round,” Ellis said. “S***, any top lightweight would beat him — Tank, Shakur, Haney, all them guys would beat him, [because] they’re boxers. All of them would knock him out.

“He’s not a boxer, he doesn’t have professional punches. He’s an MMA fighter, they don’t perfect punches like boxers.

O’Malley recently captured the UFC bantamweight championship with a second-round finish of Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 earlier this month. After the win, “Sugar” expressed interest in boxing Davis, along with a rematch in the octagon with Marlon Vera.


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