Ryan Garcia TELLS Andrew Tate that he got R*PED! Ngannou’s fight purse REVEALED! Perry on Joe Rogan!

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00:00 Mike Perry not happy w/ his appearance on the JRE
01:23 Dricus Du Plessis reveals why he turned down UFC 300 fight
03:14 Francis Ngannou’s purse for Anthony Joshua fight revealed
04:00 Ryan Garcia tells Andrew Tate that he got ‘r*ped’
05:53 Sean Strickland opens up about his mental health issues
07:17 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Mike Perry reflecting on his episode of The Joe Rogan Experience when Perry Appeared on the JRE experience in December of 2023 it appears that he Wasn't entirely satisfied with the Discussion afterward during an episode Of the anti-hero podcast Perry expressed His anticipation of a more casual and Less formal conversation with Rogan Contrasting it with the structured and Professional approach that Joe took you Can watch the full episode on the Anti-hero YouTube channel we've attached The link in today's video description You know Joe Rogan I think I I expected To have a conversation with Joe and be Person to person yeah and it seemed like He was trying to help me it seemed like A professional standpoint from him for Trying to build my career but like me Coming on your show is already building My career I just want I want you to be a Person with me and have a conversation With me but he was very structured and By everything he would talk about and I'm like come on man you talk about Aliens and all this other that's theit I Want to talk about ask me some [ __ ] that Gets my brain going and he was just so Professional trying to steer my career On the right path and it's just like Damn man maybe I wasn't ready and I

Didn't open Joe up to free conversation You know so D dupy reveals why he backed Down from a UFC 300 fight offer isra Recently reveal that he was offered to Headline UFC 300 against Rus dupi However according to Izzy DDP turned it Down now in an interview with Cameron Simon dupi said that he declined the Fight due to injuries now that he's the Champion he feels he can be a little bit More cautious giving his body a bit more Time to heal before accepting fights so Obviously with with the the Conversations of 300 that would have Been a massified me easy and uh it was On the table 100% but one thing people Don't realize is why would I go and Start a camp once again injured yeah if I am the champion taking risks is one Thing I have been taking risks a lot Yeah but why would I risk I'm the Champion now and I can fight when I'm Ready yeah I think Izzy misjudges Himself as still being a champion and He's not yeah you will fight when you Get the opportunity you don't dictate When I Dupi also revealed that he plans to move To light heavyweight eventually but he Likes the idea of a minimum of three Defenses before moving up in weight is It in the plans to go to light heavy Yeah eventually I do think uh I saw a Tweet somebody said they think to

Qualify for a double title you need to Defend your B three times I don't hate That idea I just I believe it's it's Fair to say defend your bell three times Cuz that's very convincing in taking Care of your Division and and then go up To light heavy and I'm willing to I'm Willing to to make that happen you know So for me going up I know I'm not going To give up a lot of size maybe a little Bit of height and reach in terms of U The light heavyweights but when it comes To psi I don't give up a lot Francis and Gano's purse for the Anthony Joshua Fight has been revealed ganu and Joshua Are set to become significantly Wealthier once their fight in Saudi Arabia is over later this week reports Suggest that the cameroonian will take Home $20 million and this amount doesn't Include any pay-per-view money or Bonuses for winning or going the full Distance so it's possible the former UFC Champ could earn well over 25 mil for a Maximum of 30 minutes in the ring this Makes it the most lucrative fight in his Career and doubles what he earned in the Tyson Fury Clash this is also lining up To be one of Joshua's most lucrative Fights report suggests that he will earn Nearly 50 mil what do you guys make of These numbers drop your thoughts in the Comments below Ryan Garcia claims he was by Bohemian

Grove Garcia's back in the headlines on Tuesday Ryan appeared on an X spaces Call with Andrew Tate where he said he Was abducted and by Bohemian Grove and Then he could show proof the boxer Strongly refuted the idea that he is Using drug he went so far as offering to Fly to Tate's home in Romania to take a Drug Test yo Andrew hey bro all right talk to Us bro I don't give a bro they held me Down and they made me watch little kids Get raped I don't give a Anymore Where bro theying took me to the woods Bro and they T I'm not joking bro I have Proof bro I don't give a bro I will show You every video you could ever believe Bohem and Grove is real they tied me Down and they made me watch dog I Absolutely don't give a anymore yes I Lost it they're raping little Kids bro you know you know the higher Elites bro you already know who they are Bro you know the pth are going down it's Dangerous my Friend I don't give a they can't touch Me I'm a God well that's the first point of Contention cuz I care about you a lot And I can assure you from my own Personal experience that they can touch You which is the worst no they can't bro All right so come touch me

[ __ ] you have proof of these things you Have proof of this on your phone yes of Course I Do the you talking about if Alex could Get a video from the Bohemian bro of Course I Could Sean Strickland opens up on mental Health issues in a video posted to his Instagram page Strickland spoke out on Mental Health amidst Ryan Garcia's Strange Behavior the former UFC champ Explained what it's like to have no Control over your mind and urged Garcia To reconsider his circle of friends some Of you guys will understand this some of You guys won't but like when you truly Are mentally unstable when you have a Chemical imbalance in your head and it's Something you struggle with all the time You do not see clearly I'll wake up some Days dude and the sun is shining the Birds are chirping and you know I want To m somebody like I could take a Chainsaw to somebody I'd be the happiest Doing it and you know it's so crazy Because like someone could come up to me And tell me hey Sean like you're not the Person I know like I do not recognize Who you're being and I'll be like dude I See clearly I'm the greatest mood of my Life like you're wrong you don't see Clearly like you're being crazy so what You have with like Garcia Man he's just he's in this mindset where

He's probably happy so chemically Inbalanced whether it's be CTE drugs And there's nobody around him bringing Him back down to earth there's nobody Around him bringing him back down to Earth and he just keep falling into it I Mean dude it sucks man when you when you Have mental instability like you really Got to take care of your mind and Surround yourself with people who could Bring you down recognize it help You it's time for today's top memes Third place was found over on X and was Posted by Dov second place mem was found over on X And was posted by a usern named left Hook Club and the top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by Passion MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk