Ray Longo GOES ABSOLUTELY OFF on Colby Covington! Neal WARNS Ian Garry! Edwards RESPONDS to Jones!

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00:00 Geoff Neal sends a warning to Ian Garry
01:30 Leon Edwards responds to Jon Jones
02:06 Jamahal Hill slams Covington’s UFC 296 peformance
03:29 Coach Ray Longo absolutely goes off on Colby Covington
05:25 Bryce Mitchell thanks Josh Emmett & Joe Rogan after UFC 296 loss
07:28 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started let's start today's news with Jeff Neil sending a warning to Ian Gary Neil has been booked to fight Ian Gary At UFC 299 which is set to go down on March 9th in Miami the two fighters were Previously scheduled to clash at UFC 292 Earlier this year in Boston but Neil got Injured and bounced from the lineup now During Monday's appearance on the MMA Hour the eighth ranked welterweight said That he's still upset at Gary for Selling the mugshot t-shirt and plans to Punch the Irishman when he sees them I Don't know it's kind of like a Poetic Justice well cuz I mean he he likes to Come out of other Fighters you know I Didn't even think that of before I Fought him uh like I accepted the fight And then uh he messaged me on Instagram Talking about hey man best of luck on uh Uh on the fight like you mean uh like You mean saying like oh thank you for Accepting the fight and all that and Then a week later he post like the mug Shot T of me so it was kind of kind of Weird but hey uh you know you get what You get yeah and so that mugshot te has Been very uh polarizing he he he was Selling it I don't know if he still Sells it but it was definitely a thing That he wore and that he sold uh I I Felt like it was it was a bridge too far And uh not something that you should be

Profiting off of and uh import taste What did you think of that no it it was Just low glass I'm I'm I'm not too B out Of shape about it you know um I'm just Going to punch him in the face when I See him you know so we we got a date and Then uh March 7th uh he going to beat Him Leon Edwards has responded to Jon Jones's compliment with Kobe Covington Having lost yet another title fight at UFC 296 Jon Jones took the opportunity To compliment Edwards on the win and Even offered him a motorcycle as a gift For beating chaos Jones tweeted Leon Edwards I couldn't be more happy for you As an American champion in this game I Salute you that was truly a job well Done let me know if I can give you a Motorcycle or something for Christmas Feel like I owe you one Leon replied Respect go it was easy work means a lot Coming from you I don't ride bikes but I Will take a rly though Jamal Hill slams Kobe Covington's UFC 296 performance Hill has joined a long list of Fighters Who are not a fan of Covington's Trash Talk speaking in a recent YouTube video The former UFC lightweight champ called Col's UFC 296 performance embarrassing And shared his honest opinion on Covington's distasteful Trash Talk uh Kobe Covington like was there say like You do do this whole thing running your

Mouth to to like sell the fight like uh Saying things that are just like crazy And cross certain lines and things like That and then you come out and fight Like you are completely terrified you Know what I mean like he um Leon like I Want like I wanted to see a knockout I Ain't G to lie I wanted to see him get Slep bang knocked unconscious you know But um he got embarrassed he got Embarrassed in like completely he got Dominated in in every single facet of The fight um I think he said afterwards He he didn't take any damage but then I Think you mean you just got to take a Character and a clown for a clown you Know what I mean it's uh that's the ACT He want to play you know um me Personally the whole the whole attacking Family like that and saying personal [ __ ] that's like completely outrageous I Don't think that sells a fight I mean Maybe maybe it does but if it does like I mean them ain't really the type of Fans that I want to have Coach Ray Longo goes off on Kobe Covington Covington is facing backlash From the MMA Community for his Unwarranted comments towards Leon Edwards and Steven Thompson whom he Called a furthermore his performance at UFC 296 was Far Below the standard we Typically expect from chaos speaking on The most recent episode of the anic and

Floren podcast coach Ray Longo went Absolutely off on Covington calling him A piece of [ __ ] person who will regret The things he said for the rest of his Life you know I don't know look the guy Attacks Wonder booy yeah I mean you see Wonder booy handle that like you can't Even attack him that's how nice the guy Is he's up there and he's smiling but You know he's calling the guy a this Guy's a piece of sh you right calls Wonder Boy Wonder Boy is doing something At least he gives back to the community Kobe you suck in theing life out of the Community you're just like a leech on Society you know what I mean and now You're attacking this guy it's just I Don't it's just too much for me I don't Care for it and man talk about Karma cuz What a piece of [ __ ] that fight was I Mean the guy did absolutely nothing and Uh yeah I mean to be able to take a pro Kobby crowd and by the end of the fight Have the crowd against you good luck my Man I hope it was worth the money the Extra 25% or whatever down I hope it was Worth it for you because Daren I've been Around a long time I can promise you That you will regret a lot of [ __ ] for The rest of your life you know uh I Think he caed Trump the election how's That yeah well but Mr President Mr President is here to watch me I got the Who do you got the the Queen of England

I mean this guy this [ __ ] called Somebody a dope I'd love to see this Guy's college transcripts it's a [ __ ] [ __ ] R Mitchell thanks Josh Emit and Joe Rogan after UFC 296 loss Mitchell Just released a video on social media Thanking EMT for not following up on the Crushing blow that dispatched him to the Shadow realm with additional Strikes hey y'all I just watched the Fight back and I wanted to give y'all my Basically live reaction to it um my First thoughts were that was an Incredibly hard knockout and uh I'm Really lucky I didn't get hurt any worse Because my head's not hurting I feel Just fine uh I'm right back to work this Is that Barn that I was working on when I took the fight um you can see you know Got a lot of work left to do but that's That's what I'm up to okay but I want to Let y'all know that I'm so happy with Josh emit because uh right after he Knocked me out he could have followed up With the hammer Fist and it probably Would have killed me and uh he didn't Even follow up with anything you know he He was just happy with his knockout and He walked away and I'm so gracious for That I will forever remember that and I Love that whole team that alpha male Team I love every single one of you guys And uh thank you for for not hitting me Extra

Josh uh it takes more of a man to Actually do that you know everybody Thinks you're more manly if you hit them After they they go down it's actually You're more manly if you walk away and Care about that person thank you so much Josh Mitchell also had a lot of praise For Joe Rogan for recognizing that he Needed to be assisted while still inside The octagon and also too I want to thank Joe Rogan God bless you Joe Rogan thank You so much for what you said after that Fight uh you took command on that Microphone and you said do not let Mitchell stand and you were absolutely Right Joe I was totally out of it I Can't remember anything actually until They sat me down in that Garney in the Back of the ambulance so everything Where where it appears is that I wake up And I'm talking to Dana and talking to Everybody I don't remember none of that That that's not even me there you know That's like blackout drunk like I can't Remember nothing nothing listen up fight Fans we've been working behind the Scenes on a newsletter that will allow You to read and see content we can't Always post on here this will allow us All to better stay in the Talk time for today's top three memes Third place was found over insta was Posted by a usern named daily dose MMA second police meme was found over

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