Nina Drama & Helen Yee BACK AND FORTH! Bobby Green DEMANDS an apology from Anthony Smith!Hooker OUT!

MMA news today:

KING MO goes off on Scott Cooker

NINA DRAMA & HELEN YEE back and forth on Twitter

DAN HOOKER injured & out of UFC Austin

MICHAEL BISPING on his near-fight w/ Daniel Cormier

BOBBY GREEN not happy with Anthony Smith’s comments

ANTHONY SMITH responds to Bobby Green

00:00 King Mo goes off on Scott Cooker
01:10 Dan Hooker injured & out of UFC Austin
02:21 Bobby Green has some words for Anthony Smith
03:37 Anthony Smith responds to Bobby Green
04:42 Nina Drama & Helen Yee go back and forth
07:01 Michael Bisping on his near-fight w/ Daniel Cormier
08:13 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started in today's news King Mo goes off On Scott Coker following news of Bellator pfl merger on Monday it was Revealed that the pfl has bought Bellator in a massive deal that will Change the landscape of MMA the general Consensus was that it will be good for The sport as it could be a legit Promotion that would rival the UFC However Muhammad lawal more known as King Mo who fought 17 times in belare And five times in Strike Force Under Scott Koke Doesn't appear to be a fan of the deal He tweeted at Bellator Scott Coker you Hired a man that calls you an idiot you Hired a man that calls you incompetent You talk out of everyone Jane Carrie Big John and punk Mike Hogan you are a first Class your ass will get yours he Continued at pfl what did Bellator dream And Strike Force have in common besides Going out of business Mike Hogan's ass Was involved with them they all failed Pfl your organization will suffer the Same fate red flags mark my words and Save this tweet y'all will get done Wrong by his lying Ass Dan hooker is out of UFC Austin During an interview with submission Radio hooker revealed that an injury has Forced him out of his scheduled five Round co-main event matchup against

Bobby green at UFC Austin the promotion Is Seeking a replacement opponent for Green you can watch the full interview On submission radio's YouTube channel We've linked it below I'm all right boys I'm all right what's Going on better wait what what is this What Happened uh Spar yesterday just poed a Bit of a kick uh the 10. Xray she's she's Castom it's Broken yeah yeah n it broke um it just Broke in the same place And it kind of is what it is this is the Second time an injury has scratched Hooker from about in 2023 the hangman Was set to face Jaylen Turner at UFC 285 In March but a broken hand forced him Out hooker would eventually face Turner In a thrilling contest at July's UFC 290 Event where he earned a split decision Victory to extend his winning streak to Two Bobby green is not happy with Anthony Smith's recent comments in a Recent Instagram Story the UFC lightwe Had some direct words after Smith's Comments about King getting knocked down In a fight against Tony Ferguson Bobby Clarified that he wasn't knocked down And what really happened is he just got Caught off balance with a jab and got Knocked back hear it from the man Himself hold the up I just got to say

This real quick I don't know where y'all Keep I didn't heard this like two three Times from Fighters and I'm talking About real Fighters like Anthony Smith Like Patty Pim well Patty ain't no real Fighter but anyway all these saying I Got dropped by Tony let me make this [ __ ] real clear for y'all if you want to Count a drop you want to count a drop But really I was stilling a low leg kick And then M thre a jab he didn't knocked Me or dropped me with a jab so I was Thring a little ass leg kick he just Caught me at the same time off balance And then knock me back did not knock me Down didn't I mean did not hurt me Didn't Rock Me Nothing changed so Anthony you my dog But clear that [ __ ] the up that's all I Want to say about that Smith responded On the byn podcast saying that he wasn't Trying to be disrespectful and just Wanted to highlight Tony yeah me and Bobby go way back so I I've said it over And over and over that I I got a special Place in my heart for Bobby green this Is past fighting and past all the other BS this is just like a some manto man Thing I I I I love Bobby green so I have No problem clarifying I when I say that My point in saying that is to I'm Highlighting Tony my point is That number one it's counted as a drop It is he counted as a knockdown on the

Record books my point is that people are Discrediting Tony saying that Tony has Absolutely no chance and no shot at Beating Patty pinet my point is that I Hold Bobby Green in such high regard That I think he is so good and he is so Skilled and Tony was able to hang with Him as long as he did in that fight that Alone tells me that Tony or that Tony Ferguson can beat Patty pimble that was My point Nina drama and Helen e go back And forth on Twitter it all started After a fan tweeted nah is kicking your Ass at this engagement farming game Helen step it up a notch Helen replied I'm not trying to engagement Farm or Compete with anyone so shut the up I Hate social media anyway and have been Focused solely on training stop Comparing different people in a chimed In writing people have tried to pit us Against each other since the beginning Helen is an actual journalist and Athlete we both bring something Different to the MMA community and I'm Tired of seeing this negative it's Getting old put some respect on Helen's Name Helen replied it's unreal the Amount of people who love negativity and Compare us every time I log into this App after minding my own business Training laughing OTE I appreciate your Nice words bye by the way I tried Texting you months back after you

Reached out so that we can chat in a Better setting than online haven't Gotten a text back yet but hopefully Soon that's when the conversation Between Helen and Nina about not having Beef almost turned into actual beef Nina Responded I DMD you and that troll made Up a rumor about us beefing and didn't Hear from you then I approached you in Person to let you know I reached out and He didn't seem into it then you Eventually responded to my initial DM to Which I responded and we exchanged Numbers and messaged and you took a Minute to get back to me so I figured You weren't into it it's all good Helen Never had anything but love I wish you All the best on your competition you're Going to kill it Helen replied Respectfully you just read this 4 Minutes ago when I messaged you in July And I texted you which you still never Texted me back had a swim meet in Oregon When you approached me in person you Blindsided me in public where there were Other people around being nosy which I Explained to you and you seemed Understanding at the time I texted you And responded to your DM but I never Heard from you so I figured you didn't Want to meet up I tried well best of Luck to you keep killing it too the Conversation ended after Helen posted Photos of the DMS which read hi Nina I

Texted you last night I had a swim Competition and have been out of town Since last Thursday I'm back in Vegas Till tomorrow evening if you're free Thanks hi Nina this is Helen ye sorry For the late text I'm a night owl just Got back from a swim competition in Oregon but I'm in Vegas tomorrow and Thursday if you have time time to meet Up in Chat Mike Bisping reveals he almost Fought Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 bisbing Recently reflected on his near fight With Cormier on his YouTube channel There he revealed that he was serious About stepping into to fight DC however He wasn't chosen Cormier even laughed Off the idea when approached Bisping Said DC needed an opponent right and I Tweeted out I'll do it I was the Middleweight champion then and I was Deadly serious and DC kind of laughed it Off ah Bisping what's he talking about I Was deadly serious I'll step in there With you and as we know it was Anderson Silva he flew in on a day's notice went To a decision got beat soundly of course There's not even a discussion there nice Body kick by Anderson at the end there That was about all that he landed bpin Continued but 100% I was serious step up Last minute no training camp I don't Give a he's going to take me down he Might pound me out who knows probably

Choke me it's another training session And I've got nothing to lose like I'll Give it a do come on let's go DC let's See what you got listen he's a beast He's a monster and it wouldn't have gone Well for me but when 100% you get a Massive payday like on UFC 200 a champ Champ fight risk- Free here are the top three memes found On the internet today third place was Found over Reddit and was posted by a User named raw Power second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named UFC Kink And a top pick meme was found over Reddit and it was posted by a username Pat COV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk