Nina Drama ‘EXPOSES’ Helen Yee + shares DM’s! Dana White REMOVES the Pelotons out of the UFC P.I!

MMA news today:

DANA WHITE removes the Pelotons out of the UFC P.I.

NINA DRAMA – HELEN YEE ‘beef’ escalates

ALEX PEREIRA pranks his friends in Brazil

COLBY COVINGTON says Leon Edwards had ‘easy’ path to UFC title shot

DUSTIN POIRIER shuts down move to 170

00:00 Dana White removes the Pelotons out of the UFC P.I.
01:06 Colby Covington says Leon Edwards had ‘easy’ path to UFC title shot
02:17 Alex Pereira pranks his friends in Brazil
03:47 Nina Drama-Helen Yee alleged ‘beef’ escalates
06:10 Dustin Poirier shuts down move to 170
07:47 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Dana White getting rid of all pelons at The UFC pii the UFC president recently Said that all exercise equipment made by Pelaton company will be removed from his Gyms after comedian Theo Von told Dana That Pelton demanded that a past episode Of his podcast had to be removed because He had a certain guest on his show now Dana's honored his word and has gotten Rid of all pelaton equipment from the UFC performance Institute so people are Hitting me up asking if I really got rid Of the Pelons what I tell you only the assault Bike for be Here pelons are Gone a few moments later just bikes not Like the whole these are these are Echelon here we go Theo nice we got the Echelon bikes in now Craig is happy Again he I can still stay in shape That's right look at this thing these Are Beautiful I mean come on better scen Better audio see who need who needs Pelon let's Go Kobe Covington has taken aim at Leon Edwards for an easy pass to the UFC Title shot the two are slated to compete Next month at UFC 296 for Leon the bout Will be the first title defense after a Decision win over Kamar Usman in March

As for Kobe his UFC 296 return will be His first fight in well over a year in His most recent bout he defeated Jorge Mfal by unanimous decision with that That said many fighters have previously Stated that Kobe doesn't deserve a title Shot in a recent interview with Chaos was asked about that perception There he instead took kma Edwards Insisting that the champion had an Easier path to the title than he did he Said he had the right matchups at the Right time to get to the point in his Career he fought a lightweight wash out Nate Diaz and sat out almost two years To get his title shot I don't think he Warranted getting a title shot after Beating that guy he just cried I deserve This I deserve deserve that instead of Just going out there and working for it Or earning it like I did I had to earn It I had to go the unconventional way Because the straight A Headway wasn't Available he didn't earn it the hard way Like I did and December 16th he's going To find out that he's going to get Broken by the American Dream on a lighter note Alex perea Arguably the best prankster in the MMA Community is backhead it again in a Recent video posted social media the UFC Light heavyweight champion showed off Some pool tricks while playing with Friends in his hometown in

Brazil I Nina drama fires back at Helen ye the Back and forth between Nina drama and Helen ye continues the two MMA reporters Have been going back and forth on social Media over the past 24 hours feeding Into the narrative that there's an Inconspicuous rivalry between them Unfortunately things turned ugly after Helen pointed out that nah didn't Respond to her text a few months ago now Nina responded by revealing that she did Respond to ye's text she posted a few Photos of the DMS captioned Helen this Is what I'm talking about you respond to All the negative comments and you feed Into the ones that make me look like an [ __ ] I never spoke badly about you I Never even spoke about you period you Took something a troll said and ran with It I reached out to you as you can see Here you didn't answer I approached you In person to Hash it out and you looked Shocked and didn't even say a word back I was nothing but nice to you didn't say A word days later you responded and then We shared phone numbers it took you 10 Days to get back to me at this point Helen I did my part I don't chase people If you wanted to chat and talk about What was going you would have made the Effort the reason why I responded to Your still waiting for the text back

Tweet was because it was still another Dig at me to make me look like the bad Guy like you reached out to me and I was The one who left you hanging you want to Make me look like the bad guy guy cool All good people come for me every day But you're still out here subliminally Digging at me while I never said a word About you and tried to reach out I saw That Tweet someone said comparing us and I retweeted it to show you support at The end of the day Helen you know the Story I've never said a word about you And for the record people compare me all The time to you and I never took the Side of those talking bad about you or Fed it into the negative comments with Your name in them it goes both ways and I never saw you take the positive route You're the good girl and I'm the bad guy People love a story it's all good but I'm over it now Helen responded just got Done swimming I'm happy you had the time To post all the screenshots I actually Wanted to last night and support what I Said it took me 10 days to respond Because like I already mentioned to you I was out of town this summer training And deleted my social media until after My competition focus on it nothing was To dig at anyone I was trying to chat in Private rather than publicly anyway I Truly wish you all the best in happiness She followed up with see my previous

Tweet about being blindsided in person And the nosy people around us which is Why message didn't explain about meeting Instead I can type more but everyone I Seriously don't have the time of day for This I need to train he a Thanksgiving Week Dustin poier shuts down move to 170 The UFC lightweight recently said that He'd consider moving up to 170 if he was Offered a big name but it seems that He's changed his mind during Wednesday's Interview on the MMA hour porier Revealed he walks around 173 lbs which Is way too low to fight welterweights Who walk around 1902 200 uh and I know We've talked about 170 in the past Because I know the issu is 155 there Just aren't that many names that excite You there's a boatload of guys that are Fresh to you at 170 was that discussed With the UFC at all no we kind of Discussed my weight I think I was 172 Pounds when I was sitting in the office Dud I'm just too small for 170 people Don't Understand the fight game and and the Weight cutting and how big these guys Are you know like that you you can't Weigh 172 173 pounds walking Around and Skip breakfast way in and Then fight the next day at 173 pounds When these guys are going to be 195 or You know it it just people don't Understand no I get that what at the top

Level at the top level you give 20 Pounds to somebody I mean it's just not Good poier also said that he could go Down to 145 but he doesn't want to drain His body as he did in the past at the Weight I've been walking around these Past couple months I probably could make The cut but I'm not going to do it like I'm not going to drain my body down that Much to to to to be at 145 it's just not Healthy it's not going to be fun it's Going to make me hate the process and That's not what I want to do I want to Enjoy the process and and fight and feel Good and here are the top three memes Found on the internet today third place Was found over Facebook and was posted By a user named Le Veon the second place meme was found Over Instagram and was posted by Username daily dose MMA the number one meme was also found Over Instagram and was posted by Username Beaver Smash TV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk