Nina Drama CONFUSED over UFC including her ‘FOOT SHOT’in Embedded Vlog!Aspinall FAILS to breakrecord

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00:00 Ngannou reveals he had to borrow $200k from Kamaru Usman
01:05 Tom Aspinall tries to break Ngannou’s punching record
02:17 Daniel Cormier grapples with Jailton Almeida
03:19 Michael Bisping goes off on Jake Paul
04:59 MMA community slam referee Marc Goddard
06:37 Nina Drama reacts to her foot shot in UFC embedded vlog
07:57 Alex Pereira working on a new leg kick technique
08:33 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started in today's news Francis andano Reveals he owed Kamar Usman $200,000 Before his final UFC fight the former UFC heavyweight champ recently did an Interview with Kamar Usman and Henry Cejudo on their show pound-for-pound There in ganu revealed that he was broke Before leaving the UFC and had to borrow $200,000 from Kamar Usman while he was Still a champion in the UFC you knew a Lot about about stuff that turned down From uh from the UFC the negotiation Even my last fight in the UFC you know I Took $600,000 for my last fight in the UFC as Opposed to 5 million that they were Offering and wow for the same fight Right I'm like bro and I was broke like At the time I ow man right here I owe Him 200,000 I was he let's not talk About that let's not talk about that you Got dude no way right no Way Tom Aspen attempts to break Francis And G's punch power record espanol has Posted a new video on his YouTube Channel where he tries to break in Gano's punching machine score of 129,000 check out how the attempt went For the UFC interim King no he can't I got 129,000 one you w Your elbow if you can you want as Square As that elbow driving behind it Yeah right to the

Center just a little bit in My e counted 129,000 If he did 129,000 I did 40 that is that Is ridiculous Stuff I think there go on then I might I Might quit thinking about [Music] Quitting Daniel Cormier grapples with Jalon Almeida DC is back at it again This time he was taken by surprise when The UFC heavyweight lifted him up into The air with relative ease dude in Charlotte I watch this guy right here no No please carry This up oh did I get this one I'll do This one too you know like he do whoa Whoa whoa whoa whoa oh my God I I can't Keep getting picked up by everybody like This [ __ ] is crazy D pick Up see that that's hilar a Bo that dude Is big and strong I saw this dude in Charlotte Him this guy big dude all three he Finished his fight they were doing a Seminar did you remember that got in the Smallest car I've ever seen in my life The T him and his coaches were the Smallest car driving to a Seminar remember this North Carolina Crazy Michael Bisping reacts to Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson fight Announcement on Thursday Jake Paul took

Tagt announcing the biggest fight of the 21st century against boxing Legend Mike Tyson Many fans and Fighters weren't happy With the announcement and slammed Paul For booking a fight against a 58-year-old man one of these critics was Michael Bisping on his bym podcast the Former UFC champ blasted Jake for Fighting veterans instead of boxers who Are in their Prime I thought this was Like I couldn't believe it I woke up This morning I looked at my phone I'm Having my coffee I thought no don't be And I'm sorry everyone cuz I know we Spoke about him recently and we're not Trying to do that but it's just the Shock and awe of it to me I couldn't Believe it so that's why I retweeted Directly to him I'm like bro you should Be ashamed to yourself you know I never Was like oh you're jealous I'm like it's Got nothing to do with that it's got Nothing how can you as a grown man That's made plenty of money that's in His prime right fight a 58 year old man Who was walking around on a cane until Quite recently and still try and spin it That he's going to make money so so that He's taking on tough challenges I mean It's just it's just it's the the biggest Joke it's the biggest insult to boxing It's the biggest disrespect to Mike Tyson ever because listen Mike's gonna

Do it he's an older guy he's still got That dog in him he still feels like he Can you know mix it up with a young buck You know make some money gives him Something to get excited about get back In the gym you know what I mean but Jesus Christ j got power though The MMA Community goes off on referee Mark Godard at pfl Europe 1 Cedric dumb Headlined the card against Baki with Cedric being the betting favorite the Fight was evenly matched in the early Stages with many scoring it one to one Going into the third round then during The third round Doom began to Signal Discomfort in his foot or toe to referee Mark Godard Goddard told him to keep Fighting and when Cedric didn't move Forward to engage Goddard quickly Stepped in and stopped the fight going Have to put his foot on the gas Here what's going On waves it Up this stoppage was an usual and caused Immediate protest from Cedric dumb it Appears that he had a splinter from the C or canvas in his toe which was the Cause of discomfort and his first career Loss Doom's request for a timeout led to Goded ending the fight which caused fans Online to blast the referee one fan Wrote Mark God should be banned from MMA Why the did Godard stop the fight he Obviously stepped into something which

Is not his fault wrong call by Goddard In my opinion this has to be the worst Thing I've ever seen should be Chang to A no contest something from the cage or Matt got stuck in his toe really weird And haven't seen anything like it before This organization is a joke Doom getting A case of David hatto wasn't the outcome Anyone would have called fighting is a Wild business bring back Mario yamasaki So Godard basically ruined the entire Event Nina drama reacts to her foot shot In UFC embedded Vlog Nina was featured In UFC 299s embedded where an intriguing Shot of her ended up in the final edit She has since posted a clip from the Embedded footage mentioning that she was Fine with the subtle shot of her toes But raised questions about why her feet Specifically were highlighted Okay so I think embedded is one of the Best sports documentary series out there Ever truly I do I think it's one of the Best but I just I you know and maybe This is why they're so good I just need Someone to explain to me my foot shot in Episode 3 I mean it's great the Placement is great I'm not complaining But what is the the Cutaway is just so Interesting and I'm just trying to Figure out Why why it's there The drama you you love the drama in America yeah yeah you love drama other

Than that why what's going on here kind Of go through this was it necessary I Don't know I'm just asking I don't mind It but like if it is something that's Necessary just let me know because maybe I'll just add more of those to my Content I mean Look look at this Alex P works on new Leg leg kick technique the UFC light Heavyweight champ has posted footage of Him working on a devastating leg Kick All right it's time for today's top Memes third place was found over on Facebook and was posted by Robert second place meme was found over On Instagram and was posted by as Shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over on X and was posted by Doy Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk