Ngannou’s Coach FIRES BACK at Sean Strickland! Ryan Garcia QUITTING DR*GS? Holland runs into MVP

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00:00 Kevin Holland runs into MVP ahead of UFC 299
00:53 Strickland learning how to talk to women
02:23 Marlon Vera goes off on Aljamain Sterling
03:56 Ryan Garcia commits to his mental & physical well-being
05:49 Strickland slams ‘tik-tok coach’ Dewey Cooper
07:09 Ngannou’s coach fires back at Strickland
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All right let's get the show started Let's start today's news with Kevin Holland running into Michael Venom page Ahead of UFC 299 just a few days ahead Of their highly anticipated Clash MVP And Holland crossed pass and shared Friendly words with each Other fight very Well hey how you enjoy the UFC so far Bro it's amazing nice different level Bro yeah Like one time right and it was uh was Cool on a good little Street was really close here I was like Okay I see what the [ __ ] they're saying Yeah it's a little it's a little Nice have a good Day here's sea Strickland learning how To talk to women Sean the coach Strickland is back at it again this time He shared some advice to his team during A recent training Session nice to have you guys here got Some women here lunches in 30 I know you Guys don't like being called and [ __ ] but if you're here up on C Dick what I'm saying let me borrow you Just I want you guys to know why I call You are you are you talking specifically To the women or Everyone Women you guys I look over you guys I Look over and you guys are just like This like you're not trying to get up

Out are going cross fishing I'm pushing I'm giving my back up where I'm Fighting you guys are not fighting You're being friendly we're here to Fight So that's it women go harder you don't Try to rationalize what what is being Said over here it Doesn't you're trying to make logical Sense exe one sec com get us out 3 wait Wait let me hear that Strong let go extreme on three extreme On three one 2 3 Marlin Vera goes off on alamain Sterling in a recent YouTube video Sterling revealed that Vera didn't have A good training camp which is why he's Picking om Ali to win during Wednesday's Media day ahead of UFC 299 Marlin was Asked about Sterling's claims which he Didn't appreciate he shut them down and Said that eljo is just looking for Attention oh yeah dude oh he's soing Hungry for Attention he never got attention in the UFC he become a world champion he Defended he got booing Jersey against Sejur who gets boo against auro holy [ __ ] people hate you now you're becoming A YouTuber because fighting career Probably is not going well I don't want To knock down on anybody because I want To focus on my fight and keep my karma In the right direction but I mean he

Hurt we have a private Gym there's no janitor in our in our gym You know what I'm saying like we don't Have people this the same three people Year around but SAR I you guys will see How bad my Camp was and I'm a guy that In 2 what3 fights in the UFC 22 fights In the UFC has never come with excuse Like most of these Fighters they always Have something to complain oh this and That happened oh I'm going through this Oh I didn't had this I have never said Anything so that should tell you Something about me and all you off dude You have a fight ahead focus on your Life you're aing loser dude Ryan Garcia Commits to his mental and physical weal Well beinging in front of the camera Garcia has just taken a significant step Towards prioritizing his mental and Physical well-being by committing to a Non-negotiable contract with himself in A recent Instagram post in the clip Ryan Signed over the Bible signaling his Commitment and improving he captioned The video writing everybody in the world Can hold me accountable on This all right we got Ryan's come on Come closer we got Ryan's non-negotiable List for Camp number one train six days A week number two one form of recovery Every day number three no smoking at all And no Edibles number four drinking wine Only I know even take Edibles though

Three glasses on Wednesday four glasses On Sunday and remember this is like Negotiable I know I know but you don't Have to do it just cuz it's there don't Don't mean you have right right right Maybe I decide I won't do it that Exactly exactly number five strict diet No eating out no fres stuff like that Six Sleep Number Seven Bible study Number eight love everyone number nine Your daily meditations number 10 Everyone in Camp must abide by this list Number 11 accountability partners and Number 12 the best one knock Devin Haney The [ __ ] out baby let's go all right RG Once you hey hold on let me write up top Non negotiables okay come on bro let me Just sign I know what it mean I know What non-negotiable means no I'm putting It there sign it right here RG this a Contract right here can I break the line On the Bible oh man okay this is Powerful this is powerful this is this Is this is for sure no it's Sign what did I just Do we're locked in we're locked in Brother we're locked in let's get back To Work out [ __ ] you de Yeah coach Dewey Cooper fires back at Sean Strickland back in June of 20123 Strickland criticized Cooper with harsh Words partially blaming him for Marvin Vor's recent losses in the UF C there's

A coach man I'm going to you guys really Get me go you guys are really getting me To go here you're really get I'm going Do it there's this coach what the his Name Dewey Cooper and I like Dewey Cooper I think Dewey Cooper is a standup Guy he's a great guy but like Dewey Cooper man like this guy Marvin went to Vegas and I wanted Marvin to come to Vegas so bad and then right when he got To Vegas he got in bed with Dewey Cooper I don't know if you guys follow Dewey Cooper but Dewey Cooper is like the Tik Tock coach he's a guy that's like all You guys I'm going to have a speech Everybody settle down give me a give me A camera like he wasn't a great Kickboxer man I'm going to have to fight This guy when I see him now I'm G to see This guy in the gym and me and him Fighting he wasn't a great kickboxer he Wasn't a he wasn't good at all I mean if You look at his record it's all red but For some reason this man has a stable of Fighters and he's like a Glorified uh glorified cardio kickboxing Coach and I just don't understand how The like and this is what I'm talking About with you Instagram and you Tik Tocker you younger generation like it's So easy to be a fraudulent mother Cooper Did not respond to the comments for the Past N9 months however during a recent Appearance on the MMA hour Ariel helani

Brought up the topic and asked Cooper About Strickland's comments here's how Coach Cooper replied if the stuff Sean Said bothered me the whole world would Have knew it cuz it would have been bad Straight up um I don't think I'm Some weak dude who just let people Disrespect him the reason why I didn't Have any kind of reply rebuttal is Because that I've been extreme coutur uh Training guys there for many years man Um Ray seu Robert fallis was my guy Ray Ray SE was like a big brother to me Eric Nick is like family to me so I gave him The pass just because of that uh I Didn't want to ruin anything that I have At extreme Curs uh number one number two Sean Strickland's opinions of me does not Matter to me he's Irrelevant in my life By the way I told Eric congratulations After they won the strap and all of that I'm not even mad at Sean for what he Says because he don't know he didn't Know that I trained one of his coaches Over there at at at extremes you know What I mean I've trained some of the Coaches I was their coaches he didn't Know that he didn't know I won Championships as a coach he didn't know That I've seen Sean twice since then and I haven't said a word to him he hasn't Said a word to me I haven't said a word To him I wish him the best in what he do

I'm not mad about what he says it really Doesn't matter to Me time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over on X and was posted by W simu MMA and the top picked meme was also Found over on Instagram and was posted By daily do MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk