NEW title fight FINALLY ANNOUNCED for UFC 300! Makhachev REVEALS 3-fight plan! Jacare INTENSE Spar

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00:00 Henry Cejudo critical of Strickland & Volkanovski
01:30 Islam Makhachev reveals 3-fight plan
01:52 Arman Tsarukyan predicts 1st RD KO of Charles Oliveira
03:22 Matt Frevola vs. Jacare Souza intense sparring footage
04:21 Daniel Cormier’s prediction for Ngannou vs. Joshua
05:45 MVP gets honest on Kevin Holland matchup
06:49 Dana White announces new title fight for UFC 300
07:40 Rose Namajunas will be returning in March
08:13 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started Henry cejudo critical of Shan Strickland And Alex volkanovski in a recent video Posted on his YouTube channel Triple C Criticized trickin bulk for opening up About mental health Soo believes that Fighters should keep these kinds of Things to themselves because their Opponents could use it to their Advantage says the guy who put Ian Gary's wife on blast LOL wow you see What I'm saying Sean I hope you can come To the consensus to be able to except The fact that you're in this game bro Like learn how to play don't be That you can't man you can't it's the Same thing with Volkanovski volosi volcanos is showing His cars that he goes through anxiety if He doesn't fight like bro like what the Like keep some of that to yourself like You know what I'm say the world doesn't Need to know you know especially if it's Going to affect you it affects if vocal Oi now we know that vonavi wants to Fight ilot Toria now will volcanos be the same guy Cuz if he gets stopped again with the Guy that has power like Ilia then this is where the drop happen This isn't Hollywood where you drop and Rise this isn't like that two three Strikes oh yeah he was good he was at One point he was bad but because he has

These issues that he shared with the World and now people will pick on him Then it changes Islam makev lays out his Three-fight plan the reigning UFC Lightweight champion expects to be busy For the next 12 months if all goes According to plan on Wednesday makev Took to social writing June 8th UFC Pay-per-view vers gatei November UFC Medison Square Garden versus alera or Armen February 2025 vers anybody Inshallah Arman Surin predicts a first Round KO of Charles aloa at UFC 300 suin Will face the biggest test of his career He set to lock horns with Charles Olivera in what has been dubbed a number One Contender bout the winner is Expected to take on Islam makev later in The year speaking to Daniel Cormier and Chris Weidman The Armenian fighter Shared his prediction for the fight Saying if you know wrestling and Jiujitsu how to defend it's a completely Different game if we're going to do Jiujitsu without ground and pound of Course he can maybe get any submissions But when you punch someone he can't Think about like oh I got to get his Armor or whatever he's got to defend Himself you know that's why it's so Difficult especially with high level Fighters right now to choke someone is So difficult especially when I train With high level fighters to choke them

You've got to beat them for 15 to 20 Minutes and then when he gets tired you Can finish first two rounds it's almost Impossible to choke a high level fighter I believe that I can do that in the First round and I want to show everybody I'm the best here my goal is to go there And knock him out in the first round to Show everybody I deserve that title Fight suin then shared his thoughts on The idea of Islam makev Justin gatei in June saying I think he should wait for Us because we are going to be the number One Contender hopefully they're not Going to book that fight for the summer And wait for us after when I win I'm Going to fight with Islam and then we Can talk about gaii I feel like we are Next and gaii has to wait for us gatei Has to wait until October okay we're Going to fight for the title in the Summer Matt fola has posted some intense Sparring footage the UFC lightweight has Posted sparring footage of him going Against Jac saza ction the video writing When you're sparring five fives against The fresh body every round and Jacare Comes out in the Fifth already 30 seconds have time to Stop go number two finish the take down Go drive Drive circle out circle Out 15 seconds Upick Daniel Cormier shares his

Prediction for enanu vers Joshua fight The boxing bout between enanu and Joshua Was recently announced for March 8th in Saud Arabia in what will be just the Second professional boxing B for Francis Speaking on the dcn RC show Daniel Cormier said that aanu can get it done And beat Joshua who's a bit cautious Against big punchers DC tap in or tap Out and ganu can beat Joshua I tap in I tap in you know why Because Anthony Joshua is not Tyson Fury One and we watch Anthony Joshua fight Against uh I'm Lo I'm losing the guy um I'm losing the guy's name the yeah Ruiz The little fat Mexican dude yep he beat Him the first time and then the second Fight Anthony was so cautious usk beat Him he's very cautious and after Watching Francis knocked down Tyson in The way that he did I believe anony is Going to be very cautious and by being Cautious he's going to allow Francis to Be in the fight and I believe that Francis is going to get after him now The oddsmakers don't think so is a plus 500 Underdog again RC isn't that crazy How different this is when he fought Tyson fur we all thought he was just in Over his head fast forward 6 months now We think this dude can actually beat Anthony Joshua that's we saw it's crazy What one night can do Michael pige Doesn't foresee Kevin Holland agreeing

To strike with him after years of Growing his name and resume through the Ranks of the Bellator welterweight Division MVP will now test himself Against the best the world has to offer In the UFC that all starts with Kevin Holland at UFC 299 on March 9th during An interview with MMA junkies Mike Bond MVP discussed the matchup and said he Isn't expecting another striking only Gentleman's Agreement from Holland after You got a whooping from Wonderboy I I know for a fact Kevin Uh Kevin holl is not going to want to do That agreement again after the the Whooping that he Took against Steven Wonder Boy uh Thompson and I I see myself as the Faster you know harder hitting you know Just more dangerous version of uh a Wonderboy Thompson so um he's definitely Not going to want to do that again I'm I'm happy to take take that deal if he Wants to shake my hand and do that then We can do that but I don't believe he's Going to want to he's going to want to Utilize as much as possible to to deal With me Dana White has announced a new Title fight for UFC 300 on Wednesday Dana White announced that strawweight Title holder Wy Jen will attempt to make The second title defense of her current Rain when she takes on Yan xan on the April 13th card all right everybody on

August 13th 2019 history was made when Wayy Xiang beat Jessica Andra to become The first Chinese champion in UFC History well guess what five years later We will see history being made again as Wayy Jang faces number one Contender Yan Janan for the UFC strawweight title on UFC 300 and this is the first time two Chinese contenders have faced off for a World title there's one of the title Fights for UFC 300 I will have at least Two or more for you tomorrow have a Lovely evening everyone another Interesting women's matchup was also Announced as reported by MMA OG and Comat Rose nunz will be returning to the Octagon in March 8 UFC Vegas 88 against Top Contender Amanda heas at flyweight Doug Rose last competed at uufc Paris Back in September of 2023 against man Furo where she lost about via unanimous Decision as for our opponent the Brazilian is coming off a knockout win Over Lana Pino in November this was a Return to strawweight for Amanda heas Who previously experimented at the Flyweight division as Well time for today's top three memes Third place was found over on Reddit and Was posted by a user named King Kenan second place meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by a user named Ruthless Raj

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