Neil Magny REVEALS SHOCKING consequences after Ian Garry’s remarks! Perry RESPONDS to Danis’ callout

MMA news today:

MICHAEL CHANDLER shares his frustration over Conor McGregor fight delay

DAVID FELDMAN reveals big plans for Mike Perry’s next fight

DANIEL CORMIER takes Jon Jones side in Tom Aspinall beef

NEIL MAGNY reveals shocking consequences of Ian Garry’s remarks

MIKE PERRY responds to Dillon Danis’ callout

00:00 Cormier takes Jon Jones side in Tom Aspinall beef
01:29 Michael Chandler shares his frustration over Conor McGregor fight delay
03:09 BKFC president reveals big plans for Mike Perry
04:50 Mike Perry responds to Dillon Danis’ callout
06:25 Neil Magny reveals shocking consequences of Ian Garry’s remarks
07:31 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's news Daniel Cormier Reacts to Tom aspal calling for Jon Jones to be stripped of the heavyweight Title earlier this week Aspen stated That Jones should give up his title Because that's what quote unquote Everyone else does when they get injured Like that the statement from Aspen did Not sit well with Jones who fired back At the interim champ over Twitter you Can check that interaction in Yesterday's video now speaking on the DC And RC show Cormier defended Jones Agreeing that he should not be stripped And advised asol to better not play These types of games with bones I don't Think he should be stripped I think I do Believe that Tom Aspen will be elevated At some point because Jones and Stipe Will only fight each other Tom's Response is Not all that bad RC because he can't he Can't go into to play a game of words With Jones because in Jones's tweet he Spoke about fighting Legends and all These guys over 15 years yeah John also Went through some of the nastiest Rivalries over the course of 15 years With me and Rashad and CH like he knows How to go through that and if Tom goes Through that with him he's going to get Drowned for as as as like you know Jon Jones while you might not think he's

Clever he has learned enough over a long Career at the highest level of the sport To know that you want to play I think Tom ASP kind of trying to no sell him he Went yeah g him too I think he's trying To no sell him like ah whatever sorry John Michael Chandler reveals Frustration over Conor McGregor fight Delay it's been nearly a year since the Announcement of McGregor versus Chandler And yet the bout still hasn't happened In a recent interview on the MMA hour Chandler admitted to being frustrated About the delays and claimed that the Irishman is trying to wait him out Regardless Chandler said that he's dug In and we'll wait as long as it takes to Finally Showdown with McGregor here's The clip these guys are very good at Creating their own narrative and Throwing little breadcrumbs out there That are just stale as heck and not even A mouse would eat him all right so just Remember when they say things uh maybe It's true maybe it's not true maybe it Was uh maybe they're saying things for The reason of just making people like Yourself and all of us speculate and Also me speculate all right I've heard I've seen Connor talk about other Opponents I've seen Connor talk about Different dates I've seen Connor talk You know completely dismiss me and act Like the fight with me isn't happening

These are all ways that these guys try To get inside of people's heads Unluckily for them your boys uh your Boys's uh bulletproof all right so we're Good so we're uh we're we're staying We're staying with the plan we're right Where we need to be I've had a year uh a Year plus now to uh think about and Visualize knock and Conor out watching All with his tapes seeing seeing the Training footage that's coming out I see That he's training I see that he's Coming back um he was you know obviously He joined usada got back in usada Testing pool he's not doing that unless He's actually actually coming back so um He's trying to wait me out smoke me out But uh I'm I'm going to be wait waiting Here man the the greatest comeback in Combat Sports history that road goes Through one man and his name is Michael Chandin the bkfc president has revealed Big plans for Mike Perry with his Impressive exploits inside the world of Bare knuckle boxing Mike Perry has Quickly emerged as the face of the bkfc He is currently undefeated with four Significant wins to his name including a Vicious TKO Corner stoppage that took Place this past weekend at BK FC 56 After the win Perry called out former UFC fighter Jorge gamebr mosol who is Yet to respond while that's pending bkfc President David Felman is working behind

The scenes on other opponents for Perry In an interview with Jimmy Smith on Unlocking the cage Felman revealed that He wants to lure Robbie Lawler out of Retirement for a bare knuckle Showdown With Platinum Mike what is your dream Fight for him you talked about everybody Calling his name and everybody you know Wanting to get in there with him some Serious some not of course you know that As a promoter what is your dream Scenario for him swing for the fence's Dream for his fight my dream my dream Fight for him would be Conor McGregor my Real my realistic dream fight for him Would be I think this would be an Unbelievable Banger would be Robbie Lawler I love that fight I think the Fans would love that fight but you know He's in the retirement now and we'll see If we can talk him out of it a little Bit but I mean they all been calling him Out but I think some of them I'm like Yeah you know what he's probably going To walk through that guy he's probably Going to walk through that guy but I Mean he may beat Robbie Lawler but he Doesn't walk right through Robbie Lawler Right and Robbie Lawler is a bad dude And I think I think the whole entire at Least mixed martial arts world would be Really really intrigued by that matchup Mike Perry claims that a potential bkfc Fight with Dylan danis is actually very

Realistic after Perry's win at bkfc 56 Danis called out Platinum him to a bare Knuckle scrap which many didn't consider Seriously however during a recent Appearance on the MMA hour Perry reacted To the call out and revealed that the Bkfc is willing to pay big for the danis Fight Dylan danis was calling me out Yeah what you make of that I appreciate The um the attention that he could bring To it I mean to my belt that he brought He's like [ __ ] I like the king I like The king of violence title and belt that Name that and he brought some attention To it Because um you know so do you think he Actually wants to do it do you think he Sincere I don't know I don't know it's Once in all for hits his table you know And and David felman's no joke you know What do he say to Conor he's like dude I'll give you any amount of money you Want and probably same thing goes for a MOS doll and For maybe little bit for a Dylan D maybe not any amount of money you want Um if and then he would start talking That vulgar stuff to me and get billions Of views on social media for people to Talk about our fight and that the whole World would want to watch I mean I'm Down for that that's the thing is like As the king of violence it's so fitting Is it not that it's me Neil magnet

Claims Ian Gary's remarks had serious Consequences for him Magny isn't known For stirring up beef with many MMA Fighters but Gary was certainly an Exception prior to their fight Magny Said he wanted to put a father-like beat Down on Gary who responded by claiming His opponent was bragging about hitting His own children as it turns out this Response spiraled a bit out of control And nearly cost Magny custody of his Children during an interview with James Lynch for sports Kea Magny went into More detail he said Gary's comments in Itself had a lot more consequences than Just like nonsense at the press Conference there were literally Screenshots being taken of headlines Saying that I'm a child abuser and I'd Do this to my kids there were Screenshots being taken and put into Apps and things like that that would be Admissible in court where I'm literally Fighting for custody of my children when It was all said and done there was Something that came out very poorly on My end the way he chose to blow it out Of proportion has some pretty Significant consequences for me it was Just a lot bigger than just selling a Pay-per-view it was literally my Children's relationship with me was at Stake at that Point time for today's top three memes

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