MMA Community VERY DISAPPOINTED over UFC 301 HEADLINER! Usman’s REACTION to fighting Shavkat! Conor

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00:00 Paddy Pimblett sends a warning to Renato Moicano
01:23 Mark Coleman gives a tribute to his late dog – Hammer
02:33 Usman’s reaction when asked if he’d fight Shavkat Rahkmonov
04:06 Nate Diaz supports Conor McGregor amid UFC inactivity
04:58 MMA Community go off over UFC 301 main event announcement
06:10 Alex Pereira training w/ Steven Seagal for UFC 300
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All right let's get the show Started Petty piml wants hanato moano Next Petty and moano have engaged in a Series of exchanges on social media the Brazilian has been gaining many fans With his hilarious personality but piml Isn't laughing back in January moano Poked fun at Pet's massive postf fight Weight gains now in a recent YouTube Video Patty revealed that he went into The Tony Ferguson fight injured and an MRI revealed that he had a tear in both Shoulders He also called moano out to a fight come UFC 301 I could like LIF me shoulders above Yeah so yeah I went into that last fight Injured but just never said nothing just Go on with it come back in the gym Signing in the New Year shoulders was Still short even after two or 3 weeks Off so got them had an m on both and got A tear in both shoulders so was have Done for the past month CU like lots of Kitten see a couple of months at and Then we'll get a fight see something the Other day on Twitter I'm meant to be Fighting R moo and usfc 301 no the kids will be about 2 weeks Old mean something like that not Fighting that soon won't be fighting Until like June and July I mean we'll See when I do the fighting but that is You want next moo money moo you want me

Money I'm coming for you little Sausage Mark Coleman pays tribute to his Beloved dog Hammer the UFC Legend has Released a video on his Instagram Reading a pre-written message to his Fans and supporters as part of the Emotional statement Coleman paid tribute To his late dog Hammer who was credited With alerting Mark of the fire in the Late hours of the night me and my dog Hammer started our day every every day Together at 4:00 a.m. I tried so hard to Get him out I looked and reached Couldn't find him if I stayed one more Second I would have died the only thing Bringing me peace as he did not Burn he was found under the bed was not A air out of Place he died with smoke Inhalation they told my daughters he Looked perfect The Memories We Made In The last 11 months will stay with me Forever he was my Energy I will miss him every single day But I know he is with me in all my Heart my first dog ever gave me the last 11 months I could have Imagined Kamar Usman seemingly refuses To fight shavat ranov in a recent Appearance on ESPN mma's broadcast for UFC on ESPN plus 97 Usman discussed his Fighting future and what weight division He's looking at fighting in next the Former champ said that he's waiting for

The best options to come forth before Making his next move when asked about a Potential B with shaat ranov Usman Appeared to dismiss the idea here's the Clip I don't even know if you're Fighting at 170 anymore or are you a Middleweight wow I would like to know Myself it's um I never thought I'd be in This position I never thought I would Just have had a body of work to the Point where I can kind of sit back a Little bit and let things kind of unfold For a long long time I was I need to get There I need to get there I need to be That guy I need to be the champion and Now I'm kind of in a position to Where I don't have to I definitely want to but I'm taking time To just kind of see how things infold Because right now that that division is Kind of clouded the Welter division all The new bloods in there the JDM as you Mentioned shafkat Rock manov you've got Uh Ian Gary making his way up you've got You find shot as an Eliminator who you Who me this is funny how we just going To throw me in there I thought I thought We was talking about who's next for Leon But no I um there's a lot of there's a Lot of great You know and I think right now I think B Muhammed is kind of the only guy right Now that makes sense Conor McGregor Response to Nate Diaz showing him

Support Diaz believes the UFC is Preventing Conor McGregor from getting Out of his contract by not booking him a Fight McGregor recently spoke to the MAIF where he revealed that he was Losing interest due to his fights being Pushed back taking to his ex account Diaz posted a recent quote from McGregor And showed his support writing this was Me for years before Connor even got here They want you to die before you get These contracts it's up to you to make Something pop no one g to help you but You free Conor it's Patty's Day in this Connor responded to Diaz via Instagram Stories writing haha my bro 100% Nate Diaz iconic rivalry must be settled what Do you guys make of Diaz showing support For Connor would you like to see the Trilogy about between the two let us Know your thoughts in the comments below The MMA community is very disappointed With UFC 301's Main Event announcement The UFC recently took to social media Announcing that Alexandre panta will Defend his flyweight title against Steven IG in the main event of UFC 301 In Rio de Janeiro on May 4th the Promotion also announced that former Middleweight champion Chris Weidman will Face Bruno Silva at UFC Fight Night on March 30th many fans aren't happy with Pantoja headlining UFC 301 against St Big and criticize the promotion for the

Booking one fan wrote is this in the Early prelims worth selling pay-per-view Ever most random fight if we don't give A was a fight bro why my math Teacher fighting for the belt I'd rather Watch Leon and balal and that's saying Something I know Alex vers Hill was Supposed to headline 301 but damn you Guys really fumbled the headliner with This one LOL this is number one Thing I have ever seen in my life m kayv Is the only deserving contender in that Division but what is UFC doing they're Making UFC like WWE LOL laughing emotes This fight makes zero sense I've never Heard of IG and I watch almost every Card from front to Back Alex Pera is training for his UFC 300 fight with Steven Seagal the UFC Light heavyweight champion recently Posted new footage of him learning from Steven Seagal before his next title Defense against Jamal Hill at UFC 300 in The past Seagal has trained with Daniel Cormier and Anderson Silva among a few Others However in general the techniques he Teaches are often criticized for being Ineffective within the cage despite this He continues to attract fighters to Train with him check out this Clip E E

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