MMA Community SLAM Ian Garry following UFC 296 withdrawal! Vicente Luque REACTS! Belal-Colby beef

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00:00 Footage of Strickland sparring Magomed Ankalaev
01:02 David Goggins supports Tony Ferguson during UFC 296 fight week
01:43 Vicente Luque reacts to Ian Garry’s UFC 296 withdrawal
04:12 MMA Community slams Ian Garry after UFC 296 withdrawal
05:12 Colby Covington releases UFC 296 press conference teaser
05:56 Belal Muhammad fires back at Covington
07:07 Merab Dvalishvili gives Henry Cejudo a spelling lesson
08:02 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the talk in today's news Sean Strickland posts new sparring footage in Today's news Sean Strickland posts new Sparring footage the UFC middleweight Champ has posted a new training clip to His Instagram page where he's seen Sparring third ranked UFC light Heavyweight magamed anive Yeah David gogin stands by Tony Ferguson in The buildup to UFC 296 Tony also Confirmed that gogin will be in his Corner come Fight Night check out this Clip that ESPN MMA shared of Ferguson And gogin interacting at the UFC Apex Right ready all righten luk reacts after Ian Gary pulls out of their fight Ian Machado Gary will no longer compete at UFC 296 after Contracting pneumonia his Fight with Vicente luk has officially Been scrapped from the card more so UFC CEO Dana White confirmed this on Wednesday after chel son broke the news All right guys I know it's out there There's some speculation that Ian Gary And luk a is off it is true it is um Ian Gary started with the flu that turned

Into pneumonia so that fight is off and Is not happening it is true lukid Reacted to the unfortunate turn of Events in a video posted to his IG page Unfortunate news so the fight is out uh Unfortunately Ian Is for from what I know he is uh he has Some kind of illness I don't know if He's in the hospital or or how he is but He's not going to make it to the fight So first of all I wish you know uh the Best recovery speedy recovery for him And you know the best for his Family and it's really unfortunate you Know I I was so ready for this fight I've had a great training camp you know Every anybody that is you know that that That sees me in social media sees a Little bit of what I've been doing they Know how ready I am for this fight Weight cut has been going so so good the Easiest weight cut I've had you know in My career I have all my team here Supporting me you know a lot of guys Came out uh for this fight a lot of People supported me to come watch the Fight as well and unfortunately it's not Going to happen uh it's out of my Control everything that I could do Everything that I you know had control Of and and my job and and and really put My heart into this I did you know I gave It my all unfortunately we cannot really Control everything as I said I wish the

Best I wish recovery for Ian uh now it's It's time for me to rest you know I did Have a hard training camp I did Ariel Hanani shared more details on Ian's Withdrawal tweeting spoke to Ian Gary Moments ago I have pneumonia they he Tried everything to help me in the end UFC doctor said there's no chance I can Fight the UFC doctor made the call this Annoys me more than anyone I want to Fight it's my favorite thing to do for What it's worth he sounds quite bad Here's how the MMA Community reacted to The unfortunate news Kevin Holland Tweeted how to be your MMA wag block Comments on his social media spend his Money before he has it skip pressor so Nobody asks about the above give him Food poisoning so he has to pull from The fight then he will be set and really Think he needs you # how to wag Dereck Brunson no Gary vers luk I was looking Forward to that fight Bren sha no damn You fight Gods Caroline Pierce ah damn it Gary Vers LC is off this weekend at UFC 296 Get well Ian The Knockout Corner said That Ian Gary downfall just keeps Getting worse I love the UFC but having A fight card go as initially planned is Near impossible these days luk versus Wonder booy balal versus shovot his Wife's boyfriend told him to pull out Yall bullied the man out of the fight

Knew he would pull out of the fight Should be no Surprise Kobe Covington sends a message To his fans ahead of UFC 296 is presser UFC fans are eagerly anticipating Today's press conference which is set to Take place today at 8:00 p.m. Eastern 5:00 p.m. Pacific the press conference Features UFC welterweight champ Leon Edwards Kobe Covington Tony f Fus and Patty piml just hours ago Covington sent This message to his Fans greetings nerds and virgins it's The people's champ and I've been hearing The people want to fire press conference Live tomorrow Thursday from the MGM Grandam Garden Arena so I'm going to Give you guys a show make sure you guys Get your chairs sit in the corner you Know like Ian Gary everyone [ __ ] Around now it's time for them to find Out while Muhammad responds to Kobe Covington during what Wednesday's me a Day Colby said that there will be no Total shot for the Muhammad if Colby Succeeds in claiming gold at the UFC 296 Headliner weighing in his backup is Belal Muhammad that would seem to Suggest the UFC want him to be the Number one Contender is that Somethingone you're interested in Fighting no who who wants to fight a Races I mean could you imagine if I said Someone earn something off the color of

Their skin that's absolutely despicable It's disgusting that guy hasn't deserved Anything I mean it's not my fault that He's not a star you have to make Yourself a star I'm the one that went Out there and did the thing that needed To be done to become a superstar like I Have what has he done he hasn't done Anything he's out there race baiting Saying oh you only earned this because The color of his skin it's white Privilege are youing kidding me dude He's not getting no title shot there There will be no title shot for him B Responded tweeting neither of these Clowns call the shots Leon's a nerd who Throws people out of his gym because he Can't handle competition and Kobe is Just a bum trying to wait for Trump to Be president again so he feels relevant He also posted this clip confirming that He is in fact next in line for a total Shot we safe to say bow is fighting the Winner of Leon versus Kobe and and What's that b yeah yeah 100% Rob vaj Villy gives Henry cejudo a spelling Lesson as the bantamweight match up Between cejudo and vaj villy set for UFC 298 in February approaches Triple C took To his YouTube channel to announce the Fight but struggled to pronounce Mor Rob's last name correctly now in a video Response morab invited cejudo back to The classroom what's up everybody hey

Henry thanks for breaking news on your YouTube but who are you fighting going To be Fighting my name is not bro learn to Read and speak English let me help you Listen say it how you read It if you don't know now you Know see see you in February 17th here's today's top memes third Place was found over Instagram and was Posted by daily dose Mma8 second place was found on Reddit And was posted by local native 141 and the top pick was found over Instagram and was posted by a username Beaver Smash TV Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk