MMA Community ROAST Sean Strickland’s mugshot! Bisping REACTS to Ian Garry-Khamzat story! Dariush

MMA news today:

PUALO COSTA has a new best friend

GEORGES ST-PIERRE gets into a polar plunge

CONOR MCGREGOR announces birth of 4th child

DRICUS DU PLESSIS teases move to 205

MICHAEL BISPING reacts to Ian Garry-Khamzat Chimaev story

SEAN STRICKLAND tells the story behind his mugshot

BENEIL DARIUSH wants no smoke with Mateusz Gamrot

00:00 Paulo Costa has a new best friend
01:09 Conor McGregor announces birth of 4th child
01:39 Dricus Du Plessis teases move to 205
02:37 MMA community roast Sean Strickland’s mugshot
03:39 Bisping reacts to Ian Garry-Khamzat Chimae story
05:40 GSP gets into a polar plunge
06:36 Beneil Dariush wants no smoke with Mateusz Gamrot
07:58 TOP 3 MMA Memes

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All right let's get the show Started in today's news Paulo Costa Makes a new best friend Paulo posted a New video to his social media where he's Seen enjoy his time with a new friend Named Hubba Bubba habba let's go Brazil yes we go Brazil right now okay because a bad boy So have any important thing inside No go Bye y bye bye byee see you guys in Brazil let's go habba habba what you Eat Yes shut up let's go let's Go secet ju make me strong Ja Conor McGregor announces the birth of His fourth child on Thursday the former UFC champ announced that he and his Fiance D delin have welcomed their Fourth baby together sharing their news Over social media Conor posted a few Photos captioned another chunky healthy Boy into the world D you are my Hero Dras dupi has teased the move to 205 Despite being scheduled to fight sha Strickland for the middleweight title at UFC 297 draus is already thinking about Big plans for the future in a recent Interview with submission radio the 29-year-old revealed he might move up to 205 after UFC 297 saying that all Depends how the division opens up I Would still love to fight isra adna 100%

It would be my first choice as defense It would be great but I'm assuming hamah Shimay is the guy they're going to try And push so that would be cool too I do Want to defend my belt before obviously It's all going to come down to who I Beat and how good I make it look if I go Out there and I absolutely destroy Hamza What's there really left if I go out There and I beat isra asna after Becoming Champion what is there really It's wiped out the whole division the Two guys who WI out the division were Robert Whitaker and israad asna and Beating those two guys doesn't really Leave any room Left the MMA Community Rose Sean Strickland after posting his mug shot Strickland posted a throwback Thursday Photo to social media which spurred a Good laugh from many fans the post was Captioned worst and best day of my life Enjoy internet laughing my ass off quit MMA to get my GED and join the Army the Next day I had skin heads explaining to Me what a gbi was and asking how I got Two of them but hey without the pick on The left I wouldn't have the pick on the Right lol fans and Fighters flooded Twitter in the comments writing bro got His mug shot done at JC Penny Derek Brunson tweeted went from Surfer to Biker LOL my overhand left rote how do You keep the same haircut for nearly two

Decades somebody make a mug shot shirt Quick Sean you were born with CTE that's Why it doesn't affect you now dude on The left looks like someone I used to Sell weed to and the one on the right Looks like my old plug level one crook For level 30 boss you look like the type Of kid that burned anthills with a Magnifying glass oh boy I sure hope my Wife doesn't make a terrible quality Shirt with your mug shot Michael Bisping Reacts to Ian Gary hamash shim have Story while speaking to MMA on point Last December Ian Gary brought up that He and she might have shared an elevator Ride ahead of B's bout against Gary's Then teammate Gilbert Burns while Retelling the story Gary noted that he Was with his wife at the time and that She wanted him to go through with the Potential fight this despite the fact That they were scheduled to fight that Weekend ultimately the two didn't end up Coming to blows and he and's wife called Him a [ __ ] afterwards now speaking on His b podcast Bisping shared his take on The story The Count couldn't believe What he heard and said that it would be A bad decision for Ian to start a fight Against Hamza in an Elevator oh [ __ ] oh God oh God she's a Villain that's a villain character of a Bad girlfriend That's skes are made so Rebecca cuz I

Was I was a very Reckless young man do You know what I mean I was angry and I Was always getting into fights until I Met Rebecca and she would advise me Against that kind of behavior Rebecca is A saint don't do That control Yourself exercise you know a little bit Of discipline don't be such a [ __ ] stop Getting arrested don't make a dick out Of yourself stop embarrassing the Family but on the flip side she's Calling him a p for not throwing down With ham that oh dear I mean I mean he Did say it because I was gonna say you Can't believe everything you hear on the Internet or read on the internet and you Can't you can't but it did come from the Horse's mouth you know what I mean and Maybe that could have blown up into like A big fight would have had a bit of Press behind it people would have talked About it and maybe he could have got That Fight but do you want to fight Hamza I'm Not Sure definitely not in an elevator with Your wife next to you tell you that oh God jeez oh God George St Pierre has Received a very warm gift from the cre Nation the legend shared a new video to His social media where he's seen getting Into a Polar Plunge that was put Together by the

Creation because nature is giving me This for free here let's go woo You got this man you got This Go it's not fun but the the benefits Come After see now I I feel a little bit numb So now my my buddy just switched Different passed it yeah Yeah All right good to go oh Yeah benil darus shuts down a potential Rematch with Matel gamrat this Saturday Night dush will be looking to keep his Fourth ranked spot in the UFC Lightweight rankings when he faces off Against number Eighth ranked Armen Serukan in the main event of UFC on ESPN 52 even if he beats Armen benil will be Forced to fight down the rankings again As the lightweight title picture clears Up looking at the rankings the only Matchup that seems to make sense is a Rematch with mat gamrat however benil Wants no smoke with the Polish fighter Speaking to Media daros explained why He's not interested in the rematch Charles is fighting for the title next You is on the champion it kind of puts You in a spot where who do you fight You're going to have be asked to fight Down again yeah which is you know it Just don't make me fight gamr again but I guess that's my only thing gamr that

Guy was such a stud uh game was a was an Interesting fight because typically when I fight I can feel people breaking and He never broke and that kind of it Scared me at the end of the fight I was Like bro I couldn't break this guy so um I would have to probably fight down like You said and uh unfortunately FIV is is Is out so you know we'll see this is This is looking so far ahead uh ideally I would like someone ahead of me but it Is what it Is here's today's top three memes third Place was found over Reddit was posted By a user named capy RB second place meme was found over Reddit was posted by usern named Alternative Bid and the top picked meme was found Over Facebook and was posted by a user Named Connor Burks and all Thetive Thank you guys for watching if you like The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News