MMA Community REACT to Jon Anik wanting to quit UFC! Conor is the HIGHEST-PAID actor EVER

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00:00 Dcirus Du Plessis gets hero’s welcome by South African fans
00:41 Conor McGregor posts new sparring footage
01:40 Sean Strickland goes snowboarding in the wake of UFC 297
02:34 Brendan Schaub provides a promising update after his daughter’s surgery
03:14 Justin Gaethje highlights his key concerns in the Max Holloway BMF bout at UFC 300
04:57 Conor McGregor declares that he is the highest paid first-time actor in history
05:30 MMA Community worried about Jon Anik
07:42 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started drus dupi gets a Heroes welcome From South African fans check out this Royal greeting from hundreds of proud Fans at the Airport Conor McGregor has posted new sparring Footage it looks like the notorious ains Lacking as he continues his preparation For a potential return to action here's A Clip 10 Seconds Shan Strickland goes snowboarding in the Wake of UFC 297 the former UFC middleway Champ has hit the slopes to recover After his tital Clash against draus dupi At UFC 297 Nice there we go and just rid it Straight Down don't be a P what's up Dog man good fight dude I mean how do You teach some snowboard just don't be a Right yeah bend your legs too yeah bend Your legs and Man bro so that's Sean Strickland up Here bro that's Nuts Brandon Shaw provides a promising Update after his daughter's surgery Earlier this week Brenan released an Emotional video where he revealed that

His daughter Billy was forced to undergo Emergency surgery now taking to social Media Brendan has released a promising Update on the health of his daughter he Posted this photo captioned surgery was A success I can't express how much love And support my family felt from everyone The internet from my experience is a Dark awful place my views have recently Changed the amount of prayers and Positive thoughts sent didn't go Unnoticed can't thank everyone Individually but trust me I see it life Is scary for a parent forever grateful For the team at Children's La thank you Justin gatei highlights his key concerns In the max hallay BMF bout heading into The upcoming hallay vers gatei fight Justin is the clear favorite speaking With Kevin ioli gatei detailed the Problems that Max Holloway will pose for Him when they do battle at UFC 300 here From the BMF himself you can watch the Full interview on Kevin II's YouTube Channel he is a cardio machine um one Way that he can beat me is to sustain The damage and you know be able to to Put more pressure and and outperform me In rounds three four five specifically Championship rounds four and five um so Just like any other fight um the legs go First and so I'm um I'm working on my Legs working on getting those in shape Um my feet are special and when I can

Control someone's feet um it's very hard For them to hit me um max is one of the Best fighters in the UFC um he's very awkward and I think When you fight awkward you know not he's Not awkward in in a bad way he you know Awkwardness is such a can be such an Ally for you in there and I think a lot Of guys s strickly a lot of guys that Find success with their awkwardness um The way they move a different way that They're supposed to move um I I think um He he creates angles and then he's Really long you know um for being a 145 Lbs his reach is is very long um his Ability to to Counter Strike um when You're done punching and be on you with Pressure and punches is is incredible And his experience you know Second To None um it's funny for me because I was Telling people that I was a I always say I was a big fan of you know Max Hall Still a big fan of this guy um Conor McGregor claims that he is the highest Earning firsttime actor in history McGregor will be making his Silver Screen debut in a remake of Patrick s's Roadhouse film the movie is scheduled to Be available for streaming on March 21st In a now deleted tweet Connor announced That he has become the highest paid Debut actor in Hollywood's history Writing hey fellas what did you think of My acting debut movie trailer hell of a

Ride I'm now officially the highest paid First-time actor of all time on record Pipping Dwayne Johnson for the top spot Incredible was that worth it Michael Bisping has reacted to John Anik's frustration with the toxic MMA Community John anik was one of the few Commentators who scored the fight for Dupi as a result he's received a wave of Criticism while speaking on the latest Episode of the Anakin floran podcast John expressed his frustration with the Disrespect shown to him by fight fans Over social media now speaking on his Believe you me podcast Michael Bisping Reacted to John anik's statement John Anik he just can't take it anymore I love John it's like as the sport gets Bigger you get more fans you get more [ __ ] you know what I mean if I look At my comment Section on this you on on this podcast I Mean I do look at the comment Section you're a sist I like it yeah Yeah you look at the good ones you think That guy's smart then you see the bad Ones you're like this guy's a [ __ ] Well first of all nobody wants to see John anik retire that's the yeah I'm Sure um was he just frustrated in the Moment because the thing is Strickland Does have a very passionate loyal fan Base and he he does kind of connect with A certain demographic shall we say you

Know what I'm saying but uh and and they Have his back massively I had drick is Dupi winning in a close fight the bigger The sport the bigger the issues and and The bigger the fan base and the bigger The fan base you're G to get some [ __ ] along for the ride as well Totally totally Agree here's how the MMA Community react To to anic suggestion of leaving the UFC Cub Swanson said sometimes you just need A break from the madness for the record Anic is a solid dude Paul Costa said John hanck is the man John anic the best We have guys be nice with this guy he is A gentleman Gilbert Burns said my man John anic is a legend on the Commentary Amy Kaplan John anic is Right Everyone needs to do better this sport Is so incredibly toxic B Muhammad that's Why 50% of my post looks like this LOL Terence mckin said y'all better not Make John Anna Quit listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top Memes the third place meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by eldwin D and D the second place meme was found over

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