MMA Community LAUGH at Conor McGregor’s BJJ black belt! Rose on Pat Barry! Gaethje WEARS a dress

MMA news today:

CONOR MCGREGOR gets awarded BJJ black belt by John Kavanagh

MMA COMMUNITY react to Conor McGregor receiving BJJ black belt

JUSTIN GAETHJE wears a dress after losing a bet

ROSE NAMAJUNAS explains the absence of Trevor Wittman from her corner at UFC Paris

SEAN O’MALLEY reveals his next potential opponent

SECURITY GUARD explains how he choked out Dillon Danis

00:00 – Rose Namajunas explains the absence of Trevor Wittman from her corner
01:57 – Justin Gaethje wears a dress after losing a bet
02:34 – Conor McGregor gets awarded BJJ black belt by John Kavanagh
04:26 – MMA community react to McGregor receiving black belt
05:19 – Sean O’Malley reveals his next potential opponent
06:53 – Logan Paul’s security guard explains how he choked out Dillon Danis
07:37 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Rose not myunis Explains the absence of Trevor Whitman From corner Justin Gates she wears a Dress after losing a bet Conor McGregor Gets awarded BJJ black belt by John Kavanaugh MMA Community react Conor McGregor receiving a black belt Sean O'Malley Reveals His next potential Opponent and Logan Paul's security guard Explains how he choked out Dylan Dennis During a recent Instagram live Rose Namayunas explained the absence of Trevor Whitman from her corner at UFC Paris Rose said it has nothing to do With her fiance Pat Berry as many people Have suggested and revealed that the Timing of her fight offered to face Manon fioro came Midway through Justin Gaichi's training camp for his big Rematch against us in Poirier yeah um And so of course because everybody like You know wants to [ __ ] on Pat and just Makes assumptions Um because yeah just You know that's the way things are no Matter what but um Yeah people are just gonna assume that Oh you know he's the reason why he Wasn't in my corner has nothing to do With Pat it has everything to do with Me and gaichi and him having Um a fight With the BMF and all that stuff and I

Did not want to interfere and I stayed Back and there's more there's more to it Than that but for the most part that's All you know I think I I want to say About that because you know our Relationships are very You know what I'm saying we're very Close people and like I don't think That's like Um Yeah it's Nobody Business you know what I mean and so everybody makes their Business but but I understand that People are wondering and obviously like I love Trevor and Um Yeah It is 2022 fantasy football season Justin Gates G unfortunately emerged as The loser and is now facing the Consequences of his defeat his penalty a Requirement to Don a dress for the draft [Music] Not playing Conor McGregor has been awarded a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt by SPG Ireland coach John Kavanaugh late Monday McGregor revealed the news on his social Media writing received my black belt Tonight from my coach friend and Mentor Coach Kavanaugh of SBG Ireland 20 years Of hard work thank you John for Everything over the years and to all of My teammates throughout this incredible

Jiu Jitsu Journey thank you all so much From the bottom of my heart a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt wow praise be to God and then Helio I'll be in the ghee In it tomorrow hell yo I promise and I Cannot wait what a buzz what a buzz Is that not normal to give out a belt During the during the noogie class but Nothing about this man's career Or Life as we know Um An incredible exponent of martial arts His whole life he obviously excelled in The professional area but for me it is Interesting this is passionate about it On day to day whether it's working with A new guy Or training with pros and it's a huge Pleasure for me to give a long time Student but also one of my best friends Connor McGregor [Applause] Ithm Thank you so much John for everything Over the years this is great to be home Great to bring another UFC talent and See all the talent here in the gym and Onward SBS for life and I appreciate This Mr Wolfman thank you so much Yeah In the comments some fans Express Criticism saying that McGregor doesn't Deserve a black belt as he spent more Time partying than training in the last

Few years one fan wrote that black belt Ain't gonna do much good getting blacked Out and doing blow every night get back In the ring champ the fans are losing Faith another said black belt who gave Him a black belt finally he can use the Black belt against the Dagestan crew Black belt and never once submitted an Opponent but has been Tapped Out by two Of the most basic jokes black belt and Drinking and doing coke how much was it Time to celebrate with the line don't Let Islam hear about this blackball Attacking you've been drinking your life Away for the past three years how you Get a black belt laughing him out even As your fan this belt is straight out of A cereal box crying him out at Islam Marketrev you have to check this moment Brother during a recent interview with Michael Bisping on his bym podcast Sean O'Malley discussed his next potential Opponent and explained why he's not Interested in fighting Henry sehudo it's Like sahudo in your mind yesterday's News He's like three weeks ago news he's just I mean that has three weeks to be Generous he's just yeah he's just so He's older now he's shorter he's just It's not there's not much interest in That fight I mean you saw the pole he Was dead last like people want to see me Fight marab more than uh Henry it's just

It's that's embarrassing so for Cheeto To Keep bagging for that fight I mean he Just looks dumb if he does want it you Know you can go go out there maybe go Out there and beat morab Um and that that could be an option but Yeah I've got a I've got a couple of Fights planned out you know you don't Want to plan too far ahead but also you Want to have a little path and some Goals so I got some goals Um and uh and Henry's not really on that Unless he goes and does something makes A name for himself sugar also revealed That he wants to fight chitovera next And after that he wants a boxing match Against Javonte Davis I ideally I go out there and I have to Knock out uh cheetah I can't go in a Decision I can't submit him I can't make It I gotta go out there and knock out Cheeto and then I'm gonna call out Jervante and I I know that fight sounds Silly to a lot of people but I go out there and knock out Cheeto I I double and stardom I am a massive star Logan Paul recently hired a bouncer Famous for choking out Dylan danis in 2021 as his personal security now in a Recent video posted to Twitter by happy Punch the bouncer told the story of how He choked out Dennis hey hey do you know Who that is

Of course my friend from middle school Richard Davis That's the guy who choked out Dylan oh Let's go You gotta be what like 260. so he threw A strike and missed yeah so he he threw A strike at my at my one body another Bouncer and he missed then he started Trying to roll me over so then I just Ripped him back he was tapping oh yeah Oh yeah yeah And here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Twitter and was posted by A username secret juice Army The second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named Robert And the top picked meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named As shopped As It Gets Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk Foreign