Misfits Boxing 12 video: Luis Pineda knocks Ed Matthews out of ring in main event to win

Luis Pineda was quite the mystery opponent in the Misfits Boxing 12 main event.

Pineda sent Ed Matthews through the ring with his second-round knockout to win the Misfits Boxing 12 clash Saturday evening at First Direct Arena in Leeds, England.

Pineda wasn’t revealed to Matthews or the audience until after Swarmz, BDave and Ginty were introduced as possible opponents for Matthews in the main event. After the three possible foes argued in the ring, Pineda’s intro music was played and he made his way to the ring.

During the fight, Pineda and Matthews both scored knockdowns in the first round. Matthews was head hunting again in the second round, but Pineda cornered Matthews with a flurry and knocked him through the ropes to secure the win.

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