Mike Perry unsure Darren Till fight happens, teases interest in Caleb Plant: ‘Bring it on, motherf*ckers’

Mike Perry is running out of options in BKFC.

After dispatching former BKFC champion and UFC veteran Thiago Alves in just 60 seconds at BKFC KnuckleMania 4, the undefeated bare-knuckle brawler called out Darren Till for a fight he’s been chasing for months. Perry claimed prior to his win that Till turned down a $2 million offer to face him, but they continued their war of words on social media just after his latest win.

Perry believes Till’s hesitation comes down to fighting bare-knuckle, but that won’t stop him from pursuing the matchup under different rules if that’s what it takes.

“With Darren, obviously, being that he said no to $2 million, he doesn’t want to do bare-knuckle,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “I’ve already said this guy doesn’t want to do bare-knuckle, but I want to chance to punch him in the face.

“Whether it be something where I got to put the pillows on my hands or even smaller pillows — Platinum Pit Fights, it’s coming. It’s around the corner and we’re looking to make a card and a show and it will be my promotion and we can offer and pay very well and we’ll have some gloves so you don’t have to be so scared. Just my opportunity to punch on this guy and settle differences. That’s what I’m looking for.”

With wins over Alves, Eddie Alvarez, Luke Rockhold and Michael “Venom” Page, Perry has already taken out several marquee names that BKFC was able to secure as opponents for him.

Perry doesn’t have a whole lot of interest in answering a challenge from reigning BKFC middleweight champion David Mundell because he already knocked him out in an MMA fight back in 2016. Mundell also has considerably less name value than Perry’s previous opponents.

That’s why the Till fight was so intriguing. Now, Perry is left without that ideal opponent for his next fight.

“I don’t see anyone left in bare-knuckle,” Perry said candidly. “I mean Thiago, we never saw anyone do what I just did to Thiago Alves. All through his UFC career, he has two bare-knuckle fights, which I was thinking Eddie [Alvarez] had one bare-knuckle fight. He got to piece me up a little bit, yeah? But he quit and he gave up and all these guys are giving up when I hit them with my bare knuckles.

“I was trying to make a fight [with Darren Till] and give these other guys time to come over here, get your feet in the door, get your knuckles wet, beat on someone else. If you do it in great fashion, then we’re talking. I’m the cash cow. I’m the money fight. I’ve been saying this. Bring it on, motherf*ckers.”

If Till isn’t interested, Perry remains open for business, especially if there’s a worthy enough challenge to catch his attention.

One potential option could be a crossover fight with a prominent boxer after Perry briefly dabbled in that sport. He also served as a backup for Logan Paul and Jake Paul at recent events.

Perry has heard there’s interest from at least one former champion and that definitely has his attention.

“Absolutely, there’s some incredible boxers out there,” Perry said. “Some of them are so good at throwing hands, they could come over and get the show. For example, I’ve heard the name Caleb Plant come across the desk and I was very interested in that. I think he’s an incredible fighter and I would love to have the recognition to face a guy like that.

“Just have some people put some respect on my name because I put a lot into this, I train really hard and I can fight.”

Plant, 31, has faced a long list of top fighters during his boxing career including recent bouts with both Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez. It remains to be seen if he’ll actually test the waters in bare-knuckle fighting or not but Perry is more than happy to welcome him to the sport.

Perry isn’t closing the door to other opportunities available to him whether that’s in BKFC, boxing or even a return to MMA because he says—unlike Till—he’s ready for any kind of fight.

“Whether it be gloves, no gloves, any style, mixed martial arts, bare-knuckle boxing, boxing itself, I can fight,” Perry said. “I have the opportunity to be the most successful combat sports athlete as far as transitioning in and out of different organizations, sports and just from coming out of MMA into boxing, bare-knuckle boxing and going boxing or going back to MMA, I believe I can have success. Let’s make it happen. Let’s go. I’m all here for it.”

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