Mike Perry CALLS UFC Exec & DEMANDS a fight on UFC 300! Garbrandt gets A BIG NAME! DC on Diaz-Jorge

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00:00 Francis Ngannou gives update on his MMA return
01:32 Johnny Walker cuts last 20 pounds
02:22 Daniel Cormier critical of Diaz vs. Masvidal 2
03:22 Brandon Moreno gets new opponent for UFC Mexico City
04:17 Cody Garbrandt gets a big name for UFC 300 fight
05:11 Mike Perry demands a fight on UFC 300
07:45 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Francis enanu providing an update on his Return to MMA the former UFC heavyweight Champion was expected to make his pfl Debut sometime in 2024 but that might Not be the case anymore unexpectedly This past week enanu booked a boxing Match against Anthony Joshua for March 8th in Saudi Arabia following the Announcement many believe that Francis Will not return to MMA as he's getting Big money fights in boxing However during a recent interview with RJ Clifford and Angela Hill on MMA today And ganu said that MMA has money too and That he'll make his return to grab some Of it all of MMA misses you fighting in MMA but that is replaced quickly by how Much we appreciate and love what you're Doing for yourself the barriers you're Breaking representing our sport uh so Well in boxing in so many ways with not Just your performances but how you carry Yourself Um your inspiration we really really Apprciate what you're doing but come Back to MMA please go get your money go Have fun in boxing but we the world's Best MMA heavyweight we want to see back In the cave soon yeah I like all what You say except the fact that you say go Get your money MMA has MMA has money too And I still gonna grab some of it

Okay I think I think you you guys been Educated that MMA doesn't have money MMA Has money okay Come back to grab some of it Johnny Walker gives an update on his weight cut Walker is known for cutting an insane Amount of weight after his UFC 283 fight Against Paul Craig the Brazilian Revealed he packed on a ridiculous 43 Lbs in just one week now in a video Posted to his social media Walker showed How he cuts the last 20 pounds ahead of Saturday's UFC Vegas 84 Clash against Magamed Anv What's up guys I'm going to show you how To cut Weight playing for tonight oh my Bad I cut W like This 10 lb Easy Daniel Cormier gets honest on the Diaz R mosol boxing match it was Recently announced by happy punch and Ariel helani on Twitter that Nate Diaz And jorim mpal will in fact be having a Rematch and that this time it will be in The boxing ring speaking on his ESPN Show DC and RC Cormier reacted to the Announcement and explained why it's a Mistake for Diaz to make this a boxing Fight no no I actually agree I tap out Because even in the Mixed Martial Arts Fight RC we kind of had the idea that Mazol would be the better Striker and

Nate was the better ground guy Nate was The better wrestler the better Grappler And mazal dominated that so now you're Telling me you're going to now limit Nate Diaz to fighting George in the only Area that we felt he held the advantage Going into fight one yeah I don't Anticipate it going very well for my boy Nate Diaz so yeah I'm going tap out on That one I'm tapping out Brandon Moreno Gets a new opponent for UFC Mexico City Mareno was originally set to headline UFC Mexico City on February 24th against Amir abazi but on Thursday it was Revealed that abazi has been forced out Of the fight due to an injury now third Ranked flyweight Brandon royval has Agreed to step up to rematch Moreno in The main event of the card Moreno Confirmed the news to ESPN MMA uh but yes you know the opponent is A is a different opponent I don't know H What happened with Amir alasi but he's Out of the of the of the fight so now I Going to fight against h Brandon roal he Fought for the for the belt like December and nothing I'm just ready you Know at the end it's just about the next Opponent I just I just want the Opportunity to fight for the title again And if UFC say I have to fight one one More time before that I will Cody Garin Gets matched up with a big name for UFC 300 according to Brazilian Outlet AG

Fight Garber and Davidson figuro are set To fight a UFC 300 on April 13th at the T-Mobile arena in Los Las Vegas Nevada Back in November of 2020 at UFC 255 gar And figuro were set to fight at the time Figuro was the flyweight champion and Cody Was preparing to move down to 125 Lbs to challenge Davidson for the belt However just over a month out from Before the fight Garand was forced to Withdraw due to anoran bicep since then Both Garin and figuro have shown Interest in rebooking the matchup most Recently after Garbin scored a KO win Over Brian kaher at UFC 296 he called For the bout to take place at UFC 300 And it sounds like his wish has been Granted what do you guys think of this Matchup who do you think wins let us Know your thoughts in the comments below Mike Perry asked the UFC to put him on For UFC 300 UFC 300 is slated to be one Of the biggest events in MMA this year And Mike Perry wants to be a part of it During a recent episode of the overdogs Podcast Perry called up UFC CBO Hunter Campbell and asked to be matched up Against a Diaz for context Diaz recently Revealed that he was meant to headline UFC 200 back in July of 2016 opposite Conor McGregor however that fight failed To materialize and Amanda Nunes versus Misha Tate ultimately headlined the Event Diaz is not targeting a main event

Fight for the UFC 300 card in April Check out this clip of how Perry's Conversation with the UFC's main Matchmaker went you can watch the full Conversation on kpai media's YouTube Channel we've attached the link in Today's video description I like can do It why don't they want to listen to the Fans why they want to hate on me so much Like everybody's like what The I'm right here bro you guys don't Want you don't with me that much like Why why do you hate me so bad all I did Was fight my ass off for you and you Guys just fing hate on meing call me Back don't make me call I got MC mayor's Number I'm going to call his ass and be Like put me in n On 300 let's go call him right now and tell Him you want an eight on 300 what's up You Lunatic mick how you doing bro I'm good Man how are you I'm very good sir Merry Christmas Happy New Year to you Merry Christmas Mike I know You' had you've Had a good run my man I've been watching You oh it ain't it ain't over yet it Ain't done we got more work to do Speaking of which while I'm calling you Man you Nate Diaz says there's no one to Fight on UFC 300 I'm saying me and Nate Y'all can bring me back for the little Purse but then throw in the ppv points

And then we can have a great show for UFC 300 I got a better idea oh why don't You call why don't why don't your guys Talk to Nate and get him to go over and Fight you there oh he uh I don't think He wants to do the bare knuckle thing Yeah uh he wants he wants a better shot With the Jitsu and and like the full Game of he's not dumb man I'll keep I'll Keep in touch man and like I said I'll I'll keep watching and if anything ever Comes up you know I'll call you all Right brother thank you sounds good talk Later Bye time for today's top memes third Place was found over Reddit and it was Posted by a user named Wookie Cookies second place meme was found over Reddit and it was posted by Bui did 911 and the top picked mem was found Over Instagram and it was posted by as Shopped as it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk