Max Holloway reveals gnarly bruised leg from UFC 300 win: ‘That guy kicks like a Mack truck’

Max Holloway won the “BMF” title, but he didn’t walk away unscathed.

At UFC 300, Holloway became only the third man to hold the UFC’s symbolic “BMF” belt when he brutally knocked out Justin Gaethje in the last second of their featured title fight. This finish is already considered to be one of the most iconic moments in UFC history and further cemented Holloway as a living legend, but it didn’t come without a price.

During a recent gaming stream on Kick, Holloway answered questions from fans, including one asking him how his leg was doing after taking over 30 leg kicks from one of the hardest leg kickers in MMA. And Holloway’s answer revealed the true extent of the damage he took against Gaethje, showing a badly bruised leg that he said was actually an improving.

“He whooped my ass, dog. My calf, it’s way better. Way better. My leg is way better, it’s bruised though,” Holloway said before rolling up the wrapping over his leg to reveal the bruising.

“Isn’t that crazy? That guy kicks like a Mack truck, bro. That guy kicks like a Mack truck. The guy kicks hard as s***. No lie.”

Fortunately for Holloway, he was able to tough out the vicious leg kicks and repeatedly hurt Gaethje during the fight, before calling him to stand and brawl for the final 10 seconds, leading to the now iconic knockout.

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