Mackenzie Dern’s Husband TRIED to set up Bobby Green! Jake Paul LEAKS DM’s w/ Strickland! Poirier

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00:00 Alex Pereira & Glover Teixeira having fun
00:41 Dustin Poirier reveals UFC 299 fight could be his last
01:40 Daniel Cormier repsonds to Nate Diaz’s ‘b**h’ comment
03:14 Cejudo wants Dana White to cancel Holloway vs. Gaethje fight
04:24 Bobby Green reveals Mackenzie Dern’s husband tried to ‘set him up’
06:15 Jake Paul leaks DM’s with Sean Strickland
08:21 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with a Clip of Alex Pala and Glo T Shara having Fun check out this new video Alex posted With his best Friend Dustin poier reveals retirement plans Ahead of UFC 299 come UFC 299 porier Will go head-to-head with benois st Deni Which will be a pivotal moment in bsd's Journey as he readies himself to Challenge one of the legendary Lightweight greates this is also looking Like it could be P's last fight in an Interview with TMZ sports Dustin said Every fight could be it every fight Where I'm at 35 years old this is my 30th fight in the UFC every fight could Be it poier also explained why he's Agreed to take on such a risky fight Saying to test myself really to see if I Still got it this guy is Young hungry on A streak has finished his last five Opponents that makes me nervous so I Want to toss myself in the fire that's Where I feel I do my best work and those Are the kinds of Fighters I want to Fight guys who are leaving it all out There showing grit they fight for Finishes that's the kind of fight I want To be involved In Daniel Cormier fires back at Nate Diaz earlier this week Cormier went on His YouTube channel and responded to an

Idea floated by Nate suggesting that he Would come back to headline UFC 306 at The sphere in Las Vegas Cormier wasn't Keen on the idea saying that while Diaz Could be on the card he believes that Other Fighters are more deserving of the Main event unsurprisingly Diaz didn't Take too kindly to DC's response posting A rebuttal calling DC not a fighter now DC fired back saying that he can't take Diaz serious as Nate lost 13 fights in His career and he was never a UFC Champion but If I'm not a fighter what that make Him what does that make Him if I did what I Did and if he did what he Did would that make him I don't see how That that that that is disrespectful but The reality is the one thing we will not Do is compare myself to Nate Diaz Because it's different levels much Different I'm a champion two weight Classes I lost three times in my career Four if you count the fight that was Called in no contest four times two guys We are on much different wavelengths we Are on much different planets we're not In the same Stratosphere in terms of Fighters we're not and it's time for me To stop allowing people to attack or Come at me in these ways when I'm doing My job Henry cejudo wants Dana White to Cancel the max Holloway vers Justin

Gatei fight Max Holloway is being urged To reconsider his participation in his Symbolic BMF title fight against Justin Gatei at UFC 300 by former Champion Henry cejudo who believes that gatei Will cause irreversible damage to Holloway if the two do fight in an Interview with MMA junkie seudo said get Max Holloway out of the fight against Justin gaii give him that fight in Spain You fighter like Justin gatei Justin Gatei is a dude that will hurt you and You will not be the same he's done it to Tony Ferguson he's done it to a lot of People like it slights out when you Fight a guy like Justin gatei I think Sometimes you probably got to save these Fighters from themselves if I'm in that Position if I'm Dana White the UFC is Like hey go through Max Holloway go Through what is it msar yeah and I think Heat torya defends it a couple more Times I think you know he's going to Have his hands full if he decides to go Up where do we keep the sport to where It's still competitive to where it's Still pure rather than you know Competitive but with an entertainment Side Bobby green reveals an interesting Story regarding Mackenzie der green Recently went viral for shees comment Directed to McKenzie during UFC 298 Weigh-in show McKenzie D hasn't had ice Cream in a while she looks

Fantastic Wow what you you kind of got me on guard There but the story doesn't end there in A recent Instagram post green revealed That D's husband Antonio troli who is Also signed to the UFC tried to set up And jump green after the viral shees Comment I did a little sheit but uh McKenzie as since that little [ __ ] went Viral she hit me up and so she hit me Back with a little like thank you you Know I was like oh yeah wo woo and so I'm like oh yeah what's up with you you Know I'm trying to talk you know and she Like uh I got a husband I'm like oh okay My bad I didn't know but then all of a Sudden from another number she Supposedly hit me up and she's like oh Hit me from this number I'm like what Okay what's up let me see what's up so She like you want to meet I'm like all Right sh if you want to meet up [ __ ] I'm Down to me what's up you whenever you Want to meet up but she was real Persistent like like today she kept him Insisting today we got to meet up I'm Like nah I'm going to go shake out to I'm going to fly out to Mexico I can't Meet you right now you know and I come Back all the [ __ ] I end up hitting Her back whatever and I'm like what's up And she's like uh and then she the test Goes this is her husband and I was Talking to you and I felt like there was

Something funny so I tell this like man I just thought maybe you wanted to fight I felt like was trying to set me Up I would have brought my burner first Of all like I already felt it was funny It would have been a bad night bro Jake Paul leaks DMS with Shan Strickland Strickland and Paul recently went back And forth onx discussing a potential Sparring session Jake offered a million Dollars to Strickland if he were to beat Him the former UFC champ turned it down Saying that the UF u c won't allow him To take the offer now Jake has leaked DMS with Strickland where Jake wrote can He come this next week any day works We'll send you a plane Strickland Replied I mute my Twitter just seen this What about a real fight I don't know if I can get the UFC on board but with Their involvement I think we can make it Happen Connor did it with Mayweather Jake replied they'll never let you fight Me but you can try and ask them I'm here And ready to spar or fight let me know Strickland concluded I'm going to talk To Hunter about a fight fight man that Is a big paycheck let me see what I can Do now taking to his podcast J called BS And Sean saying that the UFC won't allow Him to spar Strickland this past week What was going on with Sean Strickland Shaie Strickland man the guys uh the guy Seems to be uh having a some sort of

Quarterlife Crisis there just spazzing Out on everyone trying to beat up some Influencers and such but it's a it's a Typical story of these uh us FC guys who Call me out and then go quiet you know I Said I'll I'll send you the PJ I've got DMS I'll put the DMS up on the screen I Said I'll send you the PJ let me know Where we could Spar for a million Dollars and then all of the sudden it's Oh I would get sued by the UFC if I sparred Jake but you just Sparred sneo you could Spar anyone Contractually in your UFC contract that Has nothing to do it says nothing about Sparring so I I feel bad for the I see a I see A very insecure Lost wannabe like alpha male that's That's uh hiding right hiding behind the Tough man complex he needs a Hug time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by no clue havo w Second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by a user named Win and Dylan the top pick meme was found over On X and was posted by Wy simu MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk