Logan Paul reveals he filed lawsuit against Ryan Garcia over Prime Hydration

Logan Paul plans to hold those accountable who he claims have been spreading misinformation about his Prime Hydration drinks, and the court battle begins with boxer Ryan Garcia.

On Thursday, Paul revealed that his company has filed a defamation and libel lawsuit against Garcia in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas for statements he made about Prime in recent months. Paul accompanied the front page of the lawsuit with a statement where he fired back against the barrage of attacks that Prime has endured.

“I’ve had to spend the last couple months dismantling ridiculous claims about Prime, and it’s become obvious — Prime is under attack. Why?” Paul wrote. “We’re a threat. Prime is the most disruptive beverage in history and our competitors feel the pressure. It’s likely that we’ve been targeted as the victim of a smear campaign.

“Clout chasers know they can use PRIME’s goodwill for attention & views. People don’t like me or KSI. That’s fine. But if you don’t like Prime, don’t drink it. No need to lie about the facts in an attempt to stay relevant.”

Paul launched Prime alongside KSI, his former boxing rival turned friend, and the brand quickly exploded, with sales surpassing $1.3 billion at the end of 2023. Just recently, Prime surpassed Gatorade as the most sold hydration drink in Walmart stores.

With that fame and fortune has also come criticism, especially after a lawsuit was filed against Prime in 2023 that alleged the drink contained per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS), which are known as “forever chemicals” that don’t break down in the body and can cause health issues if enough accumulates over time. Paul took aim at a TikTok influencer who highlighted the lawsuit on social media and he threatened legal action.

While that influencer may eventually face his own day in court, Paul’s legal team has already gone after Garcia. After laying out reasons why Prime hydration has been so successful, he took direct aim at Garcia with the lawsuit filed against him.

“Today we begin to hold those accountable who’ve damaged our brand for attention while we correct the narrative,” Paul wrote. “We’re here to stay and will continue to change the world of hydration with bold flavors and creative innovation.

“P.S. Ryan Garcia thinks the Earth is flat. P.S.S. Ryan Garcia tested positive for [performance enhancing drugs].”

The latter statement from Paul referenced Garcia’s recent drug-testing woes after he tested positive for Ostarine, a banned anabolic agent, following his win over Devin Haney.

In the lawsuit, Garcia is identified as a professional boxer with “a history of stirring up controversy to promote his fights and personal brand, including by attacking other high-profile individuals and brands.” The lawsuit also claims that Garcia was previously on good terms with Prime but “he decided to embark on a campaign of spreading lies about Prime, its hydration drink and one of Prime’s owners, Logan Paul”

Over the past few months, Garcia has gone on a very public campaign against Prime, calling it “nasty” and went as far as claiming “I drank Prime and I tested positive for Ostarine” in a deleted tweet after his positive drug test.

The terms of the lawsuit were not disclosed but Prime likely seeks damages as a result of the defamation claims against Garcia.

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