Kid Cudi fires back at Jake Paul after not walking out with him for Tyron Woodley fight in Cleveland

Jake Paul wanted to make an even bigger splash for his boxing match against ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley in his hometown of Cleveland after asking Grammy award-winning rapper Kid Cudi to perform ahead of his walkout.

Unfortunately the collaboration never happened after Paul says that his fellow Cleveland native asked for too much money to make an appearance, which nixed those plans in a hurry. Paul addressed the situation during a recent podcast with LeBron James’ business partner Rich Paul, who also hails from the northern Ohio city.

“I tried to get him to perform at the Tyron Woodley fight just before I came out and he asked an astronomical fee that was like ‘f*** you,.’” Paul said. “And I get it. But this was some s*** to tap in back with the city, first event back from COVID.

“[I wouldn’t charge a fee] not if someone’s from Cleveland. I’d be doing s*** for free for people from Cleveland.”

Paul’s comments came after he asked why Cleveland doesn’t embrace Kid Cudi the same way as many other prominent artists from the city. The influencer turned boxer questioned whether the rapper actually represented Cleveland since becoming a multi-platinum recording artist.

“I just have to say for Cleveland, I think he switched up and just said f*** this,” Paul said. “He just acts like he’s not from there. No one even really knows that and doesn’t tap in with the people.”

It didn’t take long for Kid Cudi to respond while explaining why he didn’t make an appearance alongside Paul for his boxing match in Cleveland.

“As far as Jake Paul, listen chief, I’m an artist. A real one,” Kid Cudi wrote on Twitter. “I make art for a living. I’m not some guy that comes out to perform at boxing matches. I entertained it though cause it was you, and though it went against what I stand for I submitted a fee. My fee is my fee. Especially for some s*** that’s not my style.

“If I’m gonna do it, it’s gonna be worth it for my pockets and time. This is business baby. I’m not these other rapping ass n****** that will show up for a lil check.”

According to Kid Cudi, he didn’t know Paul outside of both living in the public spotlight so he suggested that the 26-year-old boxer shouldn’t speak like they’re friends.

“You came to me,” Kid Cudi wrote. “You shoulda knew what time it was young man. You don’t know me either to say I’m anything broski. So there’s that.”

Based on that back and forth, it’s doubtful Kid Cudi will be making an appearance at Paul’s upcoming fight against Andre August on Dec. 15 in Orlando.

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