Khamzat Chimaev ‘SERIOUSLY sick’ + Fans CONCERNED over new photos! Bisping on Strickland’s interview

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00:00 Opening odds released for McGregor vs. Chandler
00:46 Anthony Smith opens up on his mental health issues
02:11 Ian Garry fires back at Sean Strickland
03:10 Bisping reacts to Strickland’s interview on Theo Von podcast
05:11 Khamzat Chimaev reveals he’s been battling sickness
06:44 MMA community concerned for Khamzat Chimaev
07:39 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started the opening odds for Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler have Been released on Monday McGregor Announced that his fight with Michael Chandler will take place at 185 lbs During International fight week in June The odds have now been released and Oddsmakers are favoring McGregor to Return to the win column according to DraftKings the Irishman is a minus 120 Favorite which means that a bet of $120 On Connor would return a $100 profit Meanwhile Chandler is a plus 100 Underdog which means that a bet of $100 On the former Bellator Champion returns You a 100 bucks if he wins Chandler Reacted to the opening odds posting a Laughing emoji who do you guys think Wins this let's talk in the comments Below Anthony Smith has broken his Silence on his most recent KO defeat Back in December Smith suffered a nasty Knockout lost to khil Roundtree Jr in The co-main event of UFC Vegas 83 now Almost a month later the 10th ranked UFC Light heavyweight opened up on the loss And said that he's still struggling Mentally Anthony also apologized to Everyone who he hasn't responded to as He feels he needs to take some time off From social media Anthony yeah didn't go Your way brother uh there's a lot of People you drugged me out of you drugged

Me out of my hole I've been hiding under A bridge like a Troll have you really yeah I haven't Talk to Anybody no podcast no interviews you Just like just stayed at home Mike I'm Not even answering text messages I Haven't even I haven't even spoken to my Man oh I know you didn't answer mine yet Prank I it's it is nothing if for Anybody that's listening if you've text Me or reached out and I haven't Responded it's not it's not you it's me I'm just in a in a weird place you know Just and and sometimes you just have to Unplug you know and and I just I really Threw myself into just being with my Family and and you know sometimes you Have to sit back And I don't know got to re-evaluate and Just kind of see where you are what do You want where do you want to go what do You want to do you know because there Was yeah I was I don't know it was a Pretty dark place there for a while Ian Gary takes shots at Sean Strickland last Month Strickland went after Gary for Turning off his Instagram comments amid Fan backlash of his marriage and Shawn Also called him out for trash talking Fellow Fighters while not dealing well With criticism himself earlier this week Strickland appeared on a podcast Alongside Theo Von where he took issue

With draus dupi bringing up his abuse Stating that it was off limits now Gary Fired back at the UFC middleweight champ Writing at Sean Strickland how the Tables have turned you dish it out in The lowest most vile manner but you Can't take a pinch you attacked my wife Incessantly and obsessively calling her A it's cleared to se your childhood Drama showing you claimed you were Giving me advice before well now it's my Turn to return the favor you should shut Your mouth and focus on the mirror Because you have enough serious issues You need to solve I wish you all the Best with them don't ever project your Pain on to me and family again happy New Year Mike Bisping reacts to Shan Strickland's interview on the theovon Podcast on Wednesday an episode of Theo Von's podcast was released with Shan Strickland breaking down into tears While talking about abuse and Trauma From his childhood now while speaking on His bym podcast Bisping reacted to the Heartbreaking clip and explained his own Example of why some Fighters act like Tough confident guys to recompensate for Their Insecurities you know Fighters like that Given you know most Fighters most Fighters you know I'm not saying they're All as bad as the situation that Shan Strickland went through but look at Mike

Tyson you know those tough backgrounds And those hardships and the adversity You know I grew up around a fair bit of Violence and all the rest of it a lot And and that's it creates this person You know and and as a defense mechanism You be become a different type of person And you Shield everything off and you Become the tough guy and you put on this Armor that nothing affects you and I Think a lot of Fighters deep down are Very insecure you know I'm an insecure Person but I Shield that with being Overly confident like nothing bothers me Everything bothers me my wife knows that Do you know what I mean yeah I'm very Insecure you know and and and maybe some People can see that but a lot of the Brashness comes to Shield that because The [ __ ] that happened probably when you Were a child or what you've been through Now my life's great so I'm not talking About me but I think a lot of Fighters That's why that that becomes who they Are it becomes their identity then they Are rewarded because they start to get a Claim they start to get popularity as You said with sha has become champion of The world so you you then it it gets Bigger and bigger and bigger you put on Another C of paint another suit of armor And then you accentuate that even Further before you know this [ __ ] mad Man running around getting into fights

With J dupi because that's a million Dollar in the bank but deep down inside Here okay you want to cry like a little Boy hamah shimaya reveals he's been Battling sickness it appears that Hamza Is seriously sick once again despite his Desire to stay active and his Determination to smash everybody he Hasn't been as consistently active as he Once was this Chang is largely due to The cancellation from two fights back When he was supposed to fight the Current UFC Welterweight champion in Leon Edwards but due to the lingering Effects of the bout was cancelled his Reaction to co was so rough that the 29-year-old even briefly announced his Retirement later revealing that the Decision was prompted by emotional Distress with that said it looks like Hamza's immune system still hasn't Recovered as he recently took tax on Bailing graphic images of his health Struggles while he did not provide Detailed explanations he mentioned that He has been been recovering from a hand Injury and apparent skin infections he Posted these photos captioned I was very Sick my hand was injured so I couldn't Return right away I want to tell all the Fountains I want to see myself in battle More than all of you I love this job I Will do and prove that I am the best as Always we do and I will be back soon to

Inshaal training thankfully it looks Like hamai is getting better as he later Posted this Clip [Music] Feel Good coming back Soon on my [Music] Belts after posting this fans were quick To flood the comments Ben John 212 wrote Welterweights and middleweights lucky This guy has poor immunity Sports Center MMA why is bro always sick Augustine What the he got some really bad luck man That's crazy I think he needs rest man Overtraining or something Raj said Henry Cejudo rightly pointed out that Casey is An overtrained athlete he needs to take Some good time away from the sport and Plan out well for his future he is Literally killing his body DD tattoo Said all the MMA [ __ ] aside I hope he's All right he looks bloated splotchy and In a bad place right now prayer's up Hope he recovers reys this is why you All got to stop clowning Fighters for Being in active for pulling out don't Know what injuries issues they dealing With Ben Riley damn that's rough hope he Heals up soon need the wolf back in Action time for today's top three memes Third place was found over Facebook and Was posted by

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