Khamzat Chimaev KNOCKED DOWN during sparring + FOOTAGE! UFC fighter to donate brain for CTE research

MMA news today:

FORMER UFC FIGHTER pledges to donate brain for CTE research

KHAMZAT CHIMAEV knocked down during sparring

MMA COMMUNITY react to Khamzat sparring footage

MICHAEL BISPING reacts to Jamahal Hill promising he’ll KO Alex Pereira

DANA WHITE receives $500k gift from SteveWillDoIt

00:00 Retired UFC Fighter pledges to donate brain for CTE research
02:19 Bisping reacts to Jamahal Hill promising he’ll KO Alex Pereira
04:10 Khamzat Chimaev knocked down during sparring
05:01 MMA community react to Khamzat sparring footage
05:57 Dana White receives $500k gift from SteveWillDoIt
07:20 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's news former UFC Fighter pledges to donate brain to Science for CTE research retired UFC Fighter Julie Ki has confirmed that she Plans to donate her brain to science After experiencing CT symptoms Kenzie Made her debut back in early 2004 going To fight the likes of Shaina Bassler Gina corano Mesa Tate Germaine durandy And more after retiring from the sport She opted to become a Matchmaker for Invict FC in recent times she's been Working alongside the concussion Legacy Foundation and Dr Chris novinsky who has Done extensive research on the topic of CTE the 42-year-old Julie has suffered With depression anxiety hyperactivity Impulsiveness and lack of sleep since Retiring from mixed martial arts in 2013 In a recent interview with BBC sport Ki Spoke about her AFF forementioned Decision she said it seems a very normal Thing to do I've been hit in the head a Lot so we might as well see what what it Is in there and get some good out of it For data if there is a way that I can Still keep pushing in this field of Mixed martial arts and advancing the Cause of women then yeah I want to give Back to the women in the sport because There are all these studies on male Athletes brains and there might be Something completely different from a

Female athletes perspective the Knowledge base has grown Considerably as critical as I can be of The UFC because they are the best game In town and you want any glaring Mistakes to be fixed the performance Institute is paying more attention to Studies and I think that's great the Article also reads that athletes across A wide variety of contact sports are More aware of the risks involved leading To an increase in brain donations to the Concussion Legacy Foundation just 45 Cases of CTE were confirmed worldwide When the clf began investigating in 2007 And now more than 10,000 people Including Ki have taken part in studies Dr Chris novinsky who has a PHD in Neuroscience and is a former ww wrestler Co-founded the clf after suffering Chronic symptoms during his own sporting Career he said most professional MMA Fighters that we've studied have had CTE And will continue to have CTE we don't Have 70-year-old former UFC fighters yet So we haven't fully seen what we've Created here Michael bisbing has broken Down the Jamal Hill versus Alex P Matchup former UFC champion Jamal Hill Recently received backlash from the MMA Community after claim that neither per Or prosa are on his level Hill also said That he's very confident he would knock The two division Glory champ out

Speaking on his bym podcast Michael Bisping reacted to these comments and Explained why he agrees to some point With Jamal Bisping believes that the Better fighter on paper does not always Win and thinks that Jamal is capable of Beating Pera and stand up I agree with What you're saying I really do because I Think when you look at the two on paper Of course Alex Pereira is a more Technical kid boxer he just is he's one Of the greatest that we've ever seen in The sport right in in the sport of Kickboxing and then coming over to MMA I do find Alex's style to be uh it's Not overly flashy it's a lot of Fundamentals it's Jabs it's carve kicks Head kicks one two left hook right hand Jamal Hill isn't as slick he's not as Refined but he certainly is as effective When I fought Dan Henderson at UFC 100 I Was kickboxing since about 12 years old Do you know what I mean I was a good Kickboxer I was a very skilled kickboxer I was a way better kickboxer than Dan Henderson that's just a fact but I got Knocked the out cold Francis Inu just Went up and pushed Tyson Fury to the Limit right Tyson Fury is a way better Boxer than Francis engaru just because Someone has a better technical ability If that person is willing to meet your Head on if that person can deliver with Just as much if not more power if he's

Got the balls to walk you down to get in Your face and they come better mentally Prepared and in shape and ready to push The pace nothing is Guaranteed there's been some new Hamza Shimay sparing footage released Hamza Might not be booked for an upcoming Fight right now but he's still training Hard most recently Boris was captured on Video during a sparking session where he Got knocked down by his training partner Here's the Clip [Music] [Music] Yeah One fan wrote Paulo Costa would have Done terrible things to Hamza another Agreed 100% I was so hard on betting big On Costa 3 to1 was a joke buying money More fans chimed in there are people That really don't understand how Hamza Would have been a nightmare matchup for Costa I think you mean the other way Around Hamza doesn't bring anything to The table that Costa hasn't seen can any Costa supporter give me a big win of his Any names on his record that aren't Either literally 40 years old or Extremely average can you give me a big Win by Shima bro calls for everybody Saying he'll kill them then goes to Decision with two welterweights he Wouldn't in the pocket with Paulo though

If he took down Usman that fast he Definitely can take down Paulo as Quickly and Paulo probably wouldn't Survive two to three minutes on the Ground with Hamza sparring video really Means a lot compared to an actual fight To be fair getting clipped is part of Training Dana White has received a Generous gesture from Steve will do it The UFC president received $500,000 in Casino chips from his friends and media Personalities Taylor Luen of barcol Sports and Steven denardis also known as Steve will do it of the nek boys Delighted by this unexpected gift Dana Took to Instagram to share the exciting And kind gesture with his Fans so I'm here at Red Rock right now It's [ __ ] 2:30 in the morning or Whatever Formula 1 just ended ended I'm Here with Teran from BS with the Boys on Bartool And Steve will do it from the Nel boys These two just uh just won a half a Million dollars these are $25,000 chips Half a million dollars and gave it to me They are lunatics uh I I came they Started with $10,000 these two started With $10,000 and went on a mission to Win me a half a million dollars and they Did it [ __ ] know unbelievable this is Like any of you that that really Actually Gambled the odds of winning a half a

Million dollar off of $10,000 is got to Be a [ __ ] million to one I mean the Odds are it's [ __ ] impossible Literally Impossible we did it they did it did It here are the top three memes found on The internet today third place was found Over honky Dong Second place was posted by a user named Raw Power and the number one meme was posted By a user named Educational thanks for watching if you Like the content smash that like button And don't forget to subscribe to stay in The Talk