Jon Jones REVEALS he’s having ‘NIGHTMARES’ about Stipe Miocic fight! Smith FIRES BACK at Pereira!

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DANA WHITE slams Merab Dvalishvili for refusing to fight for the title – Merab responds

JON JONES reveals he’s having ‘nightmares’ about Stipe Miocic fight

ANTHONY SMITH fires back at Alex Pereira and calls him out to a fight

DANIEL CORMIER talks what’s next for Max Holloway

FABRICIO WERDUM puts Jorge Masvidal in an armbar

00:00 – Dana White slams Merab Dvalishvili for refusing to fight for the title
02:03 – Fabricio Werdum puts Jorge Masvidal in an armbar
03:01 – Anthony Smith fires back at Alex Pereira
04:55 – Jon Jones reveals he’s having ‘nightmares’ about Stipe Miocic fight
06:34 – Daniel Cormier talks what’s next for Max Holloway
08:01 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's video Dana White Slams morab vaj villy for refusing to Fight for the title Fabricio verdum puts Jorge mol in an armar Anthony Smith Fires back at Alex peda Jon Jones Reveals he's having nightmares ahead of The Stipe miic fight and Daniel Cormier Talks what's next for Max Holloway Dana White is not happy with Morab bash villy refusing to fight sha o Ali during Thursday's dwcs press Conference white said that if morab Doesn't want to fight for the title then The UFC is not the place for him and you Touched on a little bit about maybe Who's next foral I'm just wondering what What is the likelihood that it would be Morab I know that there's some Controversy of what him not wanting to To fight he wants aljo to have the Rematch what's what's your idea for That everybody in this room and Everybody who watches this video knows How I feel about this [ __ ] Yeah Um yeah I hate it hate it and uh if That's why did you even get into this Sport if that's your mentality in the Way that you think I don't even want the Title I don't even want the championship We're friends we're this we're That this is Not you could be friends with everybody

In this business there's a lot of nice People in this business a lot of good People this is not about friendship this Is about finding out who the best in the World is and if you don't want to find Out who the best in the world is this is Not the place for you you should be Somewhere else there's plenty of places To fight where they don't give a [ __ ] What you do doesn't work here Mor Rob Reacted to Dana's comments by reposting El Jamaine Sterling's IG story elel Wrote If I don't get the rematch because Of politics then give Mor Rob the total Shot here earned either way it's a win For us family former UFC heavyweight Champion Fabricio verum demonstrated one Of his moves to J mol during an open Workout session verum is set to face Fellow former UFC champion Junior do Santos in a gamebred boxing event set For September 8th Like Anthony Smith has addressed Al P's Recent tiate aimed at him in a recent YouTube video the Brazilian lashed out At Smith calling him bitter and washed Up for allegedly badmouthing him Smith Has now responded to P's remarks on his MMA Today's Show clarifying that he Wasn't trash talking Alex and that poon Had taken his words out of context Furthermore Smith expressed his

Willingness to fight if that's what Alex Desires what in the is this cuz like Trying to figure out which direction I'm Supposed to go here like did he take Something out of context like is he Reading headlines all my whole point was Is that he moved up to 205 so he's not g to he's not going to Enjoy the same size advantage that he Did at 185 that's it I don't think that Is that crazy am I wrong because the Whole question was you're a guy that Moved up from 185 to 205 what are some Of the things that you experienced that Alex may be experiencing or what did you See the differences so the difference is He's not the largest guy in the Division that he was he went from being The largest middleweight on planet Earth To a normal size 205 and then I went on To say what makes him special is how I Use the word special that he's a special Talent when it comes to being a striker And that the division is is more Interesting with him in it I said a Bunch of nice [ __ ] about you you're Going to talk [ __ ] I don't think so That's not how this works that's not how This work and then we're just going to Shake hands when we see each other cuz You're doing this media thing cuz you're Looking for a rival if you want a rival You got one right here I didn't do I Didn't do [ __ ] to you I've been nothing

But complimentary of him because and and His whole team I love I like his coaches I love Glover to death and a lot a lot Of his training Partners like I I don't Know what I did to that guy J Jones says He's experiencing nightmares ahead of His upcoming UFC 295 bout against Stipe Miic at 41 years old and coming off an Almost threeyear layoff oddsmakers Aren't giving miic much of a chance but Jones disagrees saying that he's still Fixated on the fight and the dangers Miic poses as UFC 295 draws closer Speaking on the overdogs podcast Jones Said I feel like when you get to a place When you don't feel anything is probably When it's time to hang it up and try Something different at this point I Still will get really nervous man I have Nightmares about my opponents about Every hour Stipe miic will cross my mind He will cross my mind I could be having A drink you name it he crosses my mind I Could be at my kids volleyball game and I'm thinking about steepe there's a lot Of mental that goes into it that I don't Think people realize but the goal is Just to conquer that Jones continued Stipe has balls he has courage he's not The youngest fighter but that is a man That is a man I'm not the youngest Either in sports years I'm over the hill That's for sure especially in Combat Sports everyone else thinks that his

Back's against the wall and this is a David and Goliath situation for him I Disagree I think CPE is a very capable Athlete and I think I owe it to Stipe to Give him that chance to fight the best Fighter ever and I think Stipe owes it To me to give me a chance to fight the Greatest heavyweight ever I think we owe It to each other I feel like we both Would feel like we have un finished Business if we walked away not competing Against each Other speaking on the most recent Episode of the DC and RC show Daniel Cormier discussed what's next for Max Holloway after his big knockout win over The Korean zombie this past weekend DC Believes that the only hope for Max Hinges on a shift in the featherweight Champion which means that if ilot torya Triumphs over Alex volkanovski then Holloway will be primed as the leading Contender for a Tuttle shot what I'm Thinking is this with Max Holloway Saying I just want to be Undeniable it's hard to deny a guy Another opportunity whenever he fights In the way that he fights Granted that Alexander vinoski has some Work to do he's going to fight ilot Toria and we will see what happens there But I think for Max Holloway if you Continue to put him in there with people It seems as though he's going to

Continue to beat them which then in Turns makes less Challengers for the Champion Alexander volosi so you find Him in a really odd situation he beat Him so I don't know if continuing to March him out there with more Featherweights is the right thing to do Change at the top for Max Holloway I Think the biggest thing for him is going To be changed he needs hope that Toria Can get the job done against vasi Because just like Valentina chevchenko Losing the belt it refreshes the Division that's exactly what Max Halloween Needs here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Instagram and was posted By a username Bieber Smash TV our second place pick was found over Facebook and was posted by a usern named As shopped as it Gets and her top picked meme of the day Was found over Instagram and was posted By username combat sport Investing Thank you guys for watching if you like The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News