Johnny Walker’s FIRST REACTION after KO loss! Fighter gives A BIZARRE explanation for 4-min walkout

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00:00 Cory Sandhagen opens up about his dark side
01:23 Dricus Du Plessis reacts to Khamzat Chimaev’s potential title shot
02:23 Paul Felder responds to Jim Miller’s callout
03:58 UFC fighter gives a bizarre explanation for 4-minute long walkout
05:12 Magomed Ankalaev calls out Alex Pereira
06:16 MMA community react to Ankalaev’s KO of Jonny Walker
07:07 Johnny Walker’s first reaction after KO loss
07:33 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Cory sanhan opening up about his Dark Side sanhan recently made an appearance On the Jackson podcast where he Discussed a variety of topics including His restrictive approach to fighting There the fourth ranked UFC bandwe Opened up about his dual Persona and Explained what makes him different from Most other people you can check out the Full interview on the Jackson podcast YouTube channel we've attached the link In today's video description want to be The scariest human like combat weapon That anyone's ever seen where is this Mindset coming from it happens in baby Steps it's like okay as long as I spent The day getting better I don't care About how the day went like I really Don't like that's I think we're again we I'm different than other people I don't Care about enjoying things I don't care About having Hobbies I don't give a if I Hang out with people all day or if I Don't or you I don't care about hits of Dopamine I care about if I woke up in The morning and I got better at the [ __ ] That I'm working on and I'm chipping Away at being that scary combat guy that No one wants to fight and is terrified To fight and at the end of my career no One can look at me and be like holy [ __ ] That guy's the best fighter that we've

Ever seen in the world as long as I'm Working my way towards that I don't care How my days went and the good thing About it is me bear and everybody Watching know you really mean that [ __ ] D is dupi responds to Hamza shim's Claims dupi will be looking to become The UFC middleweight champion when he Faces off against Shan stricklin a UFC 297 on January 20th if he manages to do So he might have an opponent for his First title defense Hamza Shima have Recently stated that he will be fighting The winner of the UFC 297 Main Event now In an interview with MMA junkie D plus He reacted to these claims from Boris Saying as far as I know ham out to Welterweight what middleweight did he Fight he fought at middleweight but he Fought at welterweight Inman Gerald Mirar when was that was he even ranked No he wasn't ranked so that makes Absolutely no sense the UFC promised him A title fight where in the world does That happen and he says he's fighting Sean Strickland no you're not if there's A champion if you get a title shot I'm The Champion you're not going to get a Title shot and is risna that makes sense Do you guys agree with draus that hamak Getting a shot at the middleweight title After UFC 297 makes no sense let us know In the comments below Paul Felder Responds to Jim Miller's call out Miller

Continues to pick up victories inside The octagon and on Saturday he earned His 26th UFC win with the third round Submission against Gabriel bonitz with The win Miller has won two straight and Five of six as he continues on the road To competing at UFC 300 in April Following the victory The 40-Year-Old Had a few names in mind such as Paul Felder who served as a caller Commentator for the event Matt Brown and Even Brock Lesnar Paul Felder at the Post fight press conference responded to Miller's call out and explained what Needs to happen for him to fight Miller At UFC 300 anybody that knows me or talked to Me you being one of those people knew That Jim was the name that was like if I'm going to do it I wanted to be Against a guy like Jim somebody that's Around my age that's been in the game For a long time I'm not trying to come Back and make a run for the belt or Anything like that but no shave cat no Yeah yeah who whoever that person was That wanted to have me murdered uh you Know they're clearly out from my head That suggested that fight um I got to Get back in the gym and see how things Feel okay so it's not a definite yes Right now you want to see how your body Feels and stuff but well it's also up to The UFC too right like I have not I've

Gotten I obviously haven't pressed the Issue Shawn knew that he did he he Wanted to test me out and see if I was Just being flaky and I've done it in the Past I'm like I'm coming back I'm going To make a run for it I'm going to do all This and then I just don't so I got to See if they are they even interested in That fight happening um but to do it on A a legendary card like that would be Incredible Jean Silva explains his Nearly 4minute long walkout Silva made His UFC debut last night at UFC Vegas 84 Against Weston Wilson he entered the Octagon as a near minus 1000 favorite And was the biggest favorite on the card The debutant knocked down his opponent With his first significant punch which Was followed up with exquisite striking Ultimately leading to a finish in Just 4 Minutes and 12 seconds into the very First round there was one other aspect Of the fight that stood out the Brazilian fighter made an unusually slow Entrance to the Octagon that nearly took 4 minutes during the post white presser Silva was asked about his walk out and Gave a bizarre reason for it saying that It wasn't him but his alter ego there's Been a lot of talk about the walk out we Noticed a little bit of weigh-ins as Well can you talk to me about why you Walk so slow what's going through your Mind is there something in strategy

About that just talk to me about the way The walk out I'm going to apologize for Not knowing how to answer this i' I've Said this before it's another person is Someone one else it's a it's I've given A name to my Alter Ego that's why Lord Assassin came about like it's another Person I have to apologize because I I Wouldn't know how to answer what happens In the Walkout Mega anli calls for a total shot After UFC Vegas 84 win magamed wanted to Make a strong case for a title shot Against Alex peda heading into his UFC Vegas 84 Main Event bout against Johnny Walker with a brutal second round Knockout Victory he undoubtedly Accomplished that during post fight Interview with ESPN mma8 and kive as Dana White to give him the next title Shot and then explained why he deserves It more than former UFC champ Jamal Hill Well you certainly figured it out and Now you've made it very clear that you Think you are deser deserving of the Title shot but we also saw Jamal Hill Was in attendance there was a reason he Was in attendance he wanted to watch Exactly what happened here tonight he Also has his eyes on a title shot so why Are you more deserving over Jamal Hill At this point I'm more deserving because I have 10 vict iies in a row I put Everybody away I it doesn't matter for

Me who's here or who thinks that they're More deserving it doesn't matter me Who's going to be the title holder what I know is I'm putting people away and I'm the I'm the next person in line Dana Please give me the title shot I deserve It more than anybody else here's how the MMA Community reacted to an's impressive Win G to Shar tweeted great knockout we Will see you soon # UFC Fight Night and C responded thank you champ you don't Have to wait too long I'm ready for your Guy Pao Costa wrot ank live for title Next Mor robv tweeted congratulations Ank live big win B Muhammad said whoa That Abu Dhabi doctor is smiling Somewhere right now Ariel helani anive Wins via KO in the second round vicious Vicious stuff could very well be next For peda Billy quarantillo said Jamal Hill is still the best 205 in the world A Felman MMA tweeted a hell of a Knockout by anv how Johnny Walker was Put out cold by that second punch is Rather insane Aaron brunetter and kli is Now unbeaten in his last 12 fights Johnny Walker's first reaction after UFC Vegas 84 loss taking to his Instagram Stories following a brutal loss to Mega Medan kive Walker shared a picture with His team seemingly doing good after Another career knockout Loss in the second photo Walker showed Off the damages he took in this fight

Which is a broken Nose the Brazilian is now three and Three in his last seven bouts with one Fight Ending by way of no Contest listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top memes third Place was found over Reddit and was Posted by I need Healing second place was found on Facebook and was posted by a user named Robert And the top pick was found over on Facebook and it was posted by Michael thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk