Jim Miller favors Matt Brown for UFC 300, wants Bruce Buffer to announce him as Jim ‘F******’ Miller

Jim Miller can finally consider UFC 300 for his next fight.

Several years ago, the 40-year-old veteran mentioned the historic event as an ideal landing spot for him after already scoring wins at UFC 100 and UFC 200. Following a submission win over Gabriel Benitez at UFC Vegas 84, Miller immediately turned his attention toward the April 13 event, with designs on a showdown against a fellow octagon legend.

Immediately after his win, Miller mentioned Paul Felder or Matt Brown as ideal opponents. In his post-fight press conference, however, he slightly leaned toward a matchup against another UFC record holder after extending his lead for the most wins and most fights in the history of the promotion on Saturday.

“Paul and I almost fought in 2015,” Miller said of Felder. “I think that fight would be brutal. I think that is a brutal fight, me and him locked in a cage for 15 minutes. I also think that Matt Brown fight is amazing as well.

“I think it’s awesome because one, I don’t have to cut weight. Two, he’s the guy with the most finishes at welterweight, I’m the guy with the most finishes at lightweight. That’s a fight for [UFC] 300. Let’s put on a show, let’s go out and entertain. I’m willing to move up in weight for that type of event. It’s not like I’m trying get my rankings up or anything like that. Particularly at 300, I would hop in at any moment if Sean [Shelby] called me for those types of fights — Sean, if you’re watching. I want to put on an epic show with two bad ass dudes who have been around for a bit, and I think Matt might be that guy.”

Brown already answered the call after watching UFC Vegas 84, writing on social media, “I love Jim Miller, would be an honor.”

The Ohio native previously revealed on The Fighter vs. The Writer that he approached UFC matchmakers about competing at UFC 300, and that request was already under consideration. Perhaps now that Miller has specifically called for that fight, Brown may get his wish.

Outside of potentially clashing with Brown at UFC 300, Miller did have one other wish that he would love to come true, especially for such a special night.

Typically, Miller hears his nickname announced as “A10” whenever he’s about to throw down in the octagon, but he has another moniker that he would prefer instead.

Just before former matchmaker Joe Silva retired following the sale of the UFC to Endeavor in 2016, he messaged Miller offering him a fight. It only took a matter of seconds for Miller to respond with an answer saying, “I’m in.”

Silva fired back with one final message saying, “Of course you are … you’re Jim F****** Miller.”

“I don’t know if Bruce [Buffer] will introduce me as Jim ‘F******’ Miller,” Miller said. “I don’t know if he swears when he’s working. He definitely swears when he’s not. I think it would be cool. I think it would be cool to maybe open the pay-per-view with that. I think doing that in front of the T-Mobile full of fans would be awesome. I think that would get me super fired up.

“I earned that nickname. I earned that nickname by the way I do business inside the octagon and even outside. I earned that nickname from a guy that was matchmaking at UFC 2. When Joe Silva calls you that, it’s pretty cool. I’m glad that the fans are behind it. It’s not the easiest nickname to promote, but it’s there.”

After UFC 300, Miller already stated that he has no plans to retire anytime soon, so he’s not setting a time limit on how many more fights he’ll have before calling it a career.

He would still love the chance to fight at home in New Jersey one more time, and beyond that, Miller likes the idea of reaching one more milestone where his career is concerned — and it’s not sticking around until UFC 400.

“Thirty wins would be pretty awesome,” Miller said after earning UFC win No. 26. “That would be really awesome. I’m not really hanging myself on any of the numbers, to be honest. I think that who I am and the legacy that I have isn’t those numbers. It’s how I’ve carried myself through the ups and downs that I’ve had to deal with.

“When a guy like Mike Bisping is complimenting me inside the octagon, it means the world to me. I’m going to continue to do what I’m doing and I’ll make the decision on next steps. Let’s just keep going for now.”

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