Jake Paul disputes brother Logan Paul claiming he was offered Mike Tyson fight: ‘Why are you fabricating lies?’

It might be time for Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s parents to sit down for a family meeting.

On the heels of the announcement that Jake Paul will fight Mike Tyson in a boxing match in July on Netflix, Logan Paul took to his podcast to reveal he was approached with a similar offer to clash with the former heavyweight champion. Logan says he ultimately rebuffed the offer despite feeling like he could beat Tyson in the ring.

“I said no to fighting Mike Tyson,” Paul said on his Impaulsive podcast. “I was offered it, but not on Netflix and not for a big ass bag. It was just like, this could be a real fight.

“I’ve been asked, ‘Do you think you could beat Mike Tyson?’ My answer was and will be yes. I just think he’s too old. That’s crazy. He’s senile.”

It didn’t take long for that statement to get back to Jake Paul, who went on his Betr podcast to respond to the claims from his brother about a potential fight with Tyson.

Jake laid out all the details about how the fight actually came together and promised that Tyson wasn’t out searching for an opponent for his comeback. Instead, he says it was a lucrative offer from Netflix that got both fighters on board for the fight.

“That situation is always tough for me because I hate that my brother and I’s relationship sometimes has to be aired out, but it seems as if the court of public opinion is the only thing that steers him in the right direction,” Paul said. “But it is weird to lie, to blatantly just lie.

“Me and Nakisa [Bidarian] and Most Valuable Promotions curated a deal with Netflix. We signed a deal with Netflix and our goal was to go get another fighter to fight me. There was tiers of three tiers, A, B, and C. An ‘A’ level fighter, we would get this much money. A ‘B’ level fighter, we would get this much money. A ‘C’ level fighter, we would get this much money. We were the ones that brought the Netflix deal to Tyson and he was an ‘A’ level fighter. So Tyson was never in the market offering people to fights for anyone to turn down. Yes, it is weird to go online and lie.”

Jake has engaged in verbal beefs with his brother before during his boxing career, but it appears this particular incident really upset him.

Rather than just celebrate the fact that he landed a massive fight against one of the most well-known boxers in history, Jake felt like Logan was trying to steal his shine while claiming he was the first choice before Tyson moved onto a different opportunity.

“It’s tough,” Paul said. “Then it’s like, why is my own brother trying to make me look the second option for Tyson. Like, ‘Oh yeah, I turned down that deal.’ No, you didn’t. That’s a complete lie. Why are you fabricating lies?”

Ideally, Jake says he would prefer not to air his family’s dirty laundry in public, but that seems to be a recurring problem when it comes to dealing with his brother.

“I am always having to defend myself and be undermined and be little bro’d,” Paul said. “Then I have to just not allow it to happen. I’m just taking shots and then I have to explain because I get thrown into it.”

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