Israel Adesanya REVEALS Du Plessis TURNED DOWN UFC 300 main event! O’Malley RESPONDS to Ryan Garcia!

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00:00 Raul Rosas Jr. no longer competing at UFC Vegas 87
00:48 Sean O’Malley responds to Ryan Garcia’s MMA callout
02:35 Coach Bareman gives post-KO health update on Volkanovski
04:07 Michael Chandler looking absolutely ripped
05:48 Israel Adesanya reveals he agreed to headline UFC 300 but DDP rejected
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All right let's get this show Started in today's news Raul roses Jr Versus Ricky turos is no longer expected For UFC Vegas 87 the bantamweight Matchup originally scheduled for UFC Mexico City was scrapped at the last Minute after roses's team decided to Pull him from the fight not long after The fight was cancelled UFC officials Announced plans to rebook the fight one Week later a UFC Vegas 87 with UFC CEO Dana White saying that the matchup will Take place at a catchweight so that RIS And turos wouldn't have to endure Another severe weight cut however on Tuesday UFC officials revealed to MMA Junkie that roses Junior versus Ricky Teros won't be going down this weekend After all it's uncertain whether the UFC Will keep the matchup and rebook it for A later date or scrap it all together Shaali laughs at Ryan Garcia's MMA call Out Ryan Garcia recently appeared on the MMA hour where he stated that he'll Gladly fight shaal in the UFC he's so Confident that he even feels he destroy The UFC champion in MMA check out this Clip that's already been done I know I'm Going to knock him out in boxing that's Not even fair what is fair is to test Myself in MMA because I know if I put my Mind to it and I trained every day and I Had Nate helping me even Alex Pereira All of them and I really locked in he

Will not beat me I will come with Everything I have and I would destroy Sha oi in the UFC in the UFC now Speaking on his Timbo sugar Show podcast Elli responded to these comments saying That Garcia is delusional and that he'd Beat him with ease within minutes Without even using his grappling skills Like buddy you as SE I said brother I Would kill you within minutes it's not Even it's just not even realistic it's It's crazy how stupid and delusional That is people I wonder if people think Like that when I call it boxers though Do is it the same kind of thing I mean It is a little bit crazy when I call it Boxer a little bit not a ton not 100% Crazy it's a little bit but when he call When boxers said they want to fight an MMA it's 100% crazy I wouldn't even I Don't need to take him down to it would I mean I could take him down and choke Him but it's like I would kick him in Theing body I would kick his little Sticks I would I mean do whatever the I Wanted to I enjoyed that call out the Box I could box him with MMA gloves it's A different sport just with those little MMA gloves the distance is Different coach Eugene bman provides a Post KO health update on Alex Volkanovski a brutal loss toot por UFC 298 marked the end of volkanovski's 5-year Reign and his second consecutive

Knockout defeat raising concerns about His health in an interview with combat TV bulk coach Eugene bman provided a Positive update stating that the fighter Isn't exhibiting any concussion symptoms And appears to be recovering better than He did after his previous knockout lost To his Lakev um in terms of like his symtoms he Doesn't have any symptoms which is not The Case uh in the last um knockout Um you know there's so many variables When it comes to like having a knockout And how much symptoms you know how how How much how many symptoms you suffer And all of that I don't know the signs behind it and I'm Not going to begin to try and understand It but um he seems to not be as affected By this concussion as he Was by the last one I can't you know I Wouldn't be able to tell you Why um he definitely needs to rest like He needs to rest his Head but I Mean he he he he he needs to be sensible But he also needs to you know he he's Also will be very keen to get that Rematch this Year Michael Chandler is looking ripped Chandler has posted a new motivational Video to his social media showcasing his Excellent physical condition as he

Prepares for the Conor McGregor fight Which according to Dana White is set to Take place in the fall Chandler also Revealed how he stays in great shape Year Long you know I was riding this bike Too Gainesville just follow the road map Follow the road map right the game Still yeah there is no secret to success Everybody's looking for a secret pill They wanton me to tell them one Thing that's going to get them from Point A to point B and get them to their Dreams all it is is the Relentless Disciplined consistency Every single day doing the little things Right and doing the little things that Nobody wants to do that you don't want To do but doing them anyway and doing Them with a smile on your face I don't Want to be on the bike I don't want to Eat what I'm eating but when the bright Lights go On and your greatest moment of Opportunity comes your soul will well up And ask you in those moments did you do Every single thing right with the Talents that you were given did you flex Your faith muscles did you flex your Discipline muscles every single day in The small things if you can be trusted With the small things then and only then Can you be trusted with the big things

The bright lights the big stages the big Opportunities do the small things right Every single Day isra Assan reveals that he agreed to Headline UFC 300 versus draus dupy 's Coach recently came out and shared that Izzy had ended his Hiatus and was back In training and ready to return to MMA Immediately many thought that meant he Would be the main event for UFC 300 but Ultimately the promotion booked Alex Peda versus Jamal Hill for April's Pay-per-view headliner now speaking on Theo Von's podcast is he revealed that He was offered to headline UFC 300 and Accepted but dupas he turned it down and Would that probably be vers DDP for the Belt you think ders yeah definitely I'm Oh there's some things that I will me to Happen uh they summoned me they summoned Me I'm sure this is out there now Eugene Said some stuff but they summoned me They summoned me for 300 and I was like Yep let's roll but their side didn't Want it so I was like well and I'm just Going to keep who DDP side yeah they Didn't want it but I you know they just Fought Strickland so maybe he had a Little bit niggly injuries and stuff but Hey we all we all got you know n niggles And whatnot so yeah um but but I've I've Fought injured for the last how many Fights so that's why I took time off Just to let my body heal and it has

Healed and yeah um I'm sure there'll be More injuries it just happens through Training like what we do for Work time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by daily do MMA the second place meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by I am that Man on the moon And the top picked meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by win and Dylan thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk