Insane Knockouts in MMA part 10 – Mark Abelardo vs. Emilio Urrutia #mma #ufc

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The video is about a compilation of the top 11 knockouts in combat sports. It provides descriptions of each knockout, including the fighters involved, the techniques used, and the circumstances leading to each spectacular finish. The text highlights the diversity and excitement that combat sports, particularly MMA, offer to fans, and it showcases the skill and dedication of the athletes who participate in these sports.

“Gather ’round, fight fans! Get ready for a top 11 countdown of the most electrifying knockouts in combat sports history.

11th – AJ Matthews vs. Charlie Rader: A slugfest at Bellator 70, with Matthews delivering a head kick for victory.

10th – Jordan Leavitt vs. Matt Wiman: A 22-second KO with a slam by Leavitt.

9th – Gregor Gillespie vs. Kevin Lee: Lee’s thunderous head kick secured the win.

8th – Marlon Moraes vs. Demetrious Johnson: Johnson’s KO earned him the ONE Flyweight World Championship.

7th – Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman: Edwards stunned with a last-minute head kick knockout.

6th – Davy Gallon’s Flying KO of Ross Pearson: Gallon’s mid-air kick KO left jaws dropping.

5th – Ignacio Bahamondes vs. Roosevelt Roberts: Bahamondes’ spinning wheel kick in the last seconds.

4th – Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson: Chandler’s front face kick KO in 17 seconds.

3rd – Ricardo Ramos vs. Danny Chavez: Ramos’ spinning back elbow with five seconds left in the first round.

2nd – Mark Abelardo vs. Emilio Urrutia: Abelardo’s elbow barrage secured the win.

1st – Raymond Daniels vs. Wilker Barros: Daniels’ spectacular spinning back kick KO after an eleven-year hiatus.”

These knockouts showcase the incredible diversity and excitement of MMA and combat sports.

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From the get-go Abelardo stalked arua Working his leg kicks and looking to Close the distance with about 30 seconds Left in the first frame Abelardo landed A solid straight right hand sending Arusha reeling back with wobbly legs Sensing an opportunity to finish Abelardo swarmed unloading Hooks and Delivering about 10 unanswered elbows to His opponent urua a tough nut to crack Managed to survive until the bell rang The second round kicked off and Abelardo Continued to let his fists fly with more Freedom The highlight real finish came when Abelardo countered uia's looping left Hook with a perfect Tomahawk elbow Striking uia's jaw and turning off the Lights the referee intervened and halted The bout at 3 minutes and 20 seconds of The second Round oh there you go there you go he Capitalized

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