Insane Battle! Weight Decides or Not – Butterbean vs. Genki Sudo #shorts #ufc

Discover the truth about combat in our latest video: “Why Size Doesn’t Matter in a Fight.” Prepare to be amazed by one of the craziest MMA battles ever witnessed. Witness the clash between a professional boxer with unconventional techniques, Eric Esch, famously known as Butterbean, and the lightweight MMA fighter with remarkable skills, Genki Sudo, also known as “Neo-Samurai.”

In this extraordinary matchup, we delve into the world of martial arts where technique, strategy, and determination often triumph over sheer size and power. Join us as we dissect this unforgettable showdown that proves that in the world of fighting, it’s not just about the size, but the heart and skill that make a true champion.

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Just watch as he jumps in with both legs And crashes into the wall The sight of this huge guy is not Deceptive that's Butterbean and he's a Really good boxer no kidding he's taken On a Japanese middleweight wrestler You'd think it was a gift for Butterbean To go into grappling but this gift Weighing in at 374 pounds pressed down On the Japanese opponent with his chest The Japanese tries not to give up but a Few times Butterbean still manages to Feed him with his chest but the Japanese Still tries not to suckle in an Unimaginable way the wrestler manages to Crawl out from underneath now he's on Top starting to strike him with his knee Butterbean is no longer happy with the Clinch and he wanted to get back up into A stance but without help that's Impossible this giant doesn't have a Neck so choking is pointless The Japanese fighter decides to go for a Submission and he succeeds the Heavyweight lost to the middleweight if You want to watch more Knockouts like This click on the pinned comment in the Comment section

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