‘I Have Huge Balls, I Have 4 Kids’

Conor McGregor finally responded to Ilia Topuria’s callout, and his answer didn’t do much to enlighten the fans about his next move.

Ilia Topuria made history at UFC 298 and handed Alexander Volkanovski his first loss in a UFC featherweight title fight. Volkanovski had been riding a six-fight winning streak as a featherweight champion but finally met his match in Topuria, who knocked him out cold in the second round.

After the fight, Topuria had a message for the Irishman, saying: “…And Conor McGregor, if you still have some balls, I will be waiting for you in Spain!”

Conor McGregor would eventually reply with what could be considered a “Dad joke” (pun intended), by saying: “I have huge balls. I have four kids.”

Conor McGregor’s UFC return is still up in the air

While rumor after rumor has hit the MMA mill, nothing has really truly stuck. In fact, as far as McGregor’s return goes, there’s nothing well and truly concrete about it at all.

His next opponent is supposed to be Michael Chandler, but no official proof that this fight will happen has surfaced, despite both agreeing online about a half dozen times about it. The return date has also been bantered around many times, with many hoping to see the Irishman return at UFC 300. Others, however, have said he’s likely to headline International Fight Week later this year in the summertime.

Regardless, fans can only hope to see the world’s largest MMA star finally make his long-awaited return sometime in 2024.

Who do you think McGregor will actually fight when he makes his return to the UFC octagon?

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