How Strong is Yor Forger’s Fighting Skills in SPY x FAMILY #shorts

Let's break down Spy X Family. Here we have a Drunk Yor who's ready to lay some hands down on Loid. Now we know relationships
are not easy, this is no different here. Yor throws a pretty good
combo here. She throws a: jab, hook, rear hook. Loid not wanting to hurt Yor here. He's blocking well. She picks up on this. She throws the same combo, but the end, she changes the rear hook into an uppercut. Looks like this: Jab, hook, uppercut, and that lands hard on Loid. Next Yor throw some
pretty cool head kicks, which Loid blocks
beautifully. Boom! Blocked by Loid. Second kick, Boom! Blocked by Loid. Next she does a punt kick kicking his arms up like so. Yor turns around and about to launch what seems like a spinning kick, but then in a very adorable way, her heel breaks and
she lightly falls down Into a very deep drunk slumber. Loid does what all great
husbands do, watches and does nothing.


Great defense by Loid and even better boxing by Yor..

As found on YouTube

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