HEARTBREAKING Audio of Sean Strickland BREAKING DOWN in tears! REACTIONS to Woodley’s S*X TAPE LEAK!

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00:00 Jorge Masvidal announces return to fighting
00:30 Sean O’Malley on Khabib vs. Bo Nickal in a wrestling match
02:10 Gilbert Burns reveals he hurt Francis Ngannou in training
03:19 Paul Felder gets honest on Paddy Pimblett’s fighting future
04:44 Audio footage of Sean Strickland breaking down
06:35 MMA community react to Tyron Woodley’s s*x tape leak
07:44 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started start today's news with Jorge Mosol announcing his return to fighting Eight months after announcing his Retirement after UFC 287 this Monday Mosal tweeted that he is quote unquote Unretired while he provided no further Context to the message fans are Speculating a possible return to the Octagon for the highly anticipated UFC 300 event coming up in April what do you Guys think of this announcement from Mosol who would you like to see him Fight in his return let us know in the Comments below Shan Elly has reacted to Bo Nichol's comments about khabib n mov Bo nickel recently stated that he'd Easily beat khabib in a wrestling match Niichel is among the best Collegiate Wrestlers the United States has ever Produced the 27-year-old is a three-time NCAA division 1 and Big 10 Champion he Was also a finalist at the 2020 US Olympic trials speaking on the most Recent episode of his Timbo sugar show Sha oy should his take on a potential Wrestling match between Bo and khabib Here's what he said uh what else we got Going Said like dude I wrestled my whole life That's like asking me if I'm going to Stop a Christi Ronaldo penalty kick like I'm not g to stop it like he's gonna hit That 100 out of a 100 times I just think

Like that's my sport so what's going to Stop me from doing it's not really Opinion fought 155 200 they scoring goals on You m like fat sholly Molly wops NCAA Champions without going Into names I've hear I've heard Stories character he is but God that That's the thing Bo Nichols not just an NCAA Champion Bo Nicholls the M but is There a cage no a wrestling mat on a in Wrestling rules oh he probably yeah it Probably beat khabib 100% I I think so Well dude Hub fought at 155 Bo Nichols Fighting at 185 yeah they're different And he's a young Fresh out of his wrestling career I mean Yeah that's that's kind of really not Even argument just send me location send Me Location Gilbert Burns shares a story About training with Francis and ganu While speaking on the Jackson podcast Burns recounted an experience from his Time with the black zillions where he And andano were grappling and things got A bit hectic when Gilbert caught in ganu In an armar but the Predator refused to Tap resulting in a pop that came from The pressure hear it from Burns himself Hey if if Francis was here be honest Would you say it like that I I trained On him before yeah he didn't like it he Didn't like it no he didn't like when

You said the name like that no no when We train it oh he didn't like the Training no oh oh he didn't like you you Was Tapp that was that was that was a Long time ago still got to count as a Week because it was a long time ago that Was uh we still had the black ceiling so That's been what five years ago maybe And we grapple hard and I get his arm he Didn't tap he pop his arm was so afraid Say oh my God now this guy going to kill Me now but he was cool about it so but Yeah so we trained before but I don't Want to fight that guy no way he's twice Your size he's twice my size I don't Want to fight these guys Paul Felder Gets honest on Patty Pet's fighting Future piml Has leveled up to a 5-0 Record in the UFC after earning a One-sided decision win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 2 96 however Petty Wasn't able to finish the 40-year-old Ferguson and even started to guess out In the third round now most believe that Pet is in line to fight someone within The top 15 however Paul Felder believes That Petty's next fight will not go so Well after seeing his performance during The Ferguson fight speaking on his Roundup podcast with Michael Kessa Felder explained his doubts as to Patty Can Patty beat anyone in the top 15 I'll Start with this of course he can right We we we know that it's MMA anything can

Happen but if we were going to sit here And and make bets and if I had to Predict I think there's very no I I I Really don't think so I mean he he Couldn't he struggled to get a Tony out Of there who looked the worst he's ever Ever looked in in his career no no That's that's it I really don't think so I think that you know he was able to Hurt Tony a little bit but man he he Really should have been able to to to Put him away man and not taking anything Against him he KN he knew he was going To be in for a hard one even if he won This fight right he said it in the media Days leading up that we were going to Criticize him if he didn't even if he Wins if he didn't go out there and maybe Get him out of there so here we are Criticizing him audio footage of Sean Strickland breaking down has been Released recently the UFC middleweight Champion appeared on Theo Von's podcast This past weekend with the two discussed A variety of topics during the episode Strickland broke into tears after Recalling an incident from his childhood The episode has only been released on Spotify we've attached a link to the Full podcast in today's video Description meanwhile here's the clip Remember I was like in third grade no Second grade and I kept falling asleep In my desk and my teacher took my desk

Away from me and she made me like like Stand up and so me I'm like you being a Little kid I just went and fell asleep On the ground and mind you like the School system's like oh Sean like he's Just a bad kid they don't realize I'm up Till 3:00 in the morning like you know Late I mean dude I remember it's hard to Stay up late and learn dude I remember Like laying in bed like I remember I Stop believing in God man like [ __ ] like I haveing um yeah it's crazy [ __ ] Dude crazy [ __ ] man yeah it's okay man It's a lot of that sad dude I used to be Scared at night like uh I used to stand Up like I heard when I was a kid that Like if you peed around your like Animals could pee somewhere that other Animals wouldn't come you know what I'm Talking about you know what I'm talking About huh yeah my have you ever heard That yeah I'm sorry Bud so a Man I'm sorry buddy that's all good [Music] Dude we don't have talk man I can just Sit here with you for a Minute oh [ __ ] [ __ ] Six I can just sit here we can just sit Here it's all good you six second I just Process [Music] It I think

It's one hard things that people don't Understand but like trauma you know yeah The MMA Community have reacted after Tyron Woodley's alleged tape leak Woodley woke up on New Year's Day to the Release of a previously recorded tape Involving him we can't show you the Video but let's just say it's not hard To find on the internet the not safe for Work footage of the former UFC champion And an unnamed woman sexual encounter Quickly swarmed Twitter here are some Reactions Jake Paul tweeted all my Opponents e good MMA roasted I'll always Be a Tyron Woodley fan and this is how I Would rather see him go down Kaden first Person he's finished in ages happy punch Tyron Woodley waking up to his League Tape on the first day of the new year What the did I just see tro posted this Comment and GIF I'mma eat It Jason Williams Tyron Woodley when he Finds out why he's trending mcmi said Tyron Woodley is more active on that box Than when he was boxing Jake Paul twice Fox the G posted this picture and said Just saw the Tyron Woodley leak and Juan Boy posted this gift saying year just Started and we already got a Tyron Woodley leak Falling In and Out of Love In and Out of Love here are today's top three memes Third place was found over Reddit and Was posted by single

Trip second place pick was found over Facebook and was posted by usern named Ardam The top pick was found over X and was Posted by O MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk