FRUSTRATED Mike Perry GOES OFF after TKO stoppage win over Eddie Alvarez! Dana White on Green-Turner

MMA news today:

BOBBY GREEN reacts after KO loss to Jalin Turner

DANA WHITE goes off on judge Kerry Hatley

MMA COMMUNITY furious over Green vs. Turner stoppage

MIKE PERRY not happy w/ his win over Eddie Alvarez

EDDIE ALVAREZ reacts after TKO loss to Mike Perry

ARMAN TSARUKYAN calls for title shot vs. Islam Makhachev

00:00 Bobby Green reacts after KO loss
01:07 Dana White goes off on judge Kerry Hatley
02:09 MMA community furious over Green vs. Turner stoppage
03:04 Arman Tsarukyan calls for title shot vs. Islam Makhachev
04:52 Mike Perry not happy w/ his win over Eddie Alvarez
06:08 Eddie Alvarez reacts after TKO loss to Mike Perry
07:55 TOP 3 MMA Memes

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All right let's get the show Started Bobby green has reacted Following a knockout loss to Jaylen Turner a short Noti fight didn't stop Jaylen Turner from delivering a Devastating knockout to finish Bobby Green in the first round in the UFC Austin co-main event came to social Media shortly after the brutal defeat Green congratulated his opponent on an Impressive Victory and said he's not Done and we'll be back Soon what up Guys you went win some you lose some I Guess I just want to show people that You got to keep a g when you win you got To keep your G when you lose shout out To jayen you did your thing brother I'm So happy for you it means the world that You stepped up on sure notice and you Having your success so shout out to you Um talking about people it's another Step in the thing you know another step In the career up and there's ups there's Downs I'm going keep it going I ain't Going Nowhere love you guys they know white Calls green verus Turner worst stoppage Ever it was referee Carrie hatley's Horrifically late stoppage that Drew the Most attention find the co-headlining Bout between green and Turner leaving Many fighters calling for accountability For hatley's Dangerous mishandling of

The situation here's what the UFC President said about the stoppage you Mentioned the Bobby green knockout great By Jaden kind but referee not so great Yeah one of the worst I've ever seen Yeah I mean he's been around for a while He's fairly solid ref what do you think That can be a privious to you so the Difference is you know we've had some Refs say some dumb in the past like oh I I I I allowed her to be a warrior Tonight and Goofy [ __ ] like that he Knows that he made a mistake tonight He's he does not feel good about it so Yeah is that just he at the moment it's Unfortunate is he what is that just the Heat of the Moment you think he just Didn't notice it looked like Bobby was You'd have to ask him that question but Yeah definitely a bad stoppage D and Here are some reactions from the MMA Community DC said one of the absolute Worst stoppages in MMA history like what The was going on on your stomach taking Punches and it still isn't enough crazy Chase Hooper tweeted brutal and no point Was he able to intelligently defend Himself in that ref should have stopped It after one or two shots on the ground Max Jeff Molina Jesus Texas MMA Commission just needs to fire everyone And start fresh Johnny moo the ref Wanted that man gone or what Dustin Poier said man horrible stoppage Derek

Brunson Bobby green is a tough customer Horrible stoppage by The Ref sadique YF Said that insane man I've never been Actually mad at a ref before someone Could die of [ __ ] like that what the Gilbert Burns that ref Jen mckin that Had to to be the latest stop I've ever Seen that's crazy boo that Man Arman serukan reacts after knockout Victory over benil darush serukan took a Big lead forward in the lightweight Division with a 64 second knockout Victory against darush and now he's got Only massive fights on the horizon at 155 lbs speaking to UFC news shortly After the event Armen reacted to his Huge win and gave respect to darush for Taking a fight against him feel amazing Know like I'm I was waiting so long uh fight with Someone for to five and like to show Everybody like I deserve to be there you Know this is maybe first time like Because you know like I was waiting so Long to fight with someone from top five And like man boom and especially first Round knockout and like I said oh my God I got to like I was going crazy like you Know you know first of all I respect him Because he's the one of the best Lightweight in the world and uh he's the One guy who like like wanted to fight With me and like from top five and uh Thank you for him for the opportunity to

Be for top five Arman also called for The next Tuttle shot but if that won't Happen he wants to fight just gagei for The BMF Bel you know I want to be I want To be next for the title I want just I Showed everybody like I deserve to be Next Contender number one and uh I think Youf see do youf see now they they know Like uh I'm the next oh we'll see what The Donna or all UFC workers going to Say so we'll see Sean Shelby we got to Talk and uh hopefully next is the title Fight if not if not the worst case Scenaria I can't fight with uh G for the BF title why not my per is not happy With his bkfc 56 Victory Perry now has About to call himself the king of Violence and after defeating former UFC Champion Eddie Alvarez in Saturday's Bkfc 56 Main Event Perry busted up Alvarez's eye to the point of a corner Stoppage TKO to close the 175lb contest During the post fight presser Perry said He's disappointed by another Corner Stoppage ending and said that he's Interested in facing Anthony Pettis next But mainly wants to fight someone who Isn't going to Quit and right now it's it's hard to see Where I go I know that there's huge Opportunities and um we're creating some Even So I said I want I want the Anthony Pettis because he said he want it and

He's mred a Showtime he's super flashy But um but I also want to fight that That isn't going to quit I want a fight That's going to give me those fiveing Rounds of hell Dude you know it's easy to talk bro but I just did it and I was just warming up 4 minutes I was just getting started There was six more minutes a hell I had To bring out Eddie Alvarez has reacted Following his loss to Mike Perry during Bkfc 56's post fight press conference Alvarez gave credit to battle ax Mike Perry who looked Unstoppable at Saturday's bkfc 56 Main Event Eddie also Said that he was surprised by how good Perry took his best shots and didn't go Down were you surprised that Mike Perry Was just walking into your combinations The way he was I was surprised at um So inpiring at land these shots on the Bigger guys um and I don't know if I I Heard him I H my opponents pretty good But it with a bare fist I thought for Sure Mike would go down he didn't my my Hats off to Mike Perry the guy's a [ __ ] battle ax um he he can take a Shot he can keep plotting forward and Give them um reminds me of myself a lot So I was fighting a little miror myself In there tonight and Mike Mike was the Better man and and and I look I take my Wins I'll take my losses the same way With my head high anded he said that his

Orbital is smashed up and despite the Loss he doesn't plan to retire anytime Soon um and I I love this I do I truly I Came out here and uh I was my best self My coaches loved what I was doing um I Was on point I was sharp uh the leadup To this fight was really good I sparring Heavyweights doing well unfortunately This sport is so like volatile you don't You just don't know you could have the Cleanest fight and uh I think my orbital Smashed up and uh that's it that that's All she wrote it [ __ ] sucks man Because Um it was a good show the fans won Tonight I didn't win but the fans won So here are today's top three memes Third place was found over Instagram and Was posted by username Beaver Smash TV second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by username Daily do MMA and the top picked meme was found Over X and was posted by a username Bryson Salazar thank you guys for watching if You like the video please leave a like And subscribe to our channel to keep up With the latest MMA News