Francis Ngannou REVEALS Deontay Wilder MMA CLASH might be next! Jones REACTS to Ngannou vs. Fury

MMA news today:

JON JONES reacts to Francis Ngannou’s performance against Tyson Fury

MICHAEL BISPING reacts to Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury scorecards

DANA WHITE announces five huge fights for UFC Austin

BRENDAN SCHAUB goes off on ‘corrupt’ judges in Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury fight

FRANCIS NGANNOU calls for a rematch against Tyson Fury

FRANCIS NGANNOU reveals Deontay Wilder fight in MMA might be next

KHAMZAT CHIMAEV hand injury update

00:00 – Update on Khamzat Chimaev’s hand injury
00:29 – Dana White announces five huge fights for UFC Austin
01:27 – Francis Ngannou calls for a rematch vs. Tyson Fury
02:16 – Ngannou reveals Deontay Wilder fight in MMA might be next
03:46 – Jon Jones reacts to Ngannou’s performance vs. Tyson Fury
04:18 – Bisping gets honest on Ngannou vs. Fury
05:35 – Brendan Schaub slams ‘corrupt’ judges in Ngannou vs. Fury
07:12 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started we have an update on Hamza Shim's hand injury suffered at UFC 294 According to ESPN's Brett okamoto shim Might have suffered a torn ligament in His right hand during his fight against Kamar Usman in a recent Instagram post Okamoto wrote she might have suffered a Torn ligament not a broken hand in his Fight against Kamar Usman per his Management he will be embraced for four Weeks then reassess at this point does Not appear to be a long-term injury or Require Surgery What's up everybody UFC has returning to Austin Texas on December 2nd at the Moody Center the main event is number Four ranked benil derush versus number Eight Arman sarian number nine Dan Hooker faces number 12 Bobby green that Is also five rounds some other great Fights in this card Kelvin gasum is Dropping down to welterweight versus Number nine Shawn Brady former flyweight Champ fig iGo is moving up to Bantamweight to take on the number eight Ranked Rob font former bantamweight Champ Mesa Tate is back to face number 13th ranked Julia a this one is going to Be fun khil Round Tree versus undefeated Azamat muranov two of the scariest Punchers in the light heavyweight Division tickets for UFC Fight Night

Austin Texas go on sale Friday November 3rd this car is going to be fun get your Tickets now and I will see you in Austin Yo guys what's Up waking up today and just remember That I'm the guy that just defeated the Heavyweight boxing of the wall and that I'm the dead man even though I get Robbed by those Georges yes I really believe that I won That fight I could have I should have Done Better but I won that fight so keep it up I keep my Eyes on him and um hopefully we get a Rematch this time this going to be he is Going to be definitely Different Che is you versus Deontay Wilder in MMA CU it continues the story of MMA versus Boxing all the boxing guys will follow But now we have a guy who comes over to MMA from boxing what do you think of That Idea I think that's a good idea in fact We have spoken about that oh in fact That has been in the discussion okay so That's something that can potentially Happen so um deont Wilder for a couple Months I mean for a little while now Been training MMA oh really so oh yeah Because there's the option here nothing Is said but it's been something been

Coming out my ear to my attention So That's something that makes sense wow I Think and his read because he's really Serious about the MMA um I know a lot of people talk oh I'm going to do this in boxing and do That in MMA but I think Deontay water is Very interested in MMA and even like Just to step in the Octon for MMA and MMA only So but again it's going to be hot it's Going to be a different base for him MH Unlike unlike this time that I was the One experiencing the mountain climbing The mountain is going to be the one Climbing the Mountain You will think about this I mean if you Look at Francis zaru I mean just look at The man just look at franc He's why would you be afraid of anybody He's called from Stone he's never been Knocked out he was the UFC headweight Champion of the world yet to that's Where I was going why would you feel Intimidated and especially when we saw What he did the big thing that shocked Me was yeah the cardio was shocking the Skill was shocking dropping him in the Third round was shocking but it was the Speed the speed of him Adam uh now how Did South par most of the fight yeah he Swit stances as well' seen he showed a

Lot of technical Ability my wife knows nothing about Combat Sports really when I walked out Because I was doing a live stream I Walked out she goes how did Tyson win That he lost that fight she knows Nothing about it she was just watching It on the other screen as you say look At them from the from the body type the Eye test it's enanu if you look at the Bigger shots it's tenaru if you I mean It was Fury that looked like the MMA Fighter number one hits him with the Elbow and what was all that clinchy he Was on his knees at one Point but overall France has won that Fight and I I I tweet this out you're Bat crazy if you think the boxing world Who hates MMA who hates anything about MMA you're bat crazy if you think those Old school dinosaur judges in any facet Unless they was a complete lightss out Knockout we're going to give Francis Zanu that fight via decision there's not A chance remember what goes into this in December it's not going to happen in December but planned as of now Attentively in December December 25th France or Tyson is supposed to fight Usyk in that same Arena probably with The same judges with the same backing From the Saudis do you really think that They would give a MMA guy with zero Boxing experience a decision win over

Tyson Fury the greatest heavyweight of All time I think he's number four on the Pound-for-pound rankings the lineage Champion do you think they would give a MMA guy with zero boxing experience a Freaking chance to win via decision not A CH there is not a more corrupt sport On this planet than Boxing assuming what decision went There's not a chance they give to Francis not a chance it's to dim the Rules it's boxing them are the cheating Rules it's just what they do that's why Their sport is in shambles it just Is and here are the top three memes Chosen from the internet Today Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk