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00:00 Tracy Cortez reveals the secret behind her ‘A1 TOP Game’
01:29 Joe Rogan reacts to Sage Steele’s viral interview error w/ Dana White
02:29 Charles Oliveira fires back at Arman Tsarukyan
03:42 Mike Perry spars BKFC champ Lorenzo Hunt
04:40 Dustin Poirier announces his next fight
05:11 Jon Jones shuts down arrest reports
06:36 Latest update in Jon Jones ass@ult investigation
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Tracy Cortez revealing the secret behind Her A1 top game in a recent video posted To her social media Tracy shared a Savage clip showing her fans exactly why Her top game is rated so high in the UFC 5 video game what's up you guys Tracy Cortez here UFC flyweight and as many of You know if not all of you know EA Sports put my business out there on UFC 5 if you haven't got it go get it um but Many of you are asking how my top game Is A1 and today I'm here to show you how To improve your top game let's Go as you guys know my cardio is day one Too so first things first let's do Cardio I have to take someone down um I Really don't want to use a teammate just To be respectful I don't want get them Morals so we're going to use my good Friend here and we're going to call him Poncho so as you guys know I take my Pony down as per usual and then we get On Mount full Mount Here so these are very key inst hey hey Hey hey hey I need you to focus I need You to focus these are key instructions On having a one top game hey hey hey hey Come on now let's let's pay attention Now we're almost done we're getting Through this so first things first you Want to have good Position be

Stable and you want to put your hand on Their chest Jo reacts to the viral Sage Steel interview flub with Dana White Former ESPN anchor Sage Steel went viral When she asked UFC boss Dana White What's Joe Rogan's dream during a Sitdown interview now Rogan reacted to The flub on his podcast saying people Call me Dana I've been called Dana Before people go oh it's Dana I go no I'm the other dude it happens all the Time I think she just made a mental Flood when you're doing a podcast and You're interviewing someone especially If you haven't done lot of them and it's A high-profile thing and you're doing Dana White you're always thinking of What to say even the question is like What's your dream it's not even it was a Crazy question it's like I don't know What to ask you so I'm like what's a Dream so she's probably floundering There a little and doesn't know what to Say it'sing weird having a conversation Live with someone in real time Rogan Concluded she handled it the right way She kept it in there she didn't edit it Out it's funny it's just the flub I do It all the time it Happens Charles Olivera response to Arman cian's [ __ ] serukan recently stated that Olivera is a one-dimensional fighter and Downplayed his impressive finishing

Stats claiming that Olivera was limited To taking his opponent's backs and Submitting them with rear naked jokes Now in an interview with MMA fighting Alivea fired back at his UFC 300 Opponent saying people say what they Want right if I only have that and I Have 16 submissions on my UFC record I Guess they were all from the back right And I guess the Knockouts I have weren't Knockouts they were submissions it's too Much [ __ ] they talk it was said that I'm a quitter but I was knocked down Walked forward and knocked them out I Also heard I'm not hungry that I don't Want it anymore he doesn't know how bad I want to become Champion again you have To chill before you say anything because You're not talking about anyone I'm the Number one in this Division I have the Record for most submissions most bonuses If you look at my history you'll see You're talking crap Arman knows that he Said that he said a bunch of [ __ ] but One thing he got right is that I go for The victory at all times so that won't Change but if you look at my last fot Against benil darush you'll see how calm I was I'm evolving I'm growing inside The cage new footage of my perry Sparring with Lorenzo hunt the current Bkfc light heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champion Lorenzo hunt has posted footage Of him sparring with Platinum Mike

[Music] Perry [Music] Yeah [Music] Dustin poier announces his next fight Following his most recent victory over Benois St at UFC 299 porier said that he Wants to fight for the title against Islam makev now it looks like the fight Has been agreed on by both sides Although nothing is official yet porier Shared the following message on social Media Islam makev is next it's time to Reach the Pinnacle what do you guys make Of this matchup do you think the diamond Stands any chance of beating makev let Us know your thoughts in the comments Below Jon Jones shuts down arrest Reports on Sunday an online report Stated Jones was arrested after being Accused of threatening a drug testing Agent but APD or online booking records Could not confirmed that he was taken Into custody Jones acknowledged that he May be an easy target given his past Trouble But ultimately took exception to those Reports in a statement on X writing Hello everyone I wanted to address a Misinformation that has been circulating This morning I woke up to false reports That I had been arrested I have not been Arrested in fact I am currently in Texas

With my daughters at a volleyball Tournament I must admit it's Disappointing to have to clarify these Things again but I understand that I may Be an easy target given some of my past Issues it's important to set the record Straight and make sure the truth is told I was recently visited by testers while I was celebrating a birthday and taking A nap upon waking up I was caught off Guard by the unprofessionalism and Protocol by one of the testers which Caused frustration leading me to use Some profanity I regret however I want To emphasize that at no point did I Threaten get in anyone's face raise my Voice to anyone or engage in any form of Assault it's unfortunate that false news Has been spread without proper fact Checking I want to assure you that I Will vigorously defend myself against These baseless accusations the truth is The incident simply did not Occur the latest update in the Jon Jones Assault investigation MMA journalist Aaron bonstead provided an interesting Update on Jones's incident with the drug Testing agent he tweeted the Albuquerque Police Department's public information Officer has provided me with an update Incident report after Jon Jones was Interviewed by the investigating officer The officer added that the court process Involving a summons will take some time

Dig in friends here's the update on Saturday I contacted Jones by telephone To get a statement on what happened that Day Jones stated that Crystal and Jerome Had come over to his residence to Perform a drug test Jones stated that he Was bothered a little because he had Been hung over from the night before Jones stated that he had already read The report Crystal gave to the UFC a few Times and that she was a liar Jones told Me that he never made any threats of Harming anyone or killing them and that Is not the way he talks Jones told me The only thing he said was tell everyone At headquarters not to send people to Come to my home so early because it Could be a dangerous environment and That he said that to Crystal when she Asked if there were any quotes you Wanted to give at the end of the drug Testing Jones clarified he meant that a Party could be occurring or multiple People could be there Janes stated he Also never told Crystal he was going to Sue her and take her assets because he Does not talk like that Jones stated he Did make a statement to Jerome that he Was going to sue him because he brought His girlfriend to his home and he did Not know them so he considered it a hipa Violation Jones stated that he never got Closer to Crystal than what was shown in The video she sent me besides for when

She was conducting the blood test Janes Said he did swear at Crystal at one Point when she stated next time it would Be her and her husband doing the test And he said I Don't Give A Jones said he Thinks that Crystal was pissed off at Him for using profanity that she Fabricated a story Jones said at the end Of the testing he apologize for swearing At them and that Crystal gave him a high Five and he gave a hug to jome Jones Stated that Rome and Crystal were calm The whole time and they never appeared To be scared during any interaction Jones denied any allegations of assault Or putting Crystal phone in his Pocket according to drug free sport International sample collection worker Crystal Martinez Jones allegedly said This why you making people come so early Do you know what happens to people who Come to my house they end up Dead time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by dooso The second place meme was also found Over on Reddit and was posted by Competitive record 769 and the top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by as Shopped as it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk