Daniel Cormier responds to Jon Jones’ latest comments: ‘He likes to make fun of me’

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones are never going to be cool with each other.

One of the defining rivalries of modern MMA is the heated one between Jones and Cormier as the two men competed for the UFC light heavyweight title. Though Jones won both fights (the second was overturned to a No-Contest due to a failed drug test) the animosity between the two was among the most fervent in MMA history. Even in recent years as the rivalry cooled down, the two former UFC light heavyweight champions cannot resist taking shots at each other.

Recently, Jones coached a seminar where, while showing some techniques, he took some light jabs at Cormier and their second fight together, mocking the noise Cormier made when Jones kneed him in the stomach.

On Tuesday, Cormier went on his YouTube channel where he responded to the latest salvo from Jones.

“As I was gone, Jon Jones started making the rounds,” Cormier said. “One, I guess he was doing a seminar or something and he was talking about me and the way that I fought, and the way that he fought me and how he exploited some of my aggressiveness against me. I have spoken on numerous occasions about how he did a fantastic job of timing knees. And now he said he did it in the hand fight, that I was making these sounds.

“I just want everyone to know that while it seems as though he wants to give me my flowers, he likes to make fun of me. People say stuff like, ‘Jones lives rent free in DC’s head!’ What about him?! He’s doing a seminar and he’s doing three things talking about me! ‘DC used to throw this overhand right and get into the high-crotch.’ Compliment. ‘DC fought very aggressive, so I would do this and would make this sound.’ I wonder if he gets the same thing that I get when I respond. Because in many instances, I am responding to what was said about me. Jon, for a long time, has done that, but he comes out smelling like roses on the other side when I respond.

“Look, hats off to him and his team for building a great game plan, because I was going to fight with a lot of forward pressure. But I’m not 6’5”. I had too. He did a great job of countering that. Hat’s off to him. But for the record, it’s not just me making these things up in my head about Jon Jones. He’s out in public speaking about me also. That’s why I respond.”

Cormier didn’t stop there though. Similar to how Cormier says Jones will compliment and then mock him, “DC” returned the favor with some shots at Jones about his heavyweight physique, while also reiterating his compliments to Jones.

“So again, in response to what he said, that was a tremendous game plan,” Cormier said. “I love the sound he made that I would make when he kneed me in the belly, because for a long time he’s called me fat. I got to see fat under his chin for the first time. And it’s so crazy too. I remember one time I had a picture and I had my fat rolls off the side, and he would make fun of me. Isn’t it crazy that now Francis Ngannou is doing the same thing to him, calling him fat? Because last week we saw Jon at the PFL fight talking about what his future held.”

Ever the statesman, Cormier ended his piece on Jones on a positive note. Prevailing sentiment has been that Jones will retire after he faces Stipe Miocic sometime later this year, but recently, “Bones” came out and said that he was open to a fight with interim champion Tom Aspinall after the Miocic bout. And despite all that has transpired between the two of them, Cormier says he still very much hopes that Jones is telling the truth.

“Initially he said that the Stipe fight would be it. I thought, and so many others, that we need to see him fight against Tom Aspinall,” Cormier said. “He now seems open to that. Now it does not seem like the Stipe fight will be the end of the career. I believe that Jon Jones still has a lot to offer for the UFC. I believe that Jon Jones, at his age now … can fight for another few years. I believe that there are some big fights out there for him.

“He also recognizes that there is not fight bigger than the Francis Ngannou fight. That’s why he is talking to him. That’s why he is still hoping for that. I don’t know that that happens, because not only do I not know because Francis is in the PFL, but I don’t know if Francis is going to fight MMA again. So I think it might be time for all of us to let go of the idea that we are at some point going to get Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou.

“But what we should celebrate is that Jon Jones seems to be ready to fight past just Stipe Miocic. Because I’ve got to know what this guy really has at heavyweight. He is the greatest light heavyweight of all time, but what does he look like in an extended fight? I believe we will get that versus Miocic, and now that he says that he will fight Aspinall, I believe we get that against Aspinall. A young, hungry lion that wants to do nothing more than take your head off.”

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