Daniel Cormier goes scorched earth on Joaquin Buckley: ‘Shut up p*ssy’

Daniel Cormier accepts that he’ll face criticism in his job as a UFC color commentator and analyst but daring to mention his late mother is a bridge too far.

UFC welterweight Joaquin Buckley made that mistake when he took aim at Cormier and several other fighters who criticized his callout following a win at UFC St. Louis. In front of his hometown crowd, Buckley picked up another impressive win but then went on an ill-advised diatribe calling for a fight against Conor McGregor while also insulting the Irish superstar’s family — including his mother.

Later that same night, UFC CEO Dana White shot down the request with an emphatic “no” when asked if Buckley might actually get his wish. Cormier later commented that the callout was “horrible,” especially with the way Buckley insulted McGregor’s family.

“Let this be known Daniel Cormier, Michael Bisping, Chael Sonnen — Ya mommas raised some hoes!!!!!,” Buckley wrote on Twitter. “Ya’ll really trying to twist up my words knowing damn well what I said in that cage but it’s OK we can all have some fun.”

Cormier responded with a fiery message aimed at Buckley that pulled no punches.

“Shut up p*ssy!” Cormier said. “Maybe listen. You had a dumb ass call out. You’re getting talked about by three of the biggest voices in the game. Maybe listen. It was the worst call out in history. Don’t let winning at few fights at 170 pounds get you too excited, bruh. Don’t mention Audrey!”

Audrey is Cormier’s late mother, who passed away in 2022.

It’s safe to say Buckley isn’t currying any favor with three of the more prominent voices in the sport, especially with fighters like Cormier and Bisping, who also call fights for the UFC.

Of course, Buckley’s decision to call out McGregor has been widely criticized far beyond what Cormier, Bisping and Sonnen have said publicly.

Rather than seeking out a higher-ranked opponent at welterweight with a raucous home crowd behind him, Buckley opted to ask for McGregor, who is already locked up in a fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 303 in June.

There’s still no word on who Buckley might actually get next but judging by his latest back and forth with a UFC Hall of Famer, Cormier might be the one to come out of retirement and volunteer for duty.

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