Dana White RECEIVES another INSANE gift! Shavkat WRESTLING SPAR Bellator champ!REACTIONS to PFL news

MMA news today:

PFL officially acquires Bellator

MMA COMMUNITY react to PFL’s acquisition of Bellator

MICHAEL CHANDLER preparing for Conor McGregor fight

DANIEL CORMIER advises Israel Adesanya to not fight Alex Pereira at 205

FOOTAGE of Shavkat Rahkmonov wrestling spar vs. Bellator champ Jason Jackson

DANA WHITE receives another insane gift

00:00 Shavkat Rakhmonov wrestling spar vs. Bellator champ
01:36 Daniel Cormier advises Israel Adesanya to not fight Alex Pereira at 205
03:27 PFL officially acquires Bellator
04:22 MMA community react to PFL’s acquisition of Bellator
06:09 Michael Chandler training for Conor McGregor fight
07:25 Dana White receives another insane gift
08:36 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's kick today's news off with An electrifying wrestling Spar between Shafkat Rock manov and the reigning Bellator Welterweight Champion footage Has emerged of fifth ranked UFC Welterweight shavkat Rock manov Spar Wrestling versus the new Bellator Welterweight Champion Jason [Applause] Jackson Let's [Applause] Go [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Sh Hey [Applause] Daniel Cormier gets honest on adisan Versus Pera 4 after becoming the UFC Light heavyweight champion at UFC 295 The first thing Alex Pera did was call Out isra to sign into a fourth fight in Their last Clash at UFC 287 Izzy scored A brutal knockout win over the Brazilian Fighter speaking on the DC and RC show DC waited on a potential fourth fight Between the two and advised adna to not Take this fight as he's the last man to Score the win in that rivalry he doesn't Like him at all and it tells me honestly The Rivalry means more to him than all

Of his accomplishments because Izzy's Down right now right Izzy just lost the Belt he said he's walking away is he's Down but Alex is trying to make him back Relevant in the title picture because he Just wants to fight him Iz he doesn't Have the power now when he was the guy In the bar watching at asagna from a far Izzy had all the power he had all the Juice but by calling him out he's at Home on his couch chilling Izzy starts Smiling and says Let It Go I'm going Golfing like he can play him that way And guess what if I'm at a son RC I'm Playing it that way because guess why if I'm the Oklahoma border regions Oklahoma State I'm never playing him again Because I got the last one with LSU in Alabama man I'm taking that and that's Just what Izzy should do izy should say You know what no I know that it's that Bad for you so you gonna have to live With that one you gotta eat that one for The rest of your life I don't care what You accomplish you never getting a Chance to get it back I don't know if Izzy has that ability but you and I both Know Edna's Petty he made fun of the Man's children so if he that petty he's Going to be okay sitting there and going Nope you might have won three but I got The last one live with it defend your Belt the pfl has officially acquired Bellator after months of rumors and

Speculation pfl's acquisition of Bellator is final on Monday pfl Chief Don Davis announced the news over social Media he wrote new MMA Global Powerhouse Pfl acquires Bellator our fight roster Equal to UFC both 30% top 25 World Ranked Fighters pfl launch reimagined Bellator belor International Champions Series mega event for fans in 2024 pfl Champs vers Bel Champs the brand will Continue primarily overseas under pfl Ownership also per Don Davis the pfl has Offered Bellator MMA president Scott Coker as well as his entire team an Opportunity to stay on with the brand if They want Paramount is also still Involved in the company through a Minority stake here's how the MMA Community reacted to the news massive News the pfl has acquired Bellator this Is insane news for the whole entire Industry and makes pfl even more of a Global Powerhouse with a fight roster Now equal to that of the UFC's and we Have some challenges let's prove it Their Champions versus our Champions Let's make it Happen come on now Francis wrote Game Changers congratulations on a Gamechanging announcement in the MMA Space the opportunities for pfl and Belare athletes under this Banner are Endless Josh Thompson said excited for The fighters in the new challenges

They'll face with the emerging of Rosters what fights do you want to see Them make first Megan Anderson tweeted This is huge for the sport it will be Interesting to see how everything pans Out moving forward fans wrote think Everyone saw that coming I do hope we Can see pfl challenge the likes of UFC In one a bit especially if they Integrate the better Bellator Fighters Into pfl but as of right now that is if They can make all the right decisions to Keep fans happy in MMA that's a big if Don danis tweeted Bellator really took 100k from me just to get sold crazy how Life Works MMA gain said hopefully they Do a better job advertising fights than Bellator next UFC buys them and closes The doors LOL Patty's new home pfl going To be the leading competitor of the UFC In 10 years tops finally the long Weighted match up between enanu versus Bader is now possible LOL I honestly Think the first season w belor didn't Succeed was due to the name and logo of Course there's many reasons but I think The name/ logo had something to do with It in my Opinion Michael Chandler's preparing for The Conor McGregor fight Chandler has Posted new training footage as he Prepares for his long anticipated fight Against Conor McGregor according to Connor's coach John kavanau the two will

Clash inside the Octagon July 2024 [Music] Back [Music] Back [Music] [Music] The next topic is Dana White receives Another insane gift in a video posted to His social media the UFC president Showed off his brand new BMW 7 from Rozak locks what a crazy ass weekend I I Posted the other day you saw what Taylor Lean and Steve will do it did for me Right and then today uh there's a kid Named Raz you see him doing a lot of Prize pick stuff shows up here today he Buys me a 2024 BMW uh 760 XI and just Just to give you an idea what this car Does all you got to do is push a button And literally the doors open the entire Car is is is uh you know is exactly like This everything you do is push button You push a button and the door's open You push a button and the door's closed If I open the back here hold on let me Show you this real quick I'll make this I'll keep this simple there's basically There's a TV there's a TV in the Back the car is completely controlled Right Here on the door you can control the Whole car from there

Anyway these kids are awesome and uh Pretty crazy when you got 21y old kids Buying your cars here are the top three Memes found on the internet today third Place was found over Instagram and was Posted by usern named daily do MMA the second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by usern named As shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over X and was posted by a usern named MMA roasted [Applause] Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk