DAMN! They Were Good: Kimbo Slice, a street legend turned MMA superstar

DAMN! They Were Good celebrates the careers of our favorite fighters in MMA history. On this episode, the MMA Fighting staff takes a deep dive into the late Kimbo Slice, an internet legend who became the biggest star in MMA.

Back in the early 2000s when MMA was still making its way into the mainstream, the more sophomoric corners of the internet birthed an entirely different kind of combat sport: bareknuckle fights in backyards and boatyards all across Miami. At the time, Kimbo Slice – real name Kevin Ferguson – was a driver and bodyguard for a pornography company, and began engaging in street fights for extra money. Not long after that, Kimbo’s friends decided to video those fights and upload them to the internet, and almost overnight, a sensation was born.

Thanks to those videos, Kimbo Slice became one of the most talked about fighters on the planet, rubbing shoulders with real life celebrity A-listers. Soon afterwards, he made the move into MMA, headlining the first MMA show on network television and then even joining up with the UFC. A move to Bellator and then boxing followed, and all the while, Kimbo remained a beloved figure in the space until his tragic passing in 2016 at age 42 due to congestive heart failure.

But though Kimbo is gone, his spirit lives on as do the many legendary moments he gave us. Which of those were our favorite and what was it like to live through the Kimbo Slice era? Listen in as the MMA Fighting crews remembers remembers the life and times of one of MMA’s greatest stars.

New episodes of the DAMN! They Were Good podcast come out biweekly and are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever else you find your favorite podcasts. This week’s episode can be heard below.

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