Conor McGregor Facing MAJOR BACKLASH after recent photos! Ray Longo on Weidman’s win! Yan-Chito Vera

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00:00 Sean O’Malley training hard for Merab Dvalishvili
00:49 Ray Longo reacts to Chris Weidman’s controversial win
02:58 Joaquin Buckley clarifies his comments about James Krause
04:24 Bisping gets honest on Khamzat Chimaev vs. Robert Whittaker matchup
05:45 Petr Yan responds to Chito Vera’s callout
06:18 Fans slam Conor McGregor after recent photos
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All right let's get this show started in Today's news sha Elly begins training Camp for the morab devish villy fight Sean just dropped a clip of him training Hard in preparation for what is expected To be a tough Fight Coach Ray Longo reacts to Chris Weidman's controversial win Weidman Emerged victorious in Atlantic City over The weekend but not without stirring Controversy what was originally a TKO Stoppage over Bruno Silva was changed Into a unanimous decision verdict for Weidman because of an accidental eye Pooke landing on his opponent in the Final round the outcome has sparked a Ton of backlash especially from the Affected Silva who intends on appealing The loss to the New Jersey athletic Commission speaking on unlocking the Cage weidman's longtime coach Ray Longo Shared his take on the situation coach Longo said that despite the IPO Controversy he's happy with what he saw From Weidman and believes that would Have still won by decision even if the Fight didn't end with the eye poke uh But he got his eye poke too I don't want To get crazy with this uh if there's a Picture where he's getting thumbed right In the eye he chose not to even complain About it which I'm not saying is right Or wrong but um yeah no you have to be

Concerned because the the last thing you Wanted to do uh is see that become a Problem but you got to remember too the First round was clean he won that Convincingly um in the second round I Think there was a minor IE poke where They stopped but he won that round too So you know he was up in the fight Either way uh I think he won that fight You know no even if they went to the Score cards which is exactly what they Did at the end but either way as a coach Jimmy that's what I said today even if It was a DQ I'm happy what I saw for a Guy that went through a horrific injury Like he did to come back like that at 39 Years old going to be 40 in a couple of Months I thought it was fantastic it's a Win either way for me no matter what Happened and you know he's not Intentionally poking you in the eye you Know what I mean so it was unfortunate And I hate to see it play out like that But you know the right thing would be Just do a rematch you know what I mean I Thought he was I didn't think he could Lose that fight in the third round That's and I was more concentrating on That just to stay focused and not let's Not make any mental mistakes and uh you Know it is what it is Walken Buckley Provides clarification on his recent Video regarding James Krauss in a recent Post Buckley said that after his fight

With Vicente luk he noticed Krauss Handing vente a ticket and commending Him for doing a good job now Buckley Posted another video clarifying that This was just an April Fool's Joke what's up y' it's your boy why new Manuck it's crazy I even got to make This video but I got to do it and listen The last post I made it was obviously a A heartwarming joke April fools uh but a Lot of you guys is crazy the amount of People that actually believe that Situation would actually happen that was A fictional story that I made up I Thought it would be funny right we Definitely with James cruss coming back Out in out of the blue you know making a Facebook post you know so I thought say Hey why don't I just make fun of this Right and then people already making the Assumption that luk K thre this right uh Listen none of that happened uh I was The better man that night uh I broke Vente luk in that fight and he wasn't Able to uh be able to endure the Pressure that I was putting on him uh so He had to Shell up cover up or get Knocked out and he and he chose not to Get knocked out so Keith Peterson had to Protect him and stop the fight right Just that simple Mike Bisping gets Honest on the Hamza shimay versus Robert Whitaker match up during a recent Episode of his bym podcast Bisping said

That shaya's corner has quote unquote Got to be concerned for his first five Round fight against Robert Whitaker Bisping believes that if shimaya fails To secure an early finish he may face Significant challenges in the later Rounds this concern arises based on his Previous two fights against Kamar Usman And Gilbert Burns where Hamza seemed to Guess out towards the end of the fight Yeah sure sure sure but so the first Five round fight that he's been in um Which automatically if you're in the Corner of hamzat Chim you got to be Concerned one thing Robert whtz is not Going to do is run out of gas he's very Very experienced fighting at the highest Level for the long time uh without Getting into the X's and O's the the the Obvious thing is Hamza always gases he's A tremendous force of nature I mean the Way he takes people down and dominates Them right from the opening bell I mean He did the same thing against Kamar Usman granted didn't get the Finish but He definitely did slow down against Gilbert Burns Same thing he he had a great round one Two and three were kind of close uh five Rounds against somebody like Robert Witzer if he can't finish him early that Could be uh that could be a disastrous Night for him in Saudi Arabia fil Yan Accepts Cho Vera's call out following

His UFC 299 loss to sha Elly Vera called Yan out to a fight in November during a Recent interview with KP sport Yan Accepted the challenge saying do I want To fight Marlin Vera yes I'll be ready By November of course I'll do it I'll Take him to a mixed martial arts school You saw how Yong showed his best boxing It went a little off the rails things Won't go according to plan for Vera Either that's 100% we're going with what We've got so far October and November is A good time to make the fight fans slam Conor McGregor after recent photos McGregor has posted new photos on his Instagram page where he was seen Partying with a group of women at his Pub in Dublin the woman who CAU the most Amount of attention is boxing star ebony Bridges Ebony and McGregor have made Headlines in the past and many fans are Wondering what the connection between The pair Is here are some reactions bro never Take pictures with his actual wife Laughing him out posting the same chick 12 times when you have a wife is crazy Before you all start judging D allows Him to throw that thing around as long As she picks them facts has them vetted And tested de is a smart ride or die she Knows how the game is played Conor going To get that whole Pub pregnant no Respect for your family where's bro's

Wife Everyone Loves You When money Flying around when it's gone your wife And kids will be gone as well pay Attention to the things that matter Before it's too late your kids will see This one day and recognize how you Treated their your mom gross your wife Is way prettier than these girls what The is wrong with you you have a wife And children gross just remember brother Family comes above all Necessities today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by no even Swedish second place meme was found over On Facebook and was posted by Robert the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by raw Power thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk