Colby Covington’s FIRST INTERVIEW after UFC 296 loss! Dana White GOES OFF! Belal-Edwards’ coach

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00:00 Leon Edwards’ coach says he prefers Gilbert Burns to Belal Muhammad for Leon’ next fight
01:34 Belal Muhammad fires back at Leon’s coach
02:08 Dana White goes off on a fan during IQ Q&A
03:34 Colby Covington claims Trump support cost him a UFC title
05:03 MMA Community reacts to Covington’s latest conspiracy theory
06:13 Shavkat Rakhmonov receives hero’s welcome in Kazakhstan
07:27 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started bam Mohammad fires back at Leon Edwards's coach during yesterday's Appearance on the MMA hour edwards's Coach Dave LVL claimed he would like to See a student fight former title Challenger Gilbert Burns next rather Than a rematch against balal Muhammad Claiming Burns brings more to the table Than balal is balal next in your opinion Or do you want him to go in a different Direction well we don't know do we ER Because um uh Dana didn't announce that It was it was so we're just as as be Weldered as you um to be honest if I Really had a choice but I don't think it Will happen I would likely have to fight Burns but Burns had two two bites to the Cherry um uh I think maybe they' want Burns maybe to have a couple more before If he was going to be a contender for Leon but if I had a choice who would be Next I would prefer burn Burns um over Bow because I think Burns brings more to The table than bow um because lean beat Not well I shouldn't say that he had the No contest against below um it looked Like you can't judge it by the first Round totally but it looked like Leon Obviously had the first round locked Down with b and he was going in for the Kill in the second until the I poke Occurred you know but um yeah but if I Had a chance overall I would like Burns

But we'll take whoever they throw with Us the law was quick to respond tweeting So this is how Leon learns his ducking Technique fou it up with Leon's opinion Doesn't matter his coach doesn't matter The only person I care about is Dana and He gave me his word that's all that Matters we're next and the fact they're Showing fear only gives me more Confidence you should be afraid that's When Leon chimed in LOL Bal calm down Son you're the least intimidating person In the organization I already told UFC I Don't mind I'll fight you next that's Easy work you just have to figure out Why they hate you so Much dinay has gone off on a fan during An Instagram Q&A the UFC president ran a Live broadcast on Instagram yesterday And flipped out on a fan when they Called him a budlight sellout Alexa grao Merry Christmas you little Badass budlight sellout oh who's this Guy somebody call me a budlight sellout First of all you let's start there okay Um uh take take a look into anheiser Bush and what they do before you open Your Big uh and mind your own business how About that too Dana also provided an Update on UFC 300's card I will be Announcing Uh we'll be announcing the 300 Card soon very soon not the whole card

Some of it Um but yeah so we get ready for that too Who's that Mackenzie D what's up Mackenzie D fan later suggested that Dana should fight Joe Rogan UFC 300 Dana Fight Joe Rogan for 300 you know how old Me and Joe Rogan are Buddy we fight to get out of bed every Day oh this Fu guy again oil yourself up Dana it's probably Tiki under him that's Got to be Tiki under a fake name no tiki I will not oil myself up how did I get That so shiny ball dude's heads are Normally Shiny Kobe Covington speaks out about His UFC 296 loss Covington has Attributed his recent loss to Leon to a Conspiracy theory involving former US President Donald Trump in an interview With Fox News Covington claimed that his Outspoken support for Trump may have Cost him the title alleging that the Judges fueled by a disdain for the Former president favored his opponent Here it from Colby I'm looking at the Total strikes here you got more total Strikes he same amount to the Head you were in control much longer Than he was control time I mean this is I didn't see the fight and I'm sorry but You know I couldn't make it but I mean It looks like you won on paper uh do you Think now that you're a trump supporter Outwardly this cost you uh

Fights I do believe that you know I Think they St to get the deck against us Cuz they don't want we the people to Have control of this country again and That's what Trum Trump stands for he Stands for democracy he stands for Freedom so they're going to do every Everything they can to keep us down you Know from shadowbanning Us online even If we're saying the truth you know They're not going to let us they're Going to make us censored not let the People see that you know if it's in a Judging position in a fight or any type Of athletic uh sporting event they're Going to stack the deck against us so It's a sad time in our country but you Know we the people we need to rise up And we can't let this keep us down Here's how the MMA Community reacted to Covington's Theory Ali abdalaziz said This guy lost fair and square but using President Trump's name to get clout it's Actually very sad Shaheen alati this Just sad at this point ztn Blanco Tweeted he's still going on with this Gimmick just let it go bro it's over Then he should this meme captioned Kobe Covington when he fought Leon Edwards at UFC 296 Charlie Quinn give it a best man Ambrose the king kobby Covington was an Embarrassment in his fight against Leon Edwards and he should never fight on the Main card ever again Jessie whoever made

The decision to have this pansy on your Show should be fired other fans wrote I Don't know what's more embarrassing Kobe Or Fox News laughing my ass off you Literally lost the first four rounds and Just held Leon in the fifth while giving Him no damage or submission is honestly Embarrassing they need to book Kobe ver Shava so we can see him obscure into Mediocrity in the shadows dude set on on The sidelines for most of his prime Years and now he's too old to be Competitive at 170 Leon is just a better Fighter now should have fought him four Years ago when you were calling him Leon Scott how you lose all three of your Title shots then blame The Apprentice Host shabot Rock manov receives a Heroes Welcome in Kazakhstan rockov success in The octagon has led to increased support From MMA fans in Kazakhstan finding his Impressive win at UFC 296 over stevenh Thompson shavkat returned to his home Country where hundreds of people awaited His return the unforgettable moment was Caught on camera by promotion Kazakhstan On Instagram check out this Clip Listen up fight fans we've been working Behind the scenes on a newsletter that Will allow you to read and see content We can't always post on here this will Allow us all to better stay in the Talk time for today's top memes third

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