Colby Covington FLIPS Masvidal’s fans OFF at Miami Heat Game!Dana White ASKED for an UNUSUAL REQUEST

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00:00 Merab Dvalishvili reveals why he’s single
00:37 Ngannou’s coach predicts KO win over Anthony Joshua
02:08 Israel Adesanya update on his potential UFC return
03:37 Sean Strickland’s fiery message to PED users
04:16 Chael Sonnen doubts McGregor fights Chandler in June
05:58 Fan asks Dana White to take a picture w/ his dog
06:59 Colby Covington flips Masvidal’s fans off
07:49 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show started Let's start today's news with morab Filly revealing why he's single check Out this light-hearted clip he recently Posted to social Media hey baby what do you [Music] Need hey Baby hey Baby Hey baby Mor Rob what took you so long To Answer coach Eric nixi previews Francis Enanu versus Anthony Joshua the New Year Opened up with a bang last week when it Was announced that enanu will go Head-to-head with Joshua in a 10- round Heavyweight boxing match that is Expected to take place this March in Riyad Saudi Arabia in an interview with Jimmy Smith on unlocking the cage inu's Longtime coach Eric nixi shared his Thoughts on the matchup and said that Francis's power will be too much to Handle for Joshua and that the Heavyweight will not be able to eat Francis's shots the same way Tyson Fury Did hear it from coach Nick siik I mean I think Francis causes chin problems That anybody that he finds and he Touches you know and and even if they Don't have chin problems Francis will Make them feel that power and that Element the moment even if it's glancing

Through the gloves even if it's hitting The forearms right and that's a lot of Our game plan even in the Tyson Fury Fight we didn't care what he blocked it Hurts to get punched in your damn arms You know we're going to try to take him Off balance and and and when we punch You we're going to move your stance We're going to move your base those are A lot of things I don't think people Really understand it's a lot of times When we're throwing things it's not to Knock you out it's to get you off your Base and then be able to capitalize on You having a faulty step you know so um For us I think that's the thing is is uh Joshua will be there not as much as Tyson Fury was there Joshua will be There he's a plotting kind of fighter And I think we're we're going to be able To find him whether it's to his body or To the Head we'll find him at some point In that fight isra has opened up on a Decision to step away from fighting Speaking to Teddy Atlas in an interview Published to his YouTube channel isra Adania delve deep into the details of His Hiatus from the sport emphasizing The significant impact of too much Activity and injuries Adisa also Revealed that his decision to take a Break was largely influenced by mental Reasons although he believes he could Make a comeback to top form the former

Champion openly acknowledged that he Needs to prioritize his mental Well-being before returning to the sport You can watch the full interview on Izzy's YouTube channel we've attached a Link in the video description cuz I said I'm taking a break right bro when I when I said that I got you you think people Cuz people were responding to me you Think I was like I'm not dying I'm I'm I'm still here I'm not retiring I'm here I'm just taking a little break cuz look Four fights in the last 14 months as a Champion active so I'm like like n and Also I got some things I need to fix so I'm like let me just take a break but Your man Bowski might need a break too No he will I agree I just jumped on that It's the way we do me and him we're the Two most active champions in UFC history 100% it's almost crazy that's why I love The mirror it's a magical portal man I Can see I I missed the Beast and I kept On saying it and I just it's still I Know it's there but I'm like no we got To just chill put it in the stable for Now just work and I'll help my teammates When I get back home and whatnot but It'll get to a point when I come back I Can't wait to unleash it again but in The meantime patience practicing Patience cuz everything is happening for Me Sean Strickland sends a fiery message To all steroid users Strickland has

Expressed fervent views on the UFC Strategy in handling steroid users the UFC middleweight champ recently took Text and proposed a lifetime ban for UFC Fighters who fail a drug test writing if You pop for steroids EPO whatever the it Is it should be a lifetime ban tainted Supplement is one thing but the real Lifetime ban if UFC athletic commission Gave a it would be a standard most of The roster would agree to this what do You guys think of Strickland's take Should Fighters that used PS get a Lifetime ban from the UFC let us know Your thoughts in the comments below Chill sun in questions whether McGregor Versus Chandler will actually take place McGregor recently announced that his Fight with Chandler will take place this June at International fight week at 185 Lbs however chel sunon and Daniel Cormier are not confident that this Fight will actually go down speaking on The DC and RC show DC and Cha warned Chandler to not believe everything that Connor says as the fight hasn't been Officially announced by the UFC taking The shots is there a danger in Michael Chandler doing that taking everything That Connor says and running with it Because I believe that that's why we're Still not at this fight yet I feel if Michael Chandler would have put said Okay fine I'll move on from him they

Would have already fought in the Octagon yeah no I think you bring up a Really good point I mean don't forget Chandler isn't doing this to promote Something he is playing a game of chess He does not have a signed bout agreement He hasn't been offered a signed bout Agreement as far as having a verbal and A and a and a promise he he is at that Point and that's why I'm bringing up the Rounds in the weight class like this Thing is not done that is my point Gentlemen so when Chandler is saying This he's just trying to box him in but Conor is is very difficult he's slippery He's good at this I mean the video he Put out he telegraphed it two days in Advance said he would put it out it was Pre-recorded it was pre-edited I mean All of these things are done for a very Specific reason including the te's of The weight class it's a way out if we Can't come to the agreement and you're The one that's flinching I win in Perception I can move on there's just a Lot happening here this fight and this Deal is not done maybe that's my biggest Message I'm trying to tell you Dan know White provides us with a UFC 300 card Update during an Instagram live session On Tuesday Dana said that it has been Too crazy at the office and that the Matchmaker meeting will now take place On Wednesday after it takes place he

Will announce more UFC 300 fights all You psychos they're blowing me up about UFC 300 we didn't it was too crazy at The office today we didn't have Matchmaking matchmaking is tomorrow I'll Have some 300 fights for you tomorrow Fan also asked Dana to snap a picture With this the dog okay thank you nice to Meet you man the dogs are you huh can You take a picture with her take a Picture with your dog uh-huh she was in Your office like yeah yeah all right Come on thank you so much come on buddy Smile baby Rousy Rousey Rousy Rousy thank you so much you're welcome Sir and thank you for giving me your Seat pleas have a great day I was Cheering right behind Hunter God bless You good to see you Kobe Covington gets trolled by fans of Jorge mosal Covington has hailed himself As the king of Miami ever since beating Mosal at UFC 272 back in March of 2022 However since then Kobe has fallen out Of favor with many fans due to his Actions both in and out of the cage and Now it looks like he's even getting Trolled in his own City in a video Posted by Kendall Supply on Instagram Covington was heckled by fans at a Recent Miami Heat NBA game hey this is Georgia city brother This is Georgia city 305 M Kobe

Goodbye Georgia City I don't even know who you Are time for today's top three memes Third place was found over on Instagram And was posted by Beaver Smash TV Second place meme was found over on IG And was posted by a username as shopped As it Gets the top picked meme was found over Instagram and was posted by daily dose MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk Sh