Chuck Liddell SLAMS Sean Strickland & Colby Covington! Askren vs. Masvidal 2 at UFC 300? Dana update

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00:00 Conor McGregor mocks Michael Chandler
00:30 Jon Anik reacts to Tyron Woodley s*x tape leak
01:19 Khamzat Chimaev gives positive health update
02:47 Dana White provides update on UFC 300 card
04:23 Ben Askren open to Jorge Masvidal rematch at UFC 300
05:36 Chuck Liddell slams Covington & Strickland
06:50 Jiri Prochazka finding new ways to training
07:34 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show started Conor McGregor has just posted some Mocking training footage McGregor Taunted his rival Michael Chandler by Posting a video to his social media Where he's seen partying while Chandler Is engaged in intense [Music] Training John anic reacts to Tyron Woodley next Tape leak Woodley woke up New Year's Day To discover an alleged previously Recorded tape involving himself released On social media now while doing a Podcast with Kenny floran UFC Commentator John anik humorously reacted To Woodley's footage here's the clip we Used to do a hottest male fighter of the Year and I gave that award to Tyron Woodley once and T wood was in the news Actually on uh on New Year's Day I Almost pulled out my Tyron Woodley UFC Welterweight champion t-shirt to wear Today you didn't think I was going there Kflow I did not think you're going there All I will Say I had buckets of respect for t-wood Before what some of you might have seen And now I have even more respect for my Man hamashima have just shared some Positive Health updates as we reported Yesterday hamzat recently revealed that He's been going through some health Struggles now in a video posted to his

IG store Ries Hamza shared a positive Update as he's back in training he also Claimed that he wants to become the UFC Champion this year the video was created By Invictus voices production you can Find the link to their channel in the Video description Below why why you keep sping everybody Was finished everybody go Home I want to stay Champion Brother I have to win for f to kill Every own B I don't know this like Christmas now That's why it may be Take but we stay Christmas holiday every Day yeah Man how to work when you seek how to Rest Now smarter More to take [Music] This it's My they know it's my Bel but justy guys Run way as soon I take Them Dana White gives an update on the UFC 300 card Dana hosted an Instagram Live on Wednesday and said that he's Currently vacationing in Bali until Sunday he also mentioned that he will Have a matchmaking meeting on Tuesday Tuesday after which he will have more Fight announcements for the UFC 300 Card it's morning here I'm I'm in [Music]

Bali yes UFC 300 I know everybody's Waiting for that I'm on vacation I get Home Sunday and uh so I get home Sunday Tuesday is uh Matchmaking and I'll start ripping off Some um start ripping off some fights For 300 making some announcements Maybe I'll do one while I'm here yeah This is this is my room is this crazy This is literally my room hold on let me Let me let me go out here for a sec I'll Show you guys this this is literally my Room this whole if you can [ __ ] Believe this this whole thing is my Room and all of this over here too for As far as you can see behind Me this is all my room my my uh son and His buddy are over there in That little [ __ ] Cabana eating Breakfast they're about to go surfing But uh yeah badass little spot him in Right Now speaking of UFC 300 Dustin porier Has shut down talks of a potential match Up against Nate Diaz for the event when Asked by a fan overx Dustin replied no It ain't happening and Asin says he is Willing to run it back against Jorge Madal mpal made headlines earlier this Week officially announcing that he was Out of retirement back in July of 2019 Gamebr famously handed Asin his first Career loss via knockout after a vicious Flying knee in the opening seconds of

The fight 5 years later esrin says that He is down to run it back in the Octagon His do gonna fight why don't you try to Fight him listen listen okay I will make A right now if if Dana called me and Said Ben George mazal UFC 300 Internation I don't give a damn I'm out Of retirement I'll fight him I don't Care only mix martial arts though yeah What am I I'm I suck at boxing you guys Saw that not find boxing you Dumb not Boxing only only dude would you you Would just would you yeah he ain't gonna Fight I mean I want to fight I would Love to see it I would love to see it Because bro that first fight was such That was so crazy that was the only time That could ever happen in your life yes Unfortunately But he'll never say yes to that unless Maybe he loses some more money or Something uh but it would be great I Would love to Chuck lell has criticized Kobe Covington and Shan Strickland's Trash Talk the UFC Hall of Famer is not A fan of what he's been seeing lately Speaking on a recent edition of street Fight with Bradley Martin Liddell Discussed trash talkers such as Cumington and Strickland and everything That has happened prior to UFC 296 he Said some of the stuff they do nowadays It's not okay like how me I mean it

Crosses some lines I think but I mean it Is what it is I guess it's the thing now Talking about someone's father talking About someone's kids like hey man I like Kby but hey bro you moth off about my Kids you better have your hands up when I step to you I think Jake Shields dealt With a guy he said something to him Here's the thing some fans say some BS About you whatever but if you're one of Us you're a fighter you don't get a pass To trash me you can talk about me you Can talk about my Camp talk about my Coach what whatever that's all fair game But don't talk about my kids don't talk About my family don't come after me that Way because you're one of us if I come Up and slap you don't act surprised like Hey bro you better expect it like I'm Not typically that guy I don't want to Hurt anybody but I'm very protective of People I care About Erie prasa is back in training After UFC 295s loss check out this clip Of the former UFC light heavyweight Champ seen striking Tre And connecting with the outdoors as he Prepares for his Comeback Time for today's top three memes third Place was found over Facebook and was Posted by hilarious MMA second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by it shopped

As it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over Facebook and was posted by a user Named Robert Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk