Charles Oliveira BREAKS SILENCE after UFC 294! Dana REVEALS why Miocic is not fighting at UFC 295!

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DANIEL CORMIER gets honest on Jon Jones’ UFC 295 withdrawal

ALEXANDER VOLKANOVSKI receives hero’s welcome at airport after UFC 294 defeat

CHARLES OLIVEIRA breaks silence following UFC 294 event

SEAN O’MALLEY criticizes Khamzat Chimaev’s post fight interview

DANA WHITE reveals why Stipe Miocic is not fighting for the interim title at UFC 295

TOM ASPINALL reveals why he wasn’t already on the UFC 295 card

00:00 – Alex Volkanovski receives hero’s welcome in Australia
01:32 – Dana White reveals why Stipe Miocic is not fighting for the interim title at UFC 295
02:59 – Daniel Cormier gets honest on Jon Jones’ UFC 295 withdrawal
04:49 – Tom Aspinall reveals why he wasn’t already on the UFC 295 card
06:09 – Charles Oliveira breaks silence following UFC 294 event
06:56 – Sean O’Malley criticizes Khamzat Chimaev’s post fight interview
07:37 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show started Alexander volkanovski receives a hero's Welcome at the airport after UFC 294s [Applause] [Applause] Defeat [Music] [Applause] Uh yes that was a surprise I had no Idea um I was walking out and I've seen A few I'm like what the second is that And so prob we by surprise I turned up a Little bit coming down and I end up Holding it together over Here but um yeah obviously really Appreciate everyone the support's been Incredible uh but yeah thank you for Everyone that's here obviously I can't Thank everyone that many people here but He's are probably going to be watching Through this thank you I really Appreciate it means a lot to me um but Don't worry I'm all good I'm going to be Back guarantee you that speaking to the Media during Wednesday's power slap Press conference Dana White revealed how He found out about Jon Jones's injury That forced him out of UFC 295 and Explained why the UFC didn't book stpe Miic to fight for the interim Heavyweight title at UFC 295 yeah John called said that he hurt His shoulder uh you know training and Wrestling and they his team thought that

You know you just need a few days off And you'll be fine and whatever he he Felt like something was really wrong Flew out here did the MRI found out what Was wrong and uh you know he was super Emotional about it really upset and uh You know we did what we do and flipped It and made another fight I think a lot Of people want to know um if Stipe was Offered to fight one of them or if he Decided he wanted to wait for jnes Stipe Is not fighting for an inter room title You know what I mean I I I wouldn't so Jones said I want to fight steep I said You're fighting steepe this is you have The greatest heavyweight of all time Versus the greatest mixed martial artist Of all time this is a legacy fight for Both of those guys I mean to even call Stipe and ask Stipe to fight for an Interim title is you know complete Disrespect this this is a fight for two Legends legacy two of the greatest to Ever do It fans want to see it I want to see it And they both want to do it so In an interview with ESPN mma's Brett Okamoto Daniel Cormier reacted to Jon Jones's withdrawal from UFC 295 DC Expressed concern that the anticipated Fight may not happen after all the Decision by the UFC to reschedule Jones Vers mic for 2024 took him by surprise This was made even more puzzling to him

As they are currently arranging Pavlovich versus aspal for the interim Title Surprising you know because the fight's Not happening but not You know at times it can be it can be Hard to keep these fights together I Think Most surprising to me and I would think That chill would agree is that they Intend to rebook the fight why are they Doing an interim title fight my whole Thought is this I don't think that Stipe Has eight months to wait I thought that He was right around the time that he has To get this fight done right now or the Time will pass him by I don't know that He has eight months to wait for uh Jon Jones to get healthy and uh that's a Problem that's a real problem DC also Believes that it might be difficult to Make this fight happen in 2024 when Stipe is 42 years old I think I think if And again this is me and I might come up As coward here I think if he's smart That's the fight that he insists he has Because again 42 years old is what Steepen would be by the time that he Fought CH I don't know how old you were When you fought the last fight against Uh Tito or Fedor but at 41 I felt 41 so For as great as Stipe is I don't know How he could manage that fight with a Guy in Jon Jones that's still in his 30s

In an interview with arel helani on the MMA hour Tom Aspen has revealed the Reason that he wasn't already on the UFC 295 card was because the UFC were under The impression that following J Jones Withe miic He was going to see a double Retirement meaning they were holding him And pavlovich back for a vacant tutle Fight early next year obviously the plan Has now changed oh I guess I can speak About it now really I guess SW I was SW To secrecy a little bit no no no um so I Think the original plan was kind Of obviously them two guys are going to Fight and Sergey is going to be the the Backup and Then they I think they were kind of Under the impression that both guys are Going to retire afterwards and they were Going to kind of see how that played out A little bit oh and if that and if that Didn't happen sorry if if they were both Going to retire then I was going to Fight uh pavlovich for the VAC title Anyway like early next year anyway so I Think they were just kind of going to See what happens after this after this Card anyway so yeah it was just a big Waiting game for me but luckily I stayed In the gym a little bit you know I I'm I'm a professional athlete I take it Very seriously so I'm always in the gym Anyway but like I said my intensity Hasn't been there as if I was training

For a fight but I'm not too far away Charles Olivera has confirmed plans to Book the Islam makev rematch after UFC 294 during Wednesday's interview on the MMA hour Aliva said whoever the UFC says He's going to fight they're going to Fight everybody knows I'm next first in The rankings coming off a great win and Ready to fight like I was before I was Ready for that fight until the cut Happened and I'm next in line no one has Said anything they know who I am they Know what I'm all about they know that I'm going to train to become a champion I'm training and I'm getting ready for It they know what I'm all about I don't Fight for money I fight to make history And I fight for my legacy so I'm going To continue to train continue to get Prepared and try to get up to 100% just Like I was right before this fight when I'm 100% that's when I'll be ready to Fight during a recent episode of the Timbo sugar show sh me reviewed the Co-main event and Hamza shim's majority Decision victory over kamaro Usman sugar Also criticized Hamza for missing the Chance to create hype with his Post-fight interview at UFC 294 he said Didn't call out Paul a Costa didn't call Out Shan Strickland that is your time to Shine in that moment to build your next Fight give the UFC some sound bites give The UFC some promo who do you want next

Who are the fans going to talk about for The next week and he doesn't take that Opportunity do you guys agree or Disagree with sha melly's comments on Hamza shimay have's missed opportunity Who would you like to see Hamza fight Next let's talk through it in the Comments Below here are the top three memes Picked from the internet today third Place was found over Facebook and was Posted by a user named Gregor B same place pick was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named Robert and the top picked meme was found Over Instagram and was posted by a user Named s shop dis it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk