Chael Sonnen & Francis Ngannou ALTERCATION in a parking garage! Gaethje RESPONDS to Bisping!Usman-KO

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00:00 Woodley gets honest on Jake Paul’s chances vs. Mike Tyson
01:06 Sean O’Malley moves on from Ryan Garcia superfight
02:53 Justin Gaethje fires back at Michael Bisping
04:05 Chael Sonnen reveals he almost fought Francis Ngannou last week
05:55 Kamaru Usman reacts to Ngannou’s KO loss
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All right let's get this show Started in today's talk Tyron Woodley Gets honest on Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul speaking on his real right quick Podcast Woodley shared his take on the Recently announced boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul t-wood believes That despite being 57 years old Tyson is Still a better boxer Than Jake and that With his power he could even knock out Current heavyweight boxing champions He's fighting the person the one fighter That most people Fe And I feel like 58 27 the age is not a Factor that's a watch right experience Level obviously is going to go to Mike Tyson if Jake Paul beat Mike Tyson I Don't give a [ __ ] if he's 70 you gonna Have to put at least an ounce of respect On his name he has the power and ability To shift organs in your body if he hit You with the right Force right so I Think he forgot more technique than Jay Paul has ever learned in his life he's Can just go into autopilot and wreck Some of the current heavyweight Champions in the in the boxing division Now shanelly moves on from Ryan Garcia Super fight Elli triumphed at UFC 299 With a unanimous decision win over Chito Bara this Victory sets the stage for a Potential Challenge from Ryan Garcia who Is gearing up to return to the boxing Ring against Devin Haney in April if

Garcia emerges Victorious he aims to Take coneley in the cage however sugar Shan doubts the likelihood of a fight With Garcia ever materializing during Monday's appearance on the MMA hour Elli Stated that there's no way he sees Garcia moving into MMA and that he would Throw in the towel after a single day of Training also Shawn said that if he Moves into the boxing ring he would Rather go for a big fight with a Reliable name like Floyd Mayweather um Again I just think mentally that kid is Not where he needs to be uh we'll see How he looks against Devin Haney and Kind of go from there I feel like an MMA Fight is just so unrealistic there's 0% Chance he would ever even make it to That fight I mean it it would take him One MMA Session One wrestling day one Jiujitsu with anybody that knows Anything for him to realize okay never Mind this is a bad idea so if anything Would happen it would be Boxing I mean I don't really know I Don't even know if I want to a buildup Of that kind of fight with with where His head's at right now you know just Because it would be massive you know Might not Be might not be it but you know there's There's there big bites still up there There's uh come here P you know Floyd Floyd's still kicking you know what I'm

Saying Floyd's still running around the Boxing room so you know I keep going out There and doing what I'm doing there's No I might just skip Ryan I might skip Dante and go straight to the big Dog Justin gatei responds to Michael Bisping's recent comments on his YouTube Channel Michael Bisping proposed that Dustin porier should be next in line for A title fight against Islam makev Additionally he recommended that the Victor of the arm and suin with Charles Alera fight face Justin gaii I am Telling you that was pure violence from The GetGo and I say that makes him jump To the front of the queue right Charles Ala armar rugan they can be next Justus Gagei he's also there okay maybe the Winner of Olivera and S rukin fight just Engaged but I'm telling you right now Don't be surprised okay this is me just Sitting here in my YouTube Studio at my House I haven't spoken to anyone at the UFC I didn't work UFC 299 I have no Inside info but don't be surprised if They make that fight because Dustin poer Deserves it this didn't sit well with Justin who tweeted Bisping talking Bullocks and here's a clip of Gate's Reaction to poet's knockout Victory Yes Say my Name chel sunon reveals that he almost

Fought Francis nanu last week former UFC Champion Francis sanu's second Venture Into the boxing ring did not go as well As his first with Anthony Joshua ending The fight early and violently it also Sounds like Francis nearly had a second Fight on his hands that weekend speaking On the ESPN mma's good guy bad guy show Sunon told the story of him almost Getting into a street fight with in a Parking garage all right now for the Most part this is between Francis and I But Francis and I had to be separated in A parking garage I got to tell you come Face to face with an angry Francis in a Street fight situation so here we are Security breaks it up but they don't get Involved they're over my show I can hear Them yelling at us but they don't Actually come over so now we've turned And squared up I know the same thing About fighting as everybody else Watching this knows about fighting which Is whatever your father taught you and My dad did not tell me I had to wait to Defend myself he told me when they're Within Arms Reach it has begun but Daniel I don't want this thing to jump Off I got an ego too I'm looking I got These glasses I'm thinking about he's Going to crack me with these glasses Francis I'm doing the math too like I Got an ego too you duck Jon Jones I Fight JN right now and I might have to

Fight you right now like this is going Through my mind but my son is about 12T Away and he's in a pair of gloves that Nate Diaz did G it was the Nate Diaz Versus Jake Paul Nate had given him a Pair of gloves so my son my son's over He's Shadow Boxing Francis doesn't know He's there I said Francis not now and he Lets me know this is happening now I've Been looking for you for a while and I Took my hand and I and I just went like This to my son I said not in front of my Son Francis looks over and sees my Son not a word did he say respect he Understood the code he dropped it right There kamaran reacts to Francis sano's Brutal KO loss to Anthony Joshua during A recent episode of pound-for-pound with Kamaru and Henry Usman expressed how Difficult it was for him to witness his Brother being knocked out cold he Advised Francis not to rush back into Fighting and to consider taking some Time Off I I think um you can always point to Different things that might have played A factor here and there but the result Is to it is what it is um it was a hard One watching my brother go down like That um but Hey if you're in this combat sport World Long enough that's bound to happen at Some point and um and it happened it was Uh it was very fairly very difficult

To to See the progression of how things play Play themselves out in the fight but it Happened um we can't we can't shy away From it it's very very tough to to win It's it's to enjoy winning if you don't Know what losing feels like and yes I Will uh you know when he's when he feels Up to it I will me and my brother will Have a conversation we texted a little Bit but um we'll have a conversation and And my advice would just for him would Just be uh to take his time take your Time at the end of the day no one can Tell you when that time is that Appropriate time is because he's a Professional you know just like I am Just like you are he's a professional he Knows his clock he knows his time he Knows what he's he's capable of being Able to Handle time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by daily do Sem8 the second place meme was also Found over on Instagram and was posted By as shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by Squidward Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk