Bruno Silva temporarily lost 30 percent of vision in 1 eye from Chris Weidman’s UFC Atlantic City foul

Bruno Silva is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in his fight with Chris Weidman at UFC Atlantic City.

Silva returned to Curitiba, Brazil, after facing the former middleweight champion in New Jersey this past Saturday. He visited an ophthalmologist to check on his eyes after getting poked in both eyes by Weidman. He said the doctor compared the test results to his most eye exams and noticed a clear decrease in vision caused by the eye pokes.

“[Weidman] poked both my eyes, and the exam showed I lost 30 percent of my vision in one of the eyes,” Silva told MMA Fighting. “But the doctor doesn’t think it’s permanent, he thinks it will come back fast. I’ll have to go back there next week for another test.”

The fight initially was ruled a TKO victory for the American. Then it was overturned to technical decision despite the fact Weidman’s finishing sequence started with blatant pokes to both eyes.

Silva’s team intends to appeal the decision with the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, which oversaw the event. He hopes to overturn the loss to a no-contest.

“The referee was bizarre,” Silva told MMA Fighting the day after the fight. “He f***** up, and then f***** up on top of that, the least they could do is a no-contest. No way. He put his finger inside my eye.”

“We think it’s hard for Chris Weidman to accept a rematch, but the no-contest would be fair,” he added. “Let’s see what the UFC does. I just want things done the right way, the fair way. I went there and fought and you didn’t see any malice from my part.”

The complete interview with Bruno Silva is featured on this week’s episode of MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast.

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