BREAKING! Tyson Fury vs. Usyk PUSHED to February! Derrick Lewis ARRESTED days before UFC main event!

MMA news today:

MERAB DVALISHVILI VS. HENRY CEJUDO being finalizied for January 2024 event

DERRICK LEWIS arrested just days away from return against Jailton Almeida.

MMA COMMUNITY reacts to the news of Lewis’ arrest:

ISRAEL ADESANYA gets a new tattoo on his arm

DANIEL CORMIER talks what’s next for Francis Ngannou


FRANCIS NGANNOU fires back at his doubters

DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON advises Francis Ngannou to walk away from MMA and focus on boxing

00:00 – Israel Adesanya gets a new tattoo on his arm
00:25 – Francis Ngannou fires back at his doubters
00:57 – Daniel Cormier talks what’s next for Francis Ngannou
02:44 – Demetrious Johnson advises Ngannou to walk away from MMA
03:37 – Derrick Lewis arrested days before UFC main event
04:13 – MMA community react to Lewis’ arrest
05:12 – Tyson Fury vs. Usyk pushed to February
05:56 – Merab Dvalishvili vs. Henry Cejudo in the works for January event
07:17 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show started Check out Izzy's new T I'm with om Today and also it's it's hot up there as Well oh Han Francis Sanu has responded to Everyone who doubted him ahead of his Boxing match with Tyson Fury posted this Clip on Twitter writing okay guys think Francis has no chance against Tyson of Course Not what shot you give Francis to Getting the upset of beating twice Fury Zero do this fight a million times and He won't win Once we always say that Deontay Wilder Can't fight in G he can't fight Either after Francis and gano's Impressive performance against Tyson Fury over the weekend many wonder what Will be next for the former UFC champ on ESPN's DC and RC show Daniel Cormier Shared his thoughts on inu's future and Suggested that he and fury should run it Back DC also said that with this Performance against Fury nanu proved That he's the baddest man on the planet Not Jon Jones as many people claimed him To be but that starts to tell me what Should he do next and I start the Question what if they fought again what If they just run the Francis and ganu Fight back against Tyson Fury and if They do what would that look like who Would that favor would Tyson Fury him

Take him serious and if he does do we Think that he could get Francis on there Or do we believe that because of the Confidence that Francis and ganu gained In that boxing ring last weekend he Would be even more prepared to fight Tyson Fury in a rematch it's like there Are so many questions now but the one Thing that can't be Questioned and this is just me telling The the the 100% Truth I saw Francis and ganu out wrestle Sir Gan because he couldn't beat him in The Striking then I saw Fran and G who Go in there and fight the lineal Heavyweight champion of the world and be Competitive some people thought he won What can't be questioned anymore is that Fran G is the baddest man walk in the Planet because in a free fight I don't Feel like any can beat him and maybe Jones but what I also do know is J Jones Could not go fight Tyson Fury in the way That Francis and ganu just did in a Boxing fight so when you ask me who's The baddest man on the planet to me it's Francis enanu MEC Johnson advises Francis ganu to walk away from MMA and Focus on boxing in a recent YouTube Video DJ said Francis won that fight and He looked absolutely amazing what's next For Francis I don't think I want to see Francis do mix martial arts I know that Might be hard to hear but I don't see

Why pfl cannot do boxing why don't pfl Do boxing you have one of the biggest Stars in boxing right now Francis who Just beat the Undisputed heavyweight Champion of the world Tyson Fury Johnson Continued I want to see Francis box I Don't want to see him do mixed martial Arts we've seen him do MMA he's beaten The best in the world in mixed martial Arts he's been a world champion there's Nothing left for him to do in that sport I want to see him do boxing he's going To make big money in boxing he could Fight Anthony Joshua he could fight Deontay Wilder the gates have just Opened Up Derrick Lewis has been arrested just Days before his return against gon Almeida according to multiple reports The black beast has been arrested for Reckless driving reportedly going 86 Mi Over the speed limit he was initially Arrested on October 25th and released on A $100 personal recognizance Bond the UFC heavyweight Contender was driving 136 mph in a 50 mph Zone in his hometown Of Houston a member of law enforcement Stated that he was weaving in and out of Traffic in red Lamborghini which led to The rest despite the incident Lewis has Arrived in Brazil and his fight against Gilton Almeida is still scheduled for This weekend here's how you guys reacted To news of Lewis's arrest one fan wrote

Bro is always taking l in Texas another Said the most shocking thing to me is This man can fit in a Lamborghini sir Why were you traveling at a high rate of Speed down the interstate Lewis my balls Was God this is Herb Dean's fault Ronda Rousey finally told him to come over It's all good he had to get that wind Coming through the windows his balls Were hot good thing the UFC isn't the NFL or NBA or he'd be suspended for at Least three fights LOL he should feel a Bit lucky because in Texas I believe if You go 25 mph over the limit you can Technically be charged with a felony he Was allegedly going 86 mph over the Limit why is this being posted Everywhere if it was just a misdemeanor This is not good PR for the UFC and ESPN 136 in the 50 is wild at least got Lambo Money though I'm sure he was headed to An emergency # popy was about to close According to a report from ESPN the Heavyweight boxing title unifier between Tyson Fury and Alexander usyk has been Pushed back in the wake of Fury's near Upset loss to Francis and ganu ESPN Reported Fury versus will take place in February at a to be announced date the Heavyweight title fight originally was Targeted for December 23rd Fury Announced the fight with usyk several Weeks prior to his meeting with nanu but She escaped with a split decision after

Going 10 Rounds with the ex UFC champ Usix at Ringside at the event in Saudi Arabia and pumped up the crowd when Cameras cut to him Fury was knocked down By enanu in the third round of the Contest producing the most memorable Moment of the fight he also sustained a Cut on his forehead that likely pushed Back his timeline for fighting Again it looks like morab vaj Ville will Will not get his totle shot against Sha Melli but he will Clash against another Big name according to a recent report From Jory kvil the UFC is finalizing Morab deaj villy versus Henry cejudo for January of 2024 as of now the contracts haven't Been signed nor has the fight been Announced by the promotion morab himself Seemingly confirmed the bout he posted This video captioned skinny tall dude is Hiding from me so I'm coming for you Henry Cudo let's go I'm Coming Henry I'm coming for you let's go Let's Go let's go let's go let's see whose Wrestling is better let's See hey I respect you but I'm going to Punch you hard And I'm I'm looking forward to fight you Let's Go

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